ISLAMICCOCK provides videos, photos, and stories about Muslim / middle eastern cocks and infidel / white asses since 2017.


10/2017: Started on Tumblr, focused on amateur content from porn pages combined with storytelling, islamiccock was entirely about a (then) non-existing theme: Muslim men who like having sex with white or non-Muslim men
03/2018: The Tumblr site evolved into a community and a magazine of articles and stories for all who were interested in the topic
10/2018: 10.000 followers reached – Soon after that Tumblr announces the deletion of porn


12/2018: The first Twitter account islamiccock is opened after the Tumblr porn purge
04/2019: 15.000 followers on Twitter
05/2019: The xhamster page launched for videos longer than 2:20min
06/2019: The Discord channel launched
10/2019: 30.000 followers on Twitter
11/2019: A website launched at
02/2020: 45.000 followers on Twitter
04/2020: Record month: more than 50.000 unique monthly visitors at
09/2020: Twitter page suspended by Twitter at 78.000 followers


09/2020: New Twitter page opened: islamic_cock
11/2020: The Twitter page at 7.500 followers
03/2021: New Tumblr page opened
04/2021: The Discord channel at 4.000 members
05/2021: The Twitter page at 28.000 followers
06/2021: A complete redesign of
08/2021: Twitter page suspended at 36.000 followers (read more)
08/2021: New Twitter page opened: islamicc0ck
10/2021: The Twitter page at 7.000 followers
11/2021: Twitter page suspended (read more)


11/2021: Launch of IC Tube