๐Ÿ—ฃ Naseem, the new hot star of Twitter

Mar 6, 2021 | 2 comments

I’ve noticed Naseem very early on, I believe it was January 2021 when he tagged me in one of his posts. I followed his page back and liked most of his posts. Most of the time, the persons who are fresh & new on Twitter just want some quick fame – and usually, my Twitter page is the place to go and the place to be if youโ€™re a hot Muslim man. As fast as they come, even faster they go away. Hundreds of guys opened their pages, gained some fame, and quickly closed their pages for reasons not known. But Naseem didnโ€™t seem to be one of those.ย 

It was recently that I got in contact with Naseem and we have exchanged a few messages. A true stud like him is a rare gem, and especially since he is one of the rare few that post their nudes and include their faces openly. There was no doubt in me that this man should have his grand introduction at islamiccock.com and @islamic_cock Twitter page, so after a few minutes of chat, we had agreed on doing this interview. 


Hi Naseem and thank you for doing this interview for islamiccock! Your Twitter profile @Naseem15512453 is online first since December 2020 and already has more than 3.000 followers – congratulations! What made you join Twitter?

Thank you! What made me join Twitter was my desire to be naked in front of others. The fact that I can make them enjoy just by showing my genitals is arousing to me. My penis and balls always feel aroused even when I’m not erect.

Your profile description says that youโ€™re an Arab and Muslim guy, but you post yourself nude and show your face as well – what is the situation in the country where you come from? 

The situation is bad in my country, as in Islam even talking about this matter is forbidden and it is definitely forbidden to do it. But, I chose my own path and I like to do what I want.

What are your thoughts on islamiccock.com and @islamic_cock twitter, does the content that we post offend you as a Muslim in any way?

No, not in any way. It doesn’t offend me as a Muslim. If nothing, I am glad to see it.

How do you identify yourself (in a way of hetero, bisex, gay), and what is your role in sex?

I am bisexual and I’m a top.


What kind of guys do you prefer and do you have a lot of sexual experience?

There is no specific type of guys that I like, everyone can be sexy in their own way. And as for sexual experience, in that manner I’m still somewhat of a beginner ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are swimming, archery, and horseback riding. I am a very active person and enjoy sports.

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be a stripper. It would just make sense with my love for nudism and showing my body.

Are you also performing on webcam shows somewhere?

I don’t perform shows on webcam, I am only active on Twitter so far.

How strictly do you follow the rules of Islam in your life and how do you see your faith combining with your Twitter profile?

I do not strictly follow the rules of Islam, as they are indeed very strict rules. Those rules prevent you from doing much of what you love and enjoy. Also, according to the rules of Islam, I should be killed for what I do. According to Islam, there is no tolerance, especially for the things that I do or how I present myself. Senior Muslims, if they could catch me, they would torture and probably murder me, the same way we often see on TV.

Thank you, Naseem for this interview and I’ll be following your Twitter page very closely for all of the upcoming hot content!

Update 17/10/2021: His Twitter got suspended! Fuck you, Twitter!

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