🙇🏻‍♂️ Why we should bow to Muslim men

Apr 20, 2021 | 17 comments

This article has been published in 2018 on Tumblr by a now deactivated member praetorianer2017

Before I begin, I want to know that I am not writing this because I am a Muslim, a Muslim sympathizer, a radical leftist who has an ax to grind with Western civilization; I am still someone who cares for this God or this God. I write that because the analytic part of my brain thinks it’s true, and the data and evidence I’ve made so far support my claims much more than they refute them.

First, I think it is important for everyone to realize that we are at war. It’s not just with terrorists. This is a scapegoat used by politicians who want to try to keep as many Muslims in a handful of countries as they do worldwide. Apart from terrorism, true war is one of culture and ideology, and to be honest, we have no chance of winning it.

There are about 1.8 billion Muslims on the planet of about 7.6 billion people on Earth. This means that nearly 24% of the world’s total population is Muslim. This means that there are more Muslims than the USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico and Japan COMBINED.
Muslims have migrated to countries across the West, and that has only escalated and will continue to do so. And they also have very high birth rates. The white birth rate is 1.3 (ie, every white person has an average of 1.3 children), while the Muslim birth rate is 3.1.

Progressive immigration policies, feminism and white guilt have demystified white men to the point that most women do not even look at them more than men, which explains in part the large increase in inter-racial relations / marriages / biracial children. It also explains why so many Western women support open borders for immigrants. Of course, women will be drawn to the strongest and most masculine men to satisfy their sexual appetite and to father their children. Who do you really expect them to pick? The emascualted and cuckolded white man or the strong and domineering warrior Muslim who has lived in war all his life?

That is exactly why the women of Europe and America beg for Muslim men to conquer their lands. It is out of necessity. Their cock-hungry pussies are in despair for strong and dominant real men to come and fill the emptiness created by whites. There is news all over Europe of white women so hungry for real cocks that they either sneak into refugee camps or volunteer to whip the cunt their soaking wet vaginas have taken so long.

The main point is that this stuff happens, and it has to. The people of the world have always been destined to be controlled by the strongest and most powerful people they inhabit, and there is no doubt which people describe them. So, whether the idea of all this awakens you about the faith or scares the living shit out of you, you need to know that you do not really have a choice.
My advice would be to get as much pleasure as possible from your eventual submission to your future masters. If you’re a woman, looking forward to the future, knowing that after years of dealing with undressed Western men, you’ll finally have a wealth of dominant Alpha men performing their duties as men and looking ahead May until the day you have a brown brown Muslim tail that shatters your white pussy and fills your hungry lap with its superior seed. Satisfy knowing that you are breeding with a strong Muslim man to speed up the process. If you are a man, you should get used to bondage better. Kneel in front of your Muslim masters and ask him for the privilege of pampering this beautiful brown cock. Train your sissy ass and be ready to be used daily. If you are married, you should give your wife as a gift to your alpha conquerors and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Western civilization will fall to Muslims. And it’s greeted with soaking wet white pussies and throbbing sissy clits of beta male white boys. Both will be eager and ready to serve their rightful new masters.


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      Awesome 😎 love it

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    my ghosh this is so true My LORD

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    This article turned me on so much.

  4. Anonymous

    Weird read but ok.

  5. K

    Nope it never never gonna happen, we will be leaving together in peace with each other as the years of the 21century goes by into he future

  6. andresslav

    Welcome, arab men!!!

  7. jack

    white beta men and mixed race(black and white) brown beta men are fallen down

    • Jacob

      Only very recently did I randomly find a muslim porn video that changed my life. Only days later I found myself looking for every piece of porn I could involving muslim men. In that time I began actively telling myself that I had found what I am meant to do. As a white man I took the last part of the “why we should bow to muslim men” article as a guide to help prepare me to accept and even be grateful that I can do nothing to stop what has to happen. Nor do I want to.

      I dedicate a few hours a day watching various styles of porn involving muslim men. The ones I find most helpful are normally solo muslims and when they stand in front of the camera I pause it and concentrate on studying his cock and balls. I continously say out loud that I need to get used to muslim cock in my face, in my mouth, and in my ass. I also remind myself throughout the day that this is something I am looking forward to. I am attempting to make sure that when I do finally go to my knees for a muslim man I will already be conditioned to accept my new roll as an object to be used. Only weeks into this process and I believe that I have accepted that I am very happy this is happening. I still have one hangup I am actively working on that I would appreciate any advice in dealing with.

      After I cum looking at my muslim master my thoughts revert to not wanting this life. While it onlys takes about 20 minutes for my self conditioning to kick back in it is still completely unacceptable. In that 20 minutes I could be submitting to another muslim man. I would like to be with a muslim man as soon as possible. I believe that if he were to cum inside me and allow me to swallow a load or two it would help to finish the process of transitioning. His cum would make its way to my brain and hopefully correct any need to resist the process of being dominated. Not only do I look forward to not having a choice in all this but I also want to communicate to the muslim men who I encounter that I have already taken the initiative of make it easier for them to impose their way of life on me. I have taken myself from fear and anger to happiness and joy. From fear of losing what I have to being excited and eager to surrender my free will. It is a relief to know I can focus entirely on pleasing muslim men and stop the maddening endless process of trying to learn and understand the universe. Instead I can focus on what really matters to me. Being dominated and fucked by muslim men…

      • islamiccock

        Hi Jacob, please shoot us a message via “Submit your text” option. Would be interesting to talk to you!

  8. Brian

    I am ready to serve Muslim Masters in Ireland

    • John West

      Muslim men turn me on…

  9. paul

    Hello Sir, Sidi… white men are not yet manly enough to be called “males”, not yet enough able to be respected. Muslim males are much more manly, much more naturally dominant, made to rule all whites, to be served, to be obeyed in France, in Europe, everywhere else.

    now, white men look more and more to submissive and inferior white girls than to real males. White men have, now, all qualities to become inferior and submissive white servant to obey and to serve Muslim males (Arab males, Turkish males, Iranian males, Black-Muslim males) as servants or, even, as females too.

    I am LOOKING FOR a Muslim master to serve Him, as HE decides, please. I live in PARIS, France.

    with all my sincere respect, paul

    • khunil

      Only real men are christian white men, we white men have deep navels and beautiful curvy sexy bodies and have hottest european women, all niggers and arabs should start sucking our cocks and eat our womens shit, white babies are beautiful, stop converting us white men into cock sucking faggot slaves for muslims.

  10. Melody Whaley



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    i bend over my legs open for muslim sperm black muslim men want to fuck me they like what they see

  12. kevin

    i bow down for every muslim men, and also women..they are superior


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