๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ YOU4IC: Postcard from Kolkata

Aug 2, 2020 | 1 comment

Kolkata (Calcutta), India – a place of diversity.

I am Sayan from Kolkata, India. I am a faggot and I like to serve Muslim men. I want to tell you about some of my experiences with Muslim men.
My first Muslim man was a guy called Muktar. He was my Facebook friend. He liked my ass and called me to his home. It is somewhat distant from my home. I went by train at first, then it was a 2 hours bus ride. He lives in the rural part of India, in a village named ChhotoChadpur. When I got down at ChhotoChadpur, Muktar came to welcome me to the bus stop.

Unfortunately, his wife and mother had returned home early, so he took me to a construction site. He was wearing loincloth (many Muslim men of India wear it). It was the first time I was with a Muslim man. I am Hindu. Muslims are so different from us Hindus. I was feeling the thrill of having something very forbidden. Muktar was teasing me verbally. Suddenly some boys from his village came near the construction site and saw me with Muktar. Those young boys started laughing and asked Muktar who I was. Muktar replied “Kolkata theke magi esechhe gadon khete (this slut has come from Kolkata to get fucked)”, with a nasty grin.

Mosque in Kolkata

I felt so humiliated and yet still so erotically stimulated. I was so far from my home in a half-built house beside paddy fields. I felt scared but I also felt like a cheap slut. My hands were cold as it was winter season. Mukat took my hands and put them inside his loincloth. His manhood started growing. I was fondling his penis in open and everybody could see us. But to an alpha male like Muktar it didn’t matter, he is born to spread his seeds to inferior boys like me.

Muktar had a long dick, almost 9 inches, but his dick was not too thick. He took me inside the building further and we were shielded from prying eyes by walls on 3 sides now… He lifted his loincloth, made me sit on the floor, and started fucking my mouth. His dick had an intoxicating aroma, I have got this intoxicating smell around many Muslim men. I started sucking and licking his dickhead it was so clean and little salty. His precum was somewhat sweet, and I loved the taste. Then he made me stand up. He freed my chest and started biting and biting my breasts and nipples. It was painful but he enjoyed my pain… He kept on enjoying my nipples for a long time.

Screenshot from XVIDEO (“Straight muslim guy India trying gay sex“)

Then he just told me to face one of the walls, lowered my pants and underwear, and inserted his hard cock inside my hole. I don’t really know how but his dick went in smoothly, maybe my body accepted this alpha man without any restraint. His dick was so long it reached deep inside me, to the places no one has reached before. He fucked me continuously at high speed. His copious precum lubricated my hole nicely. He was squeezing my boobs from behind and pumping my worthless pussy with his long cut dick. He was abusing me verbally in our native language.

Finally, he cummed deep inside my hole. It was such a warm sensation. For the first time my body received the juices of a Muslim man. I felt so good that day. After the first round of sex, we went outside again and were sitting. I felt his cum coming out of my hole and it made a wet spot in my pants. After some time he fucked me again that day. I was spellbound by his sexual stamina.

He came with me to the bus-stop. Some of his friends saw me with him and the wet spot at the back of my pant and they were laughing. I felt like a satisfied slut bitch and like he was my alpha male who breeds me. Some of his friends also wanted to fuck me but that day I still had to travel 2 hours by bus and also had to travel by train to my home and it was already evening. So, unfortunately, I couldn’t satisfy Muktar’s friends and went home.

I still have contact with my first Muslim man. Firsts are always special, as they get a special place inside our minds. And Muktar initiated the process which made me such a whore I am for Muslim cock nowadays.

Check out Bottomboy (@Sayanro39071609):
Insta ID: @bottomboy_kolkata

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