👴🏼 Mature Muslim men

Feb 12, 2020 | 8 comments

Every Muslim worshipper knows and has seen them. There is some intriguing, sweet, dominant, yet unapproachable atmosphere about them.

I have talked to some of our community who do not yet seem to understand or see why even Muslim males in their older ages still exude virility and masculinity and beauty in their own way. I’m of the conviction that Islamic cock, whether on a young or an old Muslim male, has its own unique characteristic and appeal. Muslim men of all ages seem to be born with the natural virility and strong sense of masculinity, their religiosity so deeply ingrained with them, their attitude as a result very much dominant. And in the end, nobody can argue that they truly deserve the admiration because compared to all the other rather odd men around the world, it is them that can be called true males.


I think there have not been any instances where I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed being used by older Muslim men (if I dig around my brain, maybe one or two at max and even then, they were not bad). The majority of them were straight, married and had children to take care of.

To me, a married Muslim father with sons is one of the many hot things you can think of. They have spread their Muslim seed and genes, inseminated women to create what I can only imagine will be just as hot sons in the future. Thinking about getting the opportunity to get this holy Muslim seed inside my own body, it drives me insane. Not that Muslim seed, in general, is not holy, but I think in these instances, you can treat it as a special gift to the world.

These Muslim fathers need to unload their sexual frustration and seed. The women close up for motherhood so the males do not get their deserved release. In a way it is a shame that all this virile seed is wasted, you cannot box in or tame the very nature of a Muslim man, that virility, the masculinity, the strong desire for them to dominate.

It’s no wonder that they usually fuck rather quick and but many of them do it in a sweet and almost caring way and cum very fast. Their seed tastes a bit different than that of younger Muslims but not less tasty. A lot of them will insist on releasing inside the ass so you will not always have the opportunity to taste it directly from the source of the holy Islamic cock but when you do, it is a pleasure.

Many encounters I had with them have indeed gone by very quickly. As soon as their seed is out of them, they start to draw back and want to go back to their family. I was just a necessary release hole for them, whether by mouth or by an ass. And I do not blame them, in fact, I think it’s better this way, for him taking care of his sons and wife. As for me, I enjoyed it, I feel proud and also very lucky in a way to serve them and be able to help them release their cum.

Have you ever had the opportunity to get the taste of one?


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  1. Brian

    Whilst I would never distinguish between an older or younger Muslim Master in terms of serving, as infidels should serve all Muslims, I admit to having a preference for more mature Muslim men.

    They have a lifetime of experience and have an acute instinct for dominance over submissive white men like me. That is like an aphrodisiac to me. They know they can take me, use me and make me their slave.

    I also like that often these mature Masters have wives, children and responsibilities. Often as their families change they may not always have the opportunity to have their sexual needs served fully. So I am available to fill that need for them. To provide my hole for them to fuck hard and seed or my mouth if they want to be drained of their holy cum.

    • muslimaddict

      Thank you for the response. I agree Brian, it is indeed a true aphrodisiac. Mature muslim males are special in their own right, it is just a bit of a pity that people try to box the very nature of a strong Muslim male in. They should roam free and let out their sexual prowess and then get back to their wives and children.


    this is very good reading i allways was attracted to older muslim men and i do give respect with private worship understanding his release cums my blessing inside of me we have a understanding i show him the respect he deserves

    • muslimaddict

      Yes feeling the cum of a true muslim inside you is always very much a blessing

  3. beltrandelara

    It is always an honor to be used by an Islamic, young or mature man. It seems natural to me that after using it, he leaves. For him I am nothing more than a reservoir to discharge his sacred sperm, a sperm urinal. A true man does not pay attention to a urinal after using it.

  4. Amit

    I have always desired to be used by mature Muslim man but still waiting for that to happen. Been with young Muslim guys though . Must say , they are the best ! Would be open willing to learn how I can serve mature Muslim guys, just don’t know how to approach them !

  5. Brian

    Maybe some mature Muslim Masters here can offer us infidels some guidance.

  6. JODY

    there r some muslim men know im gay ..the older men im very attracted to i see them every day ..as a catholic i must submit ..the married men r most interested in me.. im on the right path he will enter my body and soul


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