📘 A man from Amman (Part 2)

Mar 31, 2020 | 1 comment

I woke up the next morning with my whole body aching. My back and shoulders, my hips, a tingling in my lips and a burn on my destroyed hole that I felt it would need a week to heal, everything reminded me of him and last night. I could even smell his scent on my skin. And on top of that, his babies were swimming inside me, what a great feeling!

Taking my breakfast at the hotel restaurant, my eyes were stuck at the door to the lobby, hoping to see him passing by, or hear his deep voice, feel in any way his imposing presence. If I could, I would ask the reception about him, but once again I reminded myself that I should be discreet, not just for me, but now also for him. It was time to leave for a walk in the city and for my scheduled visits to the significant monuments of Amman.

As I didn’t have any roaming and internet service available on my phone while out of the hotel, I was wondering if I find any message from Youssef waiting for me when I log in to Grindr again later. In the morning he didn’t send me anything, maybe he was working till late and he was sleeping, maybe he has a family, a wife…

Oh, don’t start this, that’s enough, I thought to myself, It’s just another hotel fuck, not a big deal. But I couldn’t convince me.

When I returned to the hotel in the afternoon, I was happy to see Mahmoud again at the reception desk. Always smiling, wearing a pale blue slim fit suit, without a tie, that complimented his thin athletic body.

“Good afternoon, Mahmoud”.

“How was your day, Sir?” he replied in his usual professional manner.

“Fantastic so far, thank you”.

At that point, a weird and rather risky thought crossed my mind.

“Please, I wanted to tell you about yesterday night”, I told him.

“Yes. About the heater? Is everything ok now?”, he already knew, although it was not him that answered my call last night.

“Everything is perfect, yes”, my voice had become hesitating, “about the houseman, Youssef, just wanted to say that he was very kind, it was late and… he came to help me, that’s all, he was very helpful”.

“That is so nice of you, Sir, thank you. I will tell him tomorrow, today it’s his day off”.

He has a day off. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t see him or even just say hello, because this would be my last night in Amman. Tomorrow after launch, I will depart for Aqaba, my next stop in Jordan. As soon as I got into my room, I connected my phone to the hotel’s WiFi. A message was waiting for me. It was from him, sent some hours ago.

“Where are you?”

I replied that I just returned to the hotel, but he wasn’t online. I put some music on and got to the bathroom to have a shower having my phone somewhere close, where I could easily see the notification led if needed.

Suddenly I heared a knock on the door. I got out of the shower, put a towel round my waist and went to see who it is. A second knock just as I was going to open, made me stop. It was that same shiver running all through my body, out of excitement and fear. Could it be? 

I slowly opened. It was Youssef!

He walked inside looking muddled, with eyes like heavy clouds in the sky. I closed the door looking at him without knowing what to do, how to react. He walked inside, took the remote control of the television from the bed and he turned the volume louder. Then he came back to me, grabbed me in his arms and started kissing me furiously. This man had a unique way to make me lose any control of myself, any will. I was like a broken toy in his arms. He threw my towel on the floor, exploring every part of my body with both hands, while kissing me non stop.

“How did you come?”

“I have keys to a back door”

“But… maybe someone… “”

“Where were you?”

“In the city. You were waiting for me?”

“I told you, you are mine now!”

“Oh, Youssef…”

“When I say something, I mean it. Do you understand?”


With a single move of his hand, Youssef pushed me to the bed and laid me on my back. He took off his red t-shirt, unbuttoned his blue jeans eagerly, letting his big cock out and he climbed on my face, pushing it inside my throat. I was in tears, unable to breath, almost chocked while trying to take every centimetre of his drilling babymaker. Such a death would be a bliss, with a real man like him inside me – I was completely out of my mind. After almost ten minutes of hard facefucking, he pulled out, bent over and kissed my almost bloated lips softly.

“Now turn”, and I could only obey.

His strong arms were holding me tight as he rushed his strong cock into my hole. Already aching from yesterday, I was in even deeper pain now. But I didn’t care.

“Relax!”, he whispered with his stimulating demanding tone.

“Fuck me, please, harder!”, I was moaning trying not to be very loud.

“That’s it, that’s it… yeah, that’s what you want, eh?”

“Yes, that’s what I want. Go deeper”.

Suddenly he stopped, turned me over, lifted my legs up against his shoulders and after spitting on my asshole he pushed his cock in again, looking me in the eyes. In and out, penetrating me some times faster, some slower. His eyes on me, my eyes on him. 

“You know, you are my wife now”, his expression softened.

“Your wife?”

“Yes, you took me in you, you are my wife”.

“Oh, God, Youssef…”

“Say it!”

“I am your wife, yes!”


“That’s my good girl” and he kissed me again, fucking me faster, until he let his burning seed fill me once more. He lay on me with his cock still inside and hugged me, kissing me on the neck.

“When will you leave?” he asked after some minutes of silence.

“Tomorrow”, I hated my answer.

“So soon! Why so soon?”

I didn’t know what to say, just kept looking his beautiful eyes, his lips, his naked body as he was standing up. I couldn’t get enough of him. He dressed himself checking on his phone. It was time to go.

“In the morning, when you wake up, call the reception and say that you don’t feel very well. Ask if you can have your breakfast served here”.

“Oh! Ok, but why?”

“I have the morning shift”, and his face brightened with a beautiful, naughty smile.

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