👳🏾‍♂️ A perspective of a Muslim man: Masturbation during Ramadan.

May 22, 2020 | 7 comments

As we all know by now Ramadan can be very difficult. Not just the anticipation of wanting to eat all day but the yearning for masturbation and sex.

“Muslims fast, abstain from pleasures and pray to become closer to God. It is also a time for families to gather and celebrate”

But the problem with fasting isn’t the eating part, it is the pleasure part. It is said that fasting reduces testosterone but as a Muslim myself I can assure you that it does the opposite. The only way for us to take care of our urges is masturbate after sun down. That’s when we break our fast by eating. Which gives us exactly nearly 7 hours to ejaculate as many times as we want.

“Masturbation during the daytime of Ramadan breaks the fast, based on the Hadith that a fasting Muslim gives up eating, drinking, and sexual desire for the sake of Allah. Since masturbation is a kind of sexual desire, a fasting Muslim must avoid it. Therefore, masturbation invalidates the fast as does food and as it is one of the sins that if someone does it he or she would be violating the sanctity of this month.”

Sheikh Hamed Al-Ali

So us Muslim brothers know how not masturbating all day can be very difficult. But fear not! a solution has been found. The reason masturbation breaks your fast is because of ejaculation. You may edge all day long if you wish but no seed must be released.

“If a Muslim man masturbates while fasting, his fasting is broken, and he has to make up for that day later on. The reason is that the release of sperm comes as a result of desire and sexual excitement, which is haram during the daytime of Ramadan.”


So you can enjoy the activity of edging but be careful as ejaculation breaks your fast immediately. But if you wish not to participate in such activity then it is completely your choice. This blog post is meant to help other Muslim brothers with their masturbation urge during Ramadan.

Tips on how to prevent masturbation during Ramadan.

As we all know not masturbating during Ramadan can be very difficult. Because of our fasting we are limited to only taking care of our urges after sun down.

However there are ways of not indulging in any sexual activities during the day as hard as that may sound.


Here are some tips on how to prevent masturbation during the day:

– Avoid pornography

– Pray and ask Allah to help you.

– Reading to Quran helps too – There are several Dua’s for masturbation.

– Join a support group: Nofap is a free to join community on reddit along with over 600 thousand members. Their members and theirs posts should keep your mind fresh and away from ‘fapping’

– Increase your bond with Islam. Try to go more to the mosque with your Muslim brothers but although it will be difficult now as-of Covid-19

These tips should keep your mind fresh and free of sin. However do not forget that Allah is merciful. He will understand that you are trying your very best to stay on the right path.

“O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”

Post by Adam, a 20 year old Arab Muslim guy and Redditor.


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  1. Whiteslvtguy

    Thank you sir, this is a very interesting and insightful post. Eid Mubarak also, from a white inferior

  2. Anonymous

    Jazak Allah Khair bro Adam 👍🏽

  3. MuslimMan

    Good post Adam. Going to mosque this year was not an option. So the only working solution for me was edging. Most of the time my edging was successful, yes sometimes I failed and couldn’t hold back and ended up ejaculating. But alhamdulillah for everything

  4. Семен

    Another possible solution is to lock yourself in a male chastity device, sometimes called chastity cage. Examples included the Holy Trainer brand, but there are others. Give the key to someone you trust. Keep the device on continuously. Initially you will be very frustrated as you will not be able to relieve yourself even after sundown. But that is the point. Over time, you will get used to denial and the frustration will lessen. It will become the new normal for you, at least during Ramadan. You may even learn to like the experience, and return to it during non-Ramadan times. Especially if your key-holder is someone who excites you! Limiting your ejaculation by enforced chastity may become a part of your life.

    (Again I must ask the webmaster to use a darker font. Light gray type on white background is difficult to read.)

  5. Anonymous

    dging is awesome


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