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Feb 23, 2020 | 5 comments

I’m a 21-year-old male from Germany. I grew up in a small city and now I am living in Berlin, the biggest city and capital of Germany. I am slim, blonde and have blue eyes and I have known for a long time that I am submissive. Nothing makes me happier than serving Muslim men. Luckily, Berlin has a large population of Muslim men, a lot of them with a Turkish background, but also from a lot of other Arab countries. I’ve been sexually active for a couple of years now. And in those years I have served a variety of men: different ages, different builds, different ethnicities. I learned very quickly that Muslim men are the most dominant men and the most deserving of being serviced. And here I want to explore why they are.

Berlin, a city full of Muslim men

Let’s start off with white (European) “men”. They are the group of men, I like to serve the least. Don’t get me wrong. My first time was with a white guy and I’ve had sex with a couple of others after that. It was always fun, but it was nothing special. It never gave me the domination I crave so much. And that’s because European men have forgotten how to be real men or they’re afraid to be real men. They cave to societal expectations of “modern men”. For obvious reasons, I am drawn to strong, dominant men. In my experience, most European guys who claim to be dominant are only pretending to be. They put up a dominant front, but deep down they’re far too insecure to be truly dominant. You can see it in the way they talk, act and most importantly fuck. European men aren’t very virile. They don’t last very long (the longest a European man lasted with me was like 10 minutes) and they usually only need one round of fucking to be satisfied (and fall asleep immediately afterward). They simply suppress that primal urge to mark their territory, to breed. Or maybe they have lost that urge, I don’t know. That’s why all European men I’ve served have insisted on using a condom. That’s good for preventing STDs but bad for satisfying that urge to breed that all real men should have. Also, when you serve a European top with a kink for insults or humiliation, every insult and every bit of dirty talk they say lacks conviction. It is (just like their “dominance”) an act they put up. They don’t even have natural bodies. They shave and pluck every hair on their bodies away. Some even shave their legs for god’s sake!


Meanwhile, Muslim men are the complete opposite. Dominance comes as naturally to them as breathing. They aren’t afraid to be their authentic self. All they want is a willing hole to use to relieve themselves. Muslim men fuck and breed a hole how they want and when they want because they know that it is their right to do so. They know that it is their right to spread their holy seed and they know that their pleasure is the only thing that counts. And they fuck a lot. A Muslim man with the need to seed a hole is relentless. They shoot load after load into a willing hole and they fuck until the infidel that’s serving them is a drooling mess. Muslim men are always self-assured. They are certain about their superiority and their manliness. And they have certainly no qualms about insulting their bottom because they know as much as the bottom does that everything they say is true. Muslim men are natural. They don’t shave, they don’t use a variety of lotions and cremes that make them smell like a bouquet. Muslim men know that their natural, musky and hairy selves are the best they can be.

Let’s all be thankful for the perfection that are Muslim men and let’s never forget that it is their right to be served by submissive infidels and our privilege to serve them. Their divine cocks and holy seed are a gift to the world. The truest form of happiness, which a sub can find, is being the slut of an alpha Muslim man.


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  1. beltrandelara

    I totally agree with you. In front of the weak white European man, the Muslim man stands as a God proud of his superior manhood. God bless you

  2. Brian

    Absolutely. Muslim men are born dominant. It’s part of their DNA. They don’t act it they live it and take what they want from infidel sluts.

  3. markboy888

    Everything written here is so very true.

  4. markboy888

    I absolutely agree with so much of what you have said. European men don’t understand what it means to be dominant and their so-called ‘domination’ is fake while with an active Muslim man it is his real and natural attitude towards the queer.
    Muslim men are naturally highly sexed and have a very high sex drive which is enhanced by the fact that they are circumcised with the bare circumcised cockhead rubbing constantly against their underwear keeping them in a constant state of arousal.
    Unlike European men who are normally capable of ejaculating once or perhaps twice, the Muslim man can ejaculate many times. I have experienced Muslim men who after giving a very long and very hard fucking ejaculate into the anus and then remain rock hard and continue the fucking as if nothing has happened. Otherwise, Muslim men usually have a very quick recovery time between ejaculating and being rampant again.
    Muslim erections are harder and stronger than European erections and their cocks hot to the touch. Muslim cocks also tend to be thicker than European cocks. Black men have a reputation for long cocks. Muslim men have a reputation for thick cocks. I was once on my knees in front of a young Persian man. His cock was so thick that I could barely open my mouth wide enough to take it in and when he sodomized me it was an experience similar to being fisted by a man with a small hand and I really did scream when he penetrated me. He had me on the floor flat on my stomach, all his weight on top of me holding me down and held me firmly as I screamed and tried to pull away when he entered me.
    Muslim men hate to use condoms. Apart from the obvious facts that using a condom reduces their pleasure and feels tight and restrictive on their big cocks, some Muslim men say that condoms ae ‘haram’ while others will say that a circumcised man never covers his cockhead as once a man is circumcised his cockhead must always remain bare. Similarly, a Muslim man will not reduce his pleasure by withdrawing from a throat or anus before ejaculating.
    Penetrating and thrusting are very important to Muslim men. When they give oral sex, unlike European mean who like the bottom to suck them, the Muslim man likes to fuck the mouth and throat, thrusting as if he is fucking. Muslim men have told me that fucking my throat is like fucking a woman’s cunt.
    All active Muslim men, straight or gay, prefer and need anal sex. Vaginal sex does not satisfy them. They need the tightness of an arsehole which is one of the reasons why many straight Muslim men also fuck gays if they cannot get anal sex from their wives of girlfriends. This is why they like to pull right back or withdraw between each thrust in order to feel the tightness of the sphincter on the ridge of their bare cockhead.
    I now submit only to circumcised active Muslim men and have no interest in uncut European men.

    • Anonymous

      Yes yes Yes All so true

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