๐Ÿ“˜ Before you ask (Part 2)

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A few days later, I received a message from him: “Today at 7 pm”. I noticed that he no longer asked me if I was free or not, he just took it for granted that I would come and give him my ass. 

I went, he gave me his load, as usual, and just as I was leaving,  he said “Come back tomorrow at 7 pm, okay? ” I said yes. The next day, the same thing, he asked me directly to come back the day after. 

We continued on this path for a little over two weeks, sometimes meeting in the morning, sometimes in the evening. I noticed, also on the basis of the previous observations, that the more often we saw each other, the more he needed time to unload. 

One day he asked me to come at 7 a.m., so I went, before going to the university. He penetrated me, and this time started to really fuck me, harder, harder, and really harder! I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, because he was going really deep and hard. He tried to put a hand over my mouth but it didn’t make much difference, I kept moaning. 

He suddenly stopped fucking me, pulled his cock out of my hole, and turned me around. He held me by the shoulder and looked me straight in the eyes. 

“Look, I really don’t want to hurt you, but this time I really need to go in pretty hard if I want to release my load, ok?  So please endure it and don’t moan for all my neighbors, ok?!? “. I was quite shocked at how angry, concerned but also compassionate he sounded at the same time when he told me this. 

I told him I understood, I turned around, he penetrated me again, I held back my moans and he finely filled me with his juice after another 5 minutes of hard fucking. 

I remember that day feeling his cock inside me for most of the day. 

After those two frantic weeks, during which I was literally getting fucked every day, we went back to a more “relaxed” path, meeting 4-5 times a week. 

After a while, I stopped receiving messages from him. Since this had happened before, I didn’t make a big deal out of it and figured he’d text me again soon. 

I have to admit that receiving his cum inside me almost every day for months had me addicted, and I felt like I was missing out when I couldn’t feel his hot juices deep inside my hole at least once every other day. 

We didn’t meet for almost three weeks. One day, some friends suggested I visit a city for the weekend. While I was there, I got a message from him on Saturday. 

“Hi, sorry, but I’ve had a tough exam session the last few weeks and had to focus entirely on it, I could tell you something, I hope you weren’t mad at me! Could you come in today evening? “

First of all, I was surprised by the “kindness” of his message. I replied that unfortunately, I couldn’t come because I was out of town, but that I would come back on Sunday around 6 pm. 

ยซOk, then come tomorrow, my balls have been full for three weeks and I really need to relieve myself! “.

As I read this, I could feel my hole relax, like my body knew what to do to receive his sperm….

I came back on Sunday, excited as hell because I knew I was about to receive a 3 week load inside me.

I went to his place, as usual. He was touching my hole while masturbating a bit, I expected him to penetrate me very quickly, but he stopped. “Take off your shirt! ” I did. “Show me your armpits! ” I did. 

ยซFuck! It’s so hairy, like your hole! You know I like it clean-shaven, right? And I don’t even want to see what your dick looks like! 2mm is the most I can tolerate. Do you understand?!? ” 

I felt like a kid getting caught after making a big mistake. 

ยซCome with me.”

I followed him into his bathroom. 

He gave me a razor as well as some shaving cream and added

“Do what you need to do, and come back when you are ready”. 

As he said this, I had the first opportunity to really see his whole body, as the light in the bathroom was very bright and he was still totally naked. 

He was a little shorter than me. Muscular, I could tell he worked out quite often, looking at his defined biceps, chest, and abs. 

His skin was perfect, light brown, with absolutely no hair. I could see thousands of little dark spots on his chest and stomach, and I realized that he was naturally very hairy, but shaved very carefully. 

I didn’t want to stare too hard, but I also glanced at his cock. It wasn’t XXL, but perfectly proportioned. He had a large cock head, fully visible. About 2-3 cm from his head, I noticed a dark line and deduced that it was his circumcision scar. 

His balls were apparently very large, placed in a tight ball sack. His entire genital area was completely shaved. 

I could see that it was still semi-hard and I was pretty sure I saw precum dripping from his glans.

ยซYou better shave properly instead of looking at me! ยป

This sentence made me realize that he was waiting for me and that I better get busy instead of looking at him. He left the bathroom, and I spent 15 min carefully shaving my body. 

Once I was done, I walked back into his entrance. He was waiting for me, touching his cock.

“Oh my God! Put your jockstrap on, I really don’t want to see your cock! “

I realized that I was completely naked… So I went back to put my jockstrap on, then came back. 

He walked straight over to me, slowly checked to see if I was clean shaven, then started playing with my hole.

He quickly penetrated me, balls deep, and almost immediately released a huge load. He stayed inside me until his cock was completely soft, then slowly pulled it out and left. 

I got dressed and went back home, proud of the huge load I could feel inside me as I walked down the streets.

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