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Nov 8, 2021 | 3 comments

I’ve been skimming this site for a bit now but never actually read through some of the stories and now that I did, I wanted to submit something of my own.

I have had my secret fetish for Muslim men for quite a while now. Ever since I first laid eyes on them in my school years, I have been obsessed with them. Thinking about holy Muslim cum and the handsomeness of Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, Turks, all you can do is get an orgasmic sense of fulfillment.

I’ve now come to a point where I sometimes ask myself if this obsession in my mind has gone too far at times. Yet my body and feelings tell me that it is very natural to feel this way about such a unique and powerful group that exudes this natural specialness and supremacy almost.

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My recent ideas have ventured into a wish to sort of collect and build a small temple of Islamic eroticism and encounters with their holy fluids and the perfections of the Islamic bodies.
While I certainly remember the encounters, how can you forget an encounter with a Muslim cock, I’m sad that there is little to remember them by besides my best try to absorb Muslim sperm through my colon once they spread their seeds.

I wish I could build a well-documented library of the Muslim seeds in vials that I receive, a collection to preserve the smell of the Muslim that seeded me, to record his powerful strong voice he had when voicing his pleasure or hatred of the inferior. A record of his Islamic body profile, his beautiful dark hair. A record of his holy DNA somehow. A short portrait of his Islamic life, his identity as a strong Muslim, a flag as a reminder of the identity within the Muslim world he carries. All collected and sealed to be forever worshiped.

Oh, how I wish that was possible. I must sound insane by now to a lot of you but I can’t resist this want for… preserving and keeping all of this Islamic essence that would otherwise be too short to last for all of you.

Do you think I’m going insane? Or do you also feel this desire?

Post written by: Islamfeti


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For the purpose of this text, and because it is a polite thing to do, let me introduce myself as Kyle. Kyle isn’t my real name, though, but it is a name that makes me able to tell you more about me because it creates a distance versus my real life situation. I am a...

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  1. Puppyfollower

    I feel the same way… Muslim fluids are something to save and cherish like a treasure💦💦

  2. Code10777

    I love what you write and what s for NOT insane. We love Muslims and that’s the hottest I can imagine

  3. Rapidfire97

    I thought the same thing when I realized I had collected nearly a gig of muslim porn. I guess after alot of reflection I just prefer muslims. The porn they produce is just A++. The more we fight or deny what we want, the more chaotic and damaged the world and our lives become. I got tired of thinking there was something wrong with me and just accepted that all I really care about is being a better fag. Suffered from depression, anxiety and self hatred all my life just cause I wouldnt accept what I’ve known since I was young. It feels right and good to serve men and my preferred men just happened to be arab. I think what you wrote described how I and many others probably feel and I thank you for posting it.

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