Hello followers of this great website!

From the moment I discovered IC Twitter and thus this site, I couldn’t believe how lucky I am to have finally found a home. There was someone who also received this overwhelming and deep calling for real Muslim males. Up until that point, it was rather hard and lonely for me, there was nobody who could understand this truely deep fetish of mine and my deep deep desire for the grand Islamic male and his gorgeous cock and seed.

And I’m very happy to see how the community is growing and more and more start to finally get the calling for Muslim males.

I have to thank @islamiccock for creating such a great community, website and giving me a chance to contribute. It is not easy for me to put down all my desires and the very deep and strong, well you can call it a true addiction, hence my name, down in words but I’ll try my best!

May Allah bless us all with the taste of all the real Muslim males!

Muslim Addict