๐Ÿ“˜ The Life of Transgressing (Part 8)

Jan 29, 2020

After a very enjoyable night came a rough morning. With such a late night, I slept through the entire morning and woke up around 1pm, feeling totally exhausted from last night.

I got ready and had something to eat real quick while I was already on my way to work. I had an unpleasant feeling because I knew both Hamza and Mohammad would be there in the same shift, and after a huge train wreck with Mo and a huge fuck fest with Hamza, I couldn’t really imagine the mood at the workplace being pleasant at all. As soon as I arrived there, I could feel something was not right. Hamza was already there, he nodded his head and smiled pleasantly. However, there was just something in the air. I hoped it wasn’t about me, because working there got very intense during the last few weeks.

“Mohammad quit, we will now have to find a way to deal with all of the orders without him. Someone should arrive from another restaurant to cover for him, but just so you know – everything will be more slow today.” – said my boss, unknowingly shocking me with more than just a fact that Mo quit for reasons known to me already, obviously.

I instinctively turned towards Hamza, and he looked at me, telepathically knowing what it was about, and just shrugged with his shoulders. During the shift, I managed to find a few minutes alone with him.
“Did you tell him he needs to change his job as well? Why would you do that?” – I asked.
“I didn’t know until this morning when he woke me up with his call telling me he will move in with a friend in a town nearby and look for a job there. It wasn’t my doing.” – he said.
“Well, still, it is our fault, and the game we played ended up badly for him.” – I answered.
“Oh come on, it’s not like this is a dream job for anyone, he is young, he should move on anyway, as should you. But, why are we talking about Mo? There are so many other things we could talk about. In a way it is good that he is out of our lives because it was starting to get very weird working with him.” – he said and gave me a pinch on the ass.
“That’s a very one-sided way to look at things, all of us work here because it was the best we could find, with all factors included. I feel bad it happened because of me.” – I was persistent.
“You are young and so things like this trouble you. I can tell you as a person 20 years older than you that most of the things that we do, we do them because of nobody else but ourselves. He wanted to go probably because his ego was hurt. It wasn’t about you, this situation has just shown how childish he is and how bad he can handle defeat.” – he said.
“Yes, but the fact still stands that you orchestrated his problems, with approaching me, with teasing him for a reaction and then using his reaction against him to blackmail him.” – I said.
“There are things that you don’t know about him and why things happened the way they did, but you immediately assume the worst of me. You are also behaving very childish now and very disrespectful. Maybe you should rethink about how you talk to me. I am not your peer of best friend.” – he said, and directly made me regret my digging deeper into this and offending him along the way.
“I’m sorry, you’re right. I didn’t mean to offend you.” – I replied.
“You did not offend me, I am not an easily offended person, but you disrespected me. Where I come from, respect is all one has. And I tend to be respected, especially by my…” – he abruptly stopped, leaving his sentence unfinished. He looked at me, smiled and winked.
“Maybe I also overreacted. I was thinking you enjoyed last night and was surprised that all you wanted to talk about is Mo. But we will talk later.” – he added and left to do his chores.

My shift and working hours have passed extremely fast, and as usual I should have ended my shift before the kitchen guys, one of them being Hamza.
“Here, my car keys, wait for me in the car and don’t smoke there, I don’t like it when you smoke generally.” – he said and handed me the keys.
“You smoke too, where’s the problem?” – I replied.
“A cigarette fits to a man. Besides, I instructed you with this, didn’t I? So why do you feel the need to discuss it?” – he gave me a nasty look and his tone was very strict.
“OK, sorry, I’ll wait in the car.” – I answered, picked up my stuff and went to his car. While I was putting my stuff in Hamzas car, I saw our boss standing in front of the restaurant, smoking and looking directly at me. Damn, awkward. To just possibly fix the situation a little bit I decided to approach him.
“Hey, enjoying the clear sky tonight?” – I asked.
“What?” – he replied.
“Oh I just meant, are you enjoying the fresh air and good weather?” – I explained.
“Listen, whatever charm you think you have or whatever worked on those guys, that ain’t working for me. I don’t swing that way. But I wish you a nice evening.” – he said as he threw his cigarette on the floor, stepped on it and left. I felt like I was slapped, literally.


That was a nasty burn and I was a bit worried for Hamza, how he will react once I tell him. I was also worried because the boss obviously knew everything, meaning someone has told him. How much does he know? Did he see the video? Was this Mo’s doing? Is this revenge? Is the history repeating itself?! Is this all going to end as it did with Samer? I started to feel like I was having a heart attack. Short and fast breath, weird feeling in my chest, my ears buzzing, feeling like I’m about to faint. Thankfully it was just a short panic attack that passed as soon as I closed my eyes and focused on breathing normally.
I’ve sat in this car for more than an hour, with me and myself only in my head, just going through all the scenarios again, partially remembering the Samer sitatuon again.

Finally, I saw Hamza exiting the restaurant and coming my way. It felt nice, somewhat reassuring, for whatever the reason. Probably just his alpha big dick energy. As he was walking to the car, I promised myself to not annoy him or talk about anything except about what he wanted to talk about.
“I sense the car has not been smoked in, and you are also smelling delicious.” – he said upon entering the car, going with his hand through my hair and giving me a slow and wet kiss on the neck. He was also smelling quite delicious. He obviously just had a shower after the shift, but his natural body odor was also coming through the discrete scent of a cologne that reminded me so much of the cheap one that my father always used. I was surprised by just how little he cared if we were seen or not, or maybe it was because it was already 2 in the morning and not a living soul was to be seen anywhere except for an occasional car on the road.

“Are you feeling hungry?” – he asked.
“Hungry for your cock…” – I answered seductively.
“Is this what you thought was going to happen? That’s why you waited?” – he asked.
“Ermm… No?” – I wasn’t quite sure with my answer.
“Come on, we’re going to McDrive down the road to get us something.” – he said and we were on our way. Just a short ride as it really isn’t that far away. I was a bit surprised by how he handled this evening, totally different than what I expected.
“So what do you want? You hungry?” – he asked while we were waiting for our turn to order.
“I’ll just have a strawberry milkshake, what do you want, are you hungry?” – I asked.
“No, I’ll also just take something to drink.” – he said.

As we picked up our order, he drove his car to a powerplant parking lot. It’s a huge parking lot, but mostly empty at this time of the night except for probably a few poor guys working the night shift.
The wind was strong and you could hear it from a closed car. In the distance you could also see lightnings, seemed so close, but they were surely very far as you couldn’t hear the sound of thunder.

“So, I think I owe you an explanation about everything. About Mo, about me, about what happened. See, I am an older guy, and married, have a daughter, but I had my fun too for some years. I met Mo at work and we talked about stuff, and having sex with gay boys, especially when lacking an available woman, is not so weird in Afghanistan so we talked about it too. We rented that garage to have a place to have fun, each of us with our own gay and a few times together, and even though I did not have as much luck as I thought I would, it was fun. The problem was, I was lacking a connection, respect. But as Mo continued with this, I stopped and turned back to family, God, modest life. I watched a lot of porn because I didn’t have sex and that is how I recognized you in the video. I never said it to Mo until he told me he had a blowjob in the woods from a guy that looked just like you. So I told him it was probably you because of the video. He said that you are a gay porno slut that needs a fuck, and I told him that I see more in you and that I think you would prefer a more settled man and not a guy like him. He challenged me to see which one of us could get your attention and which one would you pick, but when he saw he was losing, he became possessive and wanted to cancel the challenge. I told you in my life I cherish pride and respect more than anything, and the only reason I took his challenge was because I wanted you for myself, but I ended the challenge in blackmail as you said today only to finally end it. You don’t know how Afghan men are, we are very persistent when we want someone or something.” – Hamza said and put his hand on my leg.
“I don’t know what to say. I am a bit surprised. I guess I really did just want to get slutty with Mo, so he wasn’t wrong about it. And the same with you as well, at least until… You know.” – I said and took a deep look into his dark brown eyes that shined with strong manly energy as much as with guilt.
“But how does our boss know about me then?” – I asked.
“He knew about the garage, sometimes he brought some girls there too, and one time he caught Mo with a guy there. So I guess Mo told him everything now that he quit the job. Don’t worry about him though, he doesn’t like gays but he is very scared of me.” – he said.
“Well, why?” – I asked curiously.
“Ehmmm, I did some stuff back in Afghanistan, stuff that were necessary, and for them I pray to God every day to forgive me. But when my wife found out about them, she wanted to leave me and take my daughter. She got scared of me. And then she talked to others about it, and there it happened, most of the restaurant knows.” – he said, almost humbly.
“Can you tell me? I’d rather hear it from you directly than some second hand story from anyone else.” – I said.

Dear reader, I know you are curious about it as well. I don’t blame you, as I was too. He told me his story, which was horrible. One could say that he was a terrible person, but then again, we tend to be blinded by our entitlement and usually forget that not all of us get the same chances in life or the possibility to chose our own path. For some people, especially in that part of the world, the choices are limited and most of the time the only choice is to do what you’re told in order to survive. I have never judged him for it, and neither should you. Also, I will not tell you his background story. He wanted it to stay between us, and even if I maybe overshare my life, I will certainly not overshare his.

The winds got even stronger, as his background story ended with him getting imprisoned, cut and beaten up, publicly lashed and almost executed before he managed to run away and seek for an asylum in Germany. His body still has some scars that remind him of his bad past, so he didn’t want me to see them yesterday in the garage.

I touched his chest and unbuttoned a few of the upper buttons on his shirt, exposing his naked hairy chest. There were indeed a couple of visible scars. I slowly put my head on his chest and kissed it.
“This story and these scars don’t make me scared of you, but they make me respect you.” – I said to him as I continued unbuttoning his shirt further while kissing his upper stomach and going lower towards the belly button.

The rain started pouring like crazy and thunders have gotten very very close to us. It was a real storm going on outside as well as inside of that car. As I unbuttoned the last button on his shirt, he lowered his seat and told me to lower my pants and undies and come sit in his lap.


“Do you want me to turn away from you?” – I asked.
“No, I want to see you and I want you to see me too.” – he said as I moved onto his lap, one hand touching his beautiful chest and other hand unzipping and unbuttoning his pants.
“That’s my good boy… Now press him against your beautiful pink hole…” – he said as he spat in his hand and brought it to my ass, rubbing his spit all over my hole and pushing it deeper in me with his finger.
“This may hurt a bit, release your pain and it will end soon.” – he said as he pushed his cock in me. The last 5 centimeters were properly dry but he put his arms around me, looked me in the eyes assuringly as I loudly screamed of pain after the thrust.
“Muslim dick is always very hard, but you are born for it, you make me feel so good.” – he added as he started kissing me on the lips as he pushed his dick in and out slowly. The pain was still very intense and my eyes were tearing up, at the time I could not say how big he was exactly, but he had a massive cock. Honestly, I wanted it to stop, it just got too painful.
“Can you take it out, uhhh, it is just too hurtful?” – I asked and started to move away from him and his dick. He tightened his arms around me and started pounding me real hard.
“I guess we will just have to cream it up from inside then?” – he asked while effectively immobilizing my ass from moving away.
“Yes, please cream it from the inside.” – I barely managed to speak out.
“Tell me, how many dicks did you have in your white pussy?” – he ordered.
“Uhhh, seven.” – I answered approximately just to keep the conversation hot.
“And how many Muslim dicks did you have?” – he asked while slapping my butt.
“Not enough of them.” – I teased him.
He grabbed my neck and removed me from him as if I were just as light as a feather weighted pillow. His dick plopped out of me and he started to pull his clothes back on.
“What happened?!” – I was shocked.
“There will be no cum for your ass tonight, as you are behaving like a disrespectful slut. I am the one who will decide how many Muslim cock is enough, not you.” – he said as he turned the key and started the engine.
“I’m so sorry, really, can I please make it up to you?! I am so desperate to have you in me and have your cum.” – I borderline begged him.

As soon as I said this, he took his dick in his hand and started to jerk himself off. I tried to take his dick in my hand but he didn’t allow me to touch it.
“You need some training to stop being such a disrespectful slut. You need to know your place. I won’t fuck you again until you learn how to obey and submit to your man, and there is definitely no cum for you too until you show me some respect for real.” – said Hamza while rubbing his big dick. It was just then when I realized how big it was, I looked directly at it as he grabbed my empty milkshake cup and started squirting his cum in it.
“Here, you want this?” – he asked me, closing the cup and offering it to me, full of his still warm fresh Muslim cum.
“Yes, I really do…” – I’ve reached out to take it as he suddenly opened the car door and threw the cup out of the car.
“If you really want it, you can go out to get it.” – he said closing the car door on his side where he threw the cup out.
“Wha..?” – I was not fully aware of what just happened.
“Come on, it’s windy outside and the cup is getting further and further, so show me how much you want it.” – he said.

I opened the car door and ran out around the car looking everywhere for the McDonalds cup with his cum. Luckily enough the wind has blown it right next to the front wheels. I picked it up and ran inside, completely soaking wet and shaking.
“OK, you get to keep it now. Do whatever you want with it.” – he said as he started to drive us home.
“What would you want me to do with it?” – I asked, fully wet, ashamed but also in total heat.
“Good boy, see, now you learned something. I want you to suck it out with the straw and swallow it.” – he said in a fatherly lecture tone.
I did as he ordered. There wasn’t so much cum in the cup, probably some of it just spilled when he threw the cup out.
“Does it also taste like strawberry now?” – he asked while laughing.
“Yes, but tastes even better than the milkshake.” – I answered and cracked a smile for him.
“I really like you, but I have to be tough on you.” – he said as he parked in front of my apartment building.
“You do what you feel is right, I completely trust you.” – I answered. As I grabbed the handle to open the door and get out of the car, Hamza leaned for a passionate kiss.
“Hmmmm, see you tomorrow at work.” – he said.
“Actually no, I have a day off tomorrow.” – I replied.
“OK then, I’ll pick you up tomorrow after my shift ends.” – he said it like the answer no wasn’t even an option, because also he didn’t ask a question.

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