๐Ÿ’ฅ Sexy Muslim groupings

Feb 21, 2020 | 1 comment

So here I am, writing again on a topic which I thought might be good to share for everyone to read. There is not a day where I don’t come by groups of Muslim males, which completely distract me from whatever I have been doing.

Standing there in a semicircle, flexing their Muslim muscles and you can sometimes glimpse on a very good Islamic cock imprint in their pants. Laughing, teasing, showing off, sometimes even oggling the girls that go by, blasting Islamic music which makes my cock go from soft to hard very fast.

You cannot keep your eyes of them. Curiously, many such groupings of Muslim males have a very erotic component to them. It might have to do with the way they move together as a group, the intimacy with each other in such a brotherly but endearing way, though very serious looking and in a predatorary attitude towards outsider of the group, especially women – as if to say they deserve and want their way with her. What a sign of manliness.

The loudness and boasting in their language, it’s indeed very erotic listening in. I don’t think I will be the only fellow in this community who cannot get enough of the rough and erotic sounds that Muslims speak in their different languages. But especially Arabic does indeed wake a deep seated desire in me, almost like magic. I think the magic of the sounds coming out of a Muslim man might deserve a separate posting, don’t you think?


My stares have been caught on some occasions, prompting a questioning, almost piercing reponse with their eyes, sometimes a smirk followed by an sneering, intimidating insult almost as if they know what makes them, the Muslims, real men and what makes me something beneath them. To assert their dominance and true place, a daily reminder of what makes a true Muslim such a powerful being in comparison to myself.

I have also seen numerous groups of what I can only assume of must be the gatherings of mostly male family members and you can immediately see the power and beauty of the genes of Muslim males. Fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, everyone presents themselves in such a natural, yet almost sweet domineering yet playful way. You can see the genetic beauty, the masculinity in all generations really, it’s uncanny how effortlessly good the males in a Muslim family look and how it’s indeed very much important that the genes with that holy sperm that Muslims carry with them should be spread far and wide.

In moments like these where I see a group of Muslim males, I can only truely think about what it would like to be to be used by such a group of Muslim males. To feel the true Muslim male inside, to be able to get even the slightest taste of all of them. To get a feel of the dynamic of Muslim males together, to worship and be astounded by all the delightful things of such a group.

I truely hope my readers also get to experience this magical feeling rushing through you when you see such Muslim groups and more, by Allah I hope we can all experience being used by such a group at least once.


Muslim Addict

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  1. Tartan

    Am Ende: eine aus Selbsthass geborene rassistische sexuelle Projektionen. Gern geschehen.

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