📘 My First Muslim Man (Part is 7)

Mar 7, 2020

I had to avoid people and entering the lift in my apartment with someone for fear they smell sweat, sex and worse, cum on me.

I entered into the shower but before turning on the water, I took a few minutes admiring my Muslim scent on me. Maybe that’s how I should be smelling like married to a Muslim man and becoming a Muslim, serving my Muslim husband all the time.

I reluctantly turned on the water because I can’t wait to get back to my phone to talk to Adrian later.

True to any Muslim man’s word, Adrian had already given me a missed call. I laid on my bed and called Adrian back.

“Hey baby girl.”

Hi Adrian.

“What are you doing?”

I had to be honest so I said, “I’m touching myself thinking of our run. And I think I still smell of you.”

That bit was true. I think when my pores were all open and Adrian and I hugged and kissed, and he cummed onto my face, mixed into my sweat and so on, his scent lingered in me.

I didn’t cum of course. Muslim tops operate on the premise there is only one cock between the two of us, and unless I cum from being fucked, I don’t expect my Muslim top to be too bothered whether my little clit squirts.

“Touching yourself huh? You touching my pussy hole or your fag cock?”

I was rubbing my cock but went down to touch my hole once he asked.

“Your pussy sir.”

“Wish I took your pussy on the ground earlier even though you are dry. Teach you a lesson.”

“Yes sir. Sorry sir.”

“Wanna come round tomorrow to my place?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl.”

We chatted on for a bit, mainly around how hot the run earlier was and what he’d love to do to me tomorrow.

Adrian has a regular girlfriend and told me he won’t fuck me without a condom. He told me to bring lube and make sure I’m all lubed up before I arrive.

I showed up at 6:30pm at his place after work, all ready and eager to please. I saw Adrian just got back from work. He was wearing a fitting white shirt and fitting trousers that made him look really hot.

We got to his flat and he shut the door and he immediately slammed me against the wall before I could take in his bachelor pad.

He reached immediately into my butt crack and stared into my eyes as I winced at his fingers entering my lubed up ass.

“Someone has been obedient,“ he smirked

I could smell his scent and sweat from a day’s work. Again not the bad kind of odour but a very sexy ripe smell of a real man. He grabbed my chin and leaned in to kiss real hard.

Adrian pulled back, looked at me without letting go of my jaw and squeezed so hard the pressure points made me moan out in pain and open my mouth even wider.


He spat into my mouth and delved in with his long thick tongue. It was a very wet kiss where I feel he’s feeding me so much of his tongue and saliva.

He pulled back again and smirked, hand still on my jaw, squeezing to control my mouth to receive my Muslim man’s spit and kiss and spat again while he came back in to make sure I ingest all of it.

At the same time two fingers now worked into my ass from his other hand. I was like a bitch in heaven.

“You want to serve me every day I come back from work bitch?”

“Yes Adrian.”

“Good, I’m going to show you how to be a good Muslim wife. Muslim wives are submissive and loyal to their husbands. You going to submit to me?”

“Yes Adrian.”

“Good. Take off my shoes and undress me.”

I helped Adrian remove his shoes and clothing on my knees and put it aside neatly. I looked up and saw his cock more clearly this time.

His cock is a handsome cut cock pink from just below the head and upwards while the rest of the cock is a commanding dark brown.

His balls hung low and his pubic hair looks glossy and moist emanating his manly sweaty smell. The smell got me hard and he was getting hard as well.

I looked up at Adrian and his hand guided my head towards his cock. I didn’t have to ask permission but opened my mouth as soon as his tip rubbed my lips and he sighed.

I cleaned the sweat and salt off his cock, and then his ball sack, and he started rocking back and forth with his balls banging my chin as I took him without any difficulty.

To please my Muslim man when he bottomed out in my mouth I tongued his balls from below his cock and I think Adrian liked it.

I could do this everyday if he marries me, I thought. But what a silly thought that was. He was only using me for sex. I knew it, but I cannot bring myself to walk off or deny him.

But I felt a connection to Adrian. As I knelt between his strong hairy legs, hand on one of them and feeling his hand guiding my head from behind to give him pleasure, our other hand was holding each other.

As I sucked I looked up at Adrian who sometimes stared down, sometimes closed his eyes in pleasure and sometimes focusing more on my lips around his cock than my gaze. All I was looking for was his approval I was doing something right, or what more I could be doing to make him feel better.

“Come on I need a shower. Then I need a fuck!”

I followed Adrian into his shower and warm water ran down both of us. We stood facing each other as water ran down and looked into each other and suddenly I could only see Adrian and feel his presence and nothing else.

We kissed so deep and my knees went slightly weak and I bent lower slightly as he kissed me from the top grabbing me close.

My hands felt his lats and his chest, and all over him as I started jacking his cock while we kissed.

The entire world melted away, and I was lost in the embrace of my man. I moaned Adrian… Adrian as he sucked on my neck, my chest, my nipple and I rubbed his cock and felt up his athletic strong body.

Adrian spun me around and we were doing somewhat of an erotic dance ritual where he massaged my chest and body and bum while kissing down and sometimes biting and chewing on my neck, shoulders and arms.


Fuck, I thought to myself, I want to give myself to this man, really, all of myself, and started grinding and rubbing myself against his hard cock.

I am sure Adrian has got similar thoughts in his mind. We are both incredibly turned on my each other and his cock probed and pushed my asshole.

I felt the familiar pressure and tried to squeeze tight even though I’m a Muslim slut. I simply wasn’t ready to fuck raw. Also, Adrian said he only fuck with a condom so it is all horseplay.

I can tell Adrian is pushing my limits as he soaped our bodies and he paid particular attention to his cock and my butt.

That pressure at my pussyhole just kept growing as he pushed harder and grabbed my hips harder against him.

I turned my head around and caught his eyes. I moaned his name as water rivered down his face and he stared back and pushed.

I think he wants to fuck me now, and the pressure on my butthole is just incredible and I stopped moaning as we looked at each other and I relented.

My ass relaxed and I might have even pushed out a little. I could feel my pussy lips unfold and his head making its way past the entrance and straight into my lubed hole. Adrian stayed silent and I gasped at the sudden entry as he pushed to the hilt, without warning or warming up my ass, he went right in and held there.

We both realised he is in me now raw and bare and oh my god he feels so good in me. He might not rip into me rough like Mo or fuck until I feel his cock at my throat like Javid but Adrian feels really good in me. I think he completes my pathetic ass.

Adrian broke his silence and asked me, “What have we done?”

I kept quiet. I then said “I don’t know,” as we said we would keep this level headed and safe but I don’t know what happened.

Adrian flexed his cock in me and I could feel all 7 inches almost lift my insides a bit. That his flexing may have squeezed a drop of precum that could already be fertilising my insides crossed my mind.

Adrian didn’t seem to pull back but enjoyed the skin to skin contact and I said, “But I like this Adrian. I want you so bad I couldn’t resist. I’m yours to take.”

I gave up pretending I don’t want this and started grinding back against his cock and moving back and forth.

Adrian grabbbed my chest and waist from behind and growled, “You are mine you understand? No more fucking around. You give yourself to me and I fucking own you.“

“Yes Adrian,” I almost cried, please take me.

And Adrian started humping into my pussy from behind. He bumped real hard and aggressive I felt I was punched in the guts.

His cock snaked in and out of me as I moaned and panted. For once in the few Muslim men I came across, this is one I somehow had an amazing chemistry with and want to truly submit.

“I’m yours Adrian, yours…”

“Fuck yeah, you are mine! MINE!“

“Fuck me please, please…“

If I was already fucked hard, the beast my begging unleashed fucked even harder.

“Take it, take it,” he almost shouted

And I did, submissively with moans and whimpers.

Adrian turned off the water and threw the towel onto the floor and pushed me onto my back. He then kicked my legs apart and came in between like he owned me and leaned over on top of me.


Adrian re-entered my ass and moaned, “Oh so good, so good, your pussy is so soft.“

I held his face as he went hard at my ass like a Muslim men determined to breed his Muslim wife and make Muslim babies.

He went really hard and I felt really in pain because I wasn’t completely lubed or re-lubed. The shower must have washed some lubrications off too.

I pushed against his hips but Adrian smacked my hands away hard. He was just focusing on getting that ass and making it his.

The friction on my pussy walls was intense and burned as Adrian plowed in and out. “Yeah? You want it? You want my babies?”

That was it. It was all I need to be an even bigger slut if that was possible. I pulled my legs open further and begged, “Please Adrian, please make babies with me.”

“I want your kids. Fuck me please, fuck me.”

“I just want you to fuck me.”

“Please… please…”

My own burning pussy was no obstacle for my resolve to serve. I’m sure Adrian wouldn’t have care to slow or stop but in case he may, I rather bear with all the pain along with all the pleasure.

“Here it comes, here it comes…”

For extra encouragement, I begged, “Breed me Adrian! Breed me!”

When Adrian came, he roared and his eyes rolled up I could see mostly the white. I felt his cum was so strong I felt jets splash against my insides. He seemed to cum forever and I couldn’t feel much after counting five splashes in me but it isn’t over because he grabbed my head and banged it against the floor slightly as he continued driving a few hard strokes into me as he finished cumming.

He held my face and said, “That was fucking amazing baby. I don’t know what took over me but that was AMAZING!”

I whimpered and saw I cummed onto my stomach as well without even realising as I was so focused on my Muslim man.

I said, “I don’t know what happened too but I love you Adrian. I don’t want to do this initially but it felt right.”

“And now you are going to have my babies. You know in my family the men only fuck once and their wives or girlfriends get banged up?”

Adrian cheekily fucked me with his still hard cock as I felt some of his seed pushed out along down my hole.

“I’m going to fuck this deep in you and you are gonna get pregnant. What are you gonna do about it?”

“I will have your kids Adrian. I want to have your kids.”

“Haha… you are such a submissive slut.”

Adrian pulled out and slapped me hard on my cheeks twice back and forth for no reason. He made up for that by kissing me full on the lips and he pulled me up.

I was about to jump back into the shower and Adrian stopped me. He said “I’m sure you are already clean so dry up and put on your underwear and clothes. I just want to make sure you hold that ass tight and keep me in you until all that sperm is absorbed into you.”

I looked at him but didn’t question. I think I like the idea too much to protest and compiled with his order. It was however much harder to hold his cum in me than I thought particularly after being given the fuck of my life and barebacked for the first time. I keep thinking Adrian is leaking out of me when he took me out for dinner after the hot fuck.

“Oh fuck,” he said after dinner.

“What? I asked.”

“You have a spot on your trousers. This is what you get when you don’t keep that pussy tight for me.” I blushed and touched my trousers behind trying to find the wet spot.

“Just kidding,” he grinned. Omg, I found myself exasperated, shy and yet falling for this adorable guy.

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