📘 The Servant (Part 3)

Apr 11, 2020

Karim left the next day in the morning before I woke up. I woke up on a nudge from Hamza “Bitch,” he yelled as he threw me to the floor. “I want you to listen carefully dumb fuck because this is how it’s gonna. be. What I say goes. If I say jump you jump, if I am hungry you make my meals and if my cock is hard you get down on your knees and pray I won’t be too rough on your ass. This is going to be so fucking great having my own personal bitch whenever I want.”

It seemed that Karim had told him what happened between us before he went back to the army. Hamed was still traveling driving his truck around the country and Eslam was working as a mechanic with their uncle and cousins and stayed with them. I knew that I had no option but to do exactly what Hamza wanted, plus I actually felt excited to serve him.

I got out of bed to find Hamza completely naked, with his dick in his hand semi-hard. I was sleeping in my underwear only due to the heat. He said, “Get on your knees, bitch”, which I did. He slapped his cock on my face a couple of times then he pushed it in my mouth. He then grabbed my head with both of his hands and started fucking my mouth by moving my head back and forth. His cock was getting harder and bigger, and I kept sucking on it.

I also started playing with his balls, massaging them with my hands. He kept trying to push his cock deeper in my throat and I gagged on it so pushed him away and took out his dick from my mouth which made him angry. “Don’t push me away from you bitch!” he said and slapped me on my face twice. He pushed his dick in my mouth again, and help my hair and started fucking my face harder.

After a couple of minutes, he took his cock out of my mouth, carried me and threw me on the bed on my back with my head on the edge of the bed. He then squatted to push his dick in my mouth again which made it go deeper to my throat. He fucked my throat deeper and then said “you feel it in your throat now” and he put his hands around my neck to make me gag, even more, turning into red and making me cry with tears. This seems to excite him and he said “Yes, love this. Cry you little bitch” He pushed his cock deeper one last time and then took out of my mouth.

He then turned me around on the bed and laid down beside me. He made a hole in my underwear to get access to my ass hole. He wrapped his arms around me. Then, he opened my ass cheeks and spit on my ass hole, and then lifted one of my legs and pushed his cock in my ass all at once. I screamed out loud even though it was my second fuck, and his cock was not small. He started fucking my ass, pulling me closer to him. I was screaming with every push of his cock inside of me “slow down please, it hurts”. But this didn’t make him slow down, but made him go harder saying “Shut up and take it bitch”

It was hurting me a lot and I kept trying to get away from him, but he was stronger than me and holding me tight enough to make me not able to move. He then took his cock out of my ass hole and got up from the bed. He made me get up and pulled my boxers off and slapped me on my ass then pushed me in a doggy position on the bed. He pushed his cock inside of me again and started fucking me even harder than before. He had one hand on my back and the other on my thighs, pulling me towards him every time he pushes his cock inside of me, making our bodies slap into each other.

Later, he took his cock out of my ass and said “Your ass is fucking tight, but you are making me tired. I want you to suck my cock again.” He sat on the bed, put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it towards his cock and pushed it in my mouth. I started sucking his dick and he kept pushing my head down and pushing his cock upwards deeper in my throat. His cock was getting as hard as a piece of stone.

He suddenly pushed me to lay on my stomach and he got over me and shoved his cock in my ass once again, and went back to fucking me and slapping my ass every once in a while. I am not sure when it happened or really how. But in the midst of all of this, something changed. I went from moaning and crying in pain to moaning in pure pleasure. The pain had left and I was tingly from the inside out. My ass had switched from intense pain, for a pleasure I had never felt before. Granted I had only ever been fucked once before.

I started moaning with every time he pushed it deep inside of me, and that made him push deeper and fuck harder. Then he took his dick out of me, turned me over, and got over me on the bed for his cock to be exactly in front of my face, then he stroked his cock a couple of times before he came all over my face.

He then pushed his cock in my mouth and said “Clean it up for me now” So I did suck it all clean until it got soft and he pulled it out of my mouth and said “Good job, you are as good as Karim said. I am going to have a lot of fun with you” He got off the bed and walked out of my bedroom shouting “Get up, I want my breakfast ready by the time I get out of the shower”

For about a week afterward, I became Hamza’s servant, his bitch. I was to call him Sir or Master and he no longer used my name. I was now bitch, slut, faggot, or whatever degrading name he could think of. Every day when he returned home from wrestling practice I was to be home naked and on my knees waiting for him. When he arrived home I was to remove all his sweaty clothing. I would then proceed to tell him what a great body he had and how big his muscular frame was compared to mine. A smirk would appear on his face when I would tell him how undeserving I was of his godlike body. I would then use my tongue to bathe him. He loved it and so did I.

I cherished running my tongue over his tight abs to his well-defined chest. I would drool as he flexed his large biceps for me or would hold up his arms for me to taste his damp musky armpits. He would laugh as he would shove my face into his pits and effortlessly hold me in place as I struggled for air. When he was satisfied, without warning he would push me to the floor, take a hold of my head with both strong hands and fuck my face in an animal-like state, still raging with testosterone from practice.

He would then eat the dinner that was already prepared for him and retreat to the living room to watch some TV. The entire time I would be kneeling before him massaging his feet serving him whatever he wanted, or playing with his cock. He would fuck me every night and I slept on the floor next to his bed, or if I was lucky at his feet. I was in slut heaven.

One night when he got back home, I had already made him dinner and set the table and arranged everything nicely and then served it all up. I waited for him in my underwear as I was ordered. He was impressed by my service and the food I made for him and said,

“You make a good servant, faggot.”

“It is my honor and duty to serve you!”

I sat on the floor watching him eat his food, not even blinking. After he finished his food, Hamza, came over in all his glory. he stood above me and looked down into my eyes, with an evil smirk on his face. he laid down on the floor and told me to unbuckle him and as I went for his belt he laughed and said,

“No bitch, start with my feet”

I replied “Yes”

I took off his shoe and then the other and then went up to his belt only to receive a harsh fast slap to the face

“Take off my socks and lick my feet, bitch” I hesitated for a second, so he continued “What’s the matter, faggot? lick my feet, you don’t have a say, I own your ass, you are my bitch hog servant, and you will obey everything I say”

I went down to take off his socks, I was staring at his big sweaty dirty feet and he lifted up his right foot and put it in my mouth and laughed, “you’re a real fag now bitch” his remarks really turned me on and after lowering his feet I didn’t need telling again and went down to service Hamza’s feet, which tasted like sweat, musky and strong.

His toes were in my mouth when he told me to get ready to lick his armpits clean. I worked up his body and was overpowered by the smell of his armpits. He took off his shirt to reveal his ripped tanned torso and put his hands behind his head.

I licked his armpits, which were so smelly that I gagged on his stink every now and then, and every time he would stick a finger in my mouth and choke me like a bitch.

After his armpits were clean, he stood up and I knealt before him. He unzipped and unbuckled slowly and kept repeating

“You are a nasty dirty bitch! You want to suck my cock good and please me, right?”

“Yes!” I said.

“Right bitch before you get the pleasure of servicing my cock, I want you to know that you are shit and your only a bucket for my spunk. My dick is your new master, you will obey it because even my cock is better than you. Now open wide…”

The smirk on his god-like face said it all, he wanted to rip me apart like a rag-doll with his dick. He put both of his hands behind my head to control all of my upcoming choking. His slippery purple helmet entered my mouth slowly and for a second I thought he was going to be gentle. But I was wrong.

Instead of withdrawing after a few inches he slowly kept pushing himself deeper and deeper into my throat, paying no attention to my uncontrollable choking and gagging. He kept laughing at all my silly attempts to break free and at one stage he pushed me down so far that my nose was painfully squashed against his torso, breathing in his sweaty snail trail pubes. He kept me there for about 15 seconds and held my nose closed.

When I was starting to relax my raw throat he gathered some Flem at his lips and spat it into my open eye which made him erupt with laughter. He let go and watched me fall to the floor gasping and clearing my eye off his thick saliva.

“This is what you’ve been wantin’ isn’t it?” he asked.

I nod ‘yes’.

“That’s what I thought,” he said. “This time we’re goin’ for the goddamn gold and don’t you look away, “he said.

Once again he pulled me towards him and pushed his cock in my mouth again. I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and my throat stretched wide, packed with his meat, but all I could see were his eyes looking into mine.

“Look down, cocksucker.” I looked down to confirm what my stretched lips already knew. Hamza’s big cock is buried in my throat and my lips were against his pubic hair. He pumped my head over his prick as if it’s no more than a foam rubber appliance or a hollow melon, created to get him off.

So I balanced on all fours, my movements directed by his hands, rocking back and forth like a mechanical toy. Suddenly I started to gag and cough again and fight him a little, trying to get back under control. He pushed me off and slapped me, hard.

“Cut it out, faggot. Relax your throat and hold your breath”

He stabbed into me again, starting a pattern where he pulls me off all the way each time and then thrusts in full length. It was painful, it was overwhelming, and it was exactly what I wanted. My esophagus rode the ridges of his cock all the way down on each stroke, feeling them massage the walls of my throat.

Through this whole thing, I did not touch my own cock. I tried to balance on one hand and reached for my own cock but he kicked my hand from underneath me, making me fall until my nose was smashed flat against his groin and my lips felt like they were tearing.

“Keep your hands off your cock. This is all about me,” he said.

Suddenly inspired, he pushed me off and tossed me upside down on the couch so my head hanged over the edge and down. This time he knelt on the floor and fucked my face with no concern for me at all. I sucked in a breath when I could, but that was not his concern. With each stroke, his balls rubbed my nose, bumped against my eyes.

I no longer struggled or fought to breathe. My face and my throat became one long tube for him to plunder at his will and at his own pace. Hamza noticed the change and made his thrusts faster and harder, burying himself deep and grinding against my lips.

My entire being was in his cock. It determined when I breathed and when he graced me by burying it deep, my tongue went into action, in the hopes of giving him that much more pleasure.

He was fucking my face and it felt so good. I was giving Hamza pleasure. He was telling me it made him happy, even as he called me “cocksucker”, “whore” and “bitch” while he did it. His own words seemed to egg him on, made him pump harder, meaner. My entire consciousness was reduced to his cock thrusting over and over into my throat; no other thoughts intruded.

Suddenly I couldn’t contain myself and I had a spontaneous orgasm in my underwear, squealing around the invader inside me. He felt it and smirked, liking the sensation, still treating my face like an empty vessel. He gripped my head and pounded it. All I could feel is the hard veined cock slamming into me over and over.

“Little bitch likes getting his face fucked, huh?” he sneered. “Got a goddamn bitch- clit in your throat that needs to be rubbed. Shootin’ all over yourself with a big cock ramming your throat, just like a fucking faggot.”

He stopped and pulled back, watching me strain my lips toward his cock, inviting it back in. I was still hard, wanting more. His balls were pulled up tight against his shaft, one on either side of his massive rod. Cum spurted from his cock so hard I could hear it, splashing my chin, my lips, and my nose.

One more spurt, and my face was covered. Then his cock head was in my mouth and that too was filled with semen. After that his cock was deep again and I could feel it pulse in my throat. He pulsed there for a moment. Just before the pulses stopped, he aimed his cock upward and lets cum drip over the sides like a candle.

He looked at me steadily and says, “Now turn over and lick it all off, cunt.”

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