📘 The Servant (Part 7)

Apr 15, 2020

I had Hamed’s cock hanging in front of me, and I knew what I had to do. So I opened my mouth and started sucking on it. It was still soft, so it was very easy to take it all in my mouth. I then went to his hanging balls as big as two ping pong balls, hanging lower than usual, and I tried taking both in my mouth. Hamed started moaning and he held my hair and pushed my head away from his balls so I looked up and he looked down on me and then spat on my face and pulled me back towards his cock. I went back to sucking his cock which was semi-hard by then.

After a few minutes, I heard the main door open, and I heard Hamed saying “You are finally here. Eslam and Sherief, look what you have started”

I then heard Eslam reply “It wasn’t me who started this. It was Karim, who told Hamza. Then Hamza told me”

Hamed replied “So you all have fucked him already? When did this happen? Karim has been in the army for months” “No, he came back from the army for one night 2 weeks ago, and this is when it started” Eslam replied.

“Karim didn’t start anything. He is a bitch and son of a bitch. He was born to take cock in his mouth and ass. Karim just found out first” Youssef interrupted. “So was I the last to know here?” he asked.

This is when I heard another voice, that I wasn’t sure who it was “No, I just found out today. Eslam and Sherief asked me to come here thinking that you are mad at them of what they have done, and wanted me to help them” I expected this to be Mabrook, their other cousin, Sherief’s brother. I haven’t seen him for a long time as he had been traveling for almost a year and had just come back. I wanted to see how he looked now, so I pulled my mouth away from Hamed’s dick and looked towards him.

Mabrook was 27 years old, he looked a lot like his brother but much taller at 6’3, a very toned and muscular body with light olive skin and dark black hair but with no beard. He had a little scar on his forehead that gave him a stronger meaner look, that made him tougher and sexier. He was wearing a shirt with a couple of open buttons showing his hairy muscular chest.

“He is interested in you, Mabrook,” Hamed said laughing. “Welcome to the party” And they all laughed.

Mabrook walked up to me, slapped me on my face then lifted me up and put me on the coffee table and said “So we are going to take turns fucking his mouth and ass. And he will do whatever we want, right?”

Eslam said “we can do whatever we want, he already drank my piss before and he loved it”

Sherief said, “Ah cool, as I really need to piss and can’t bother to go to the toilet.”

He then walked towards me took his cock out and started peeing over me. Their uncle, who was already naked came closer to me and started peeing on my chest, while Hamed started peeing over my face saying “Open your mouth and drink our piss” which I did, trying to drink as much of their piss as I can and the rest going all over my face and in my nose.

When Hamed was finished with peeing, he came around and pulled me towards the edge of the coffee table and said “I can’t wait to fuck this ass” He lifted my legs up and pushed his cock all inside of me, with the rest cheering him, then he started fucking me. He had still had his t-shirt on so he took it off while he was still fucking me showing his hard muscular chest.

Even though I was just fucked by Youssef, Hamed’s dick was still thick enough, and it was still painful. I was screaming out with every time he pushed his dick inside of me. Mabrook had taken his cock out of his trousers and tried pushing it in my mouth, but I was in so much pain to suck it. He had a long cock with a clear bend to the top. So I only had it in my hand stroking it back and forth. Youssef, Eslam and Sherief were standing around me stroking their dicks, squeezing my nipples every once in a while or just slap my face and my ass.

Hamed pulled his cock out of my ass, and Youssef shoved his huge cock right away inside of me. He wanted to open my ass so he pushed my legs apart as far as he could, Eslam holding one of them and Sherief holding the other pulling them further apart. Mabrook pushed his cock in my mouth making my screams come out as moans instead.

Youssef was fucking me slowly, but his cock was very thick that made it more painful. He was also pushing his cock as deep inside of me as he could then pulled it out until just the tip of his cock was inside of me, then pushed back in. Hamed moved beside Mabrook trying to shove his cock in my mouth as well. I was widening my mouth as much as I can, trying to take both cocks, but there was no way as they were both too thick. So I just kept taking turn sucking both of them.

Mabrook then moved and asked, “I want to try this ass, that you all fucked but me”.

Youssef took out his cock from my ass, and Mabrook stood at the end of the table, pushed his shirt up, then he lifted me up as he was taller than the rest, then he pushed his cock inside of me, and leaned towards me until his face was close to mine. He started fucking me slowly and I started screaming as his bent cock was hurting.

“What an ass! So fucking tight, You like that bitch?” Mabrook said, “Yes” I screamed, “of course you do,” he said and spat in my mouth.

I extended my left hand and started touching his muscular hairy chest, and with my right hand, I was stroking Hamed’s cock. Youssef started slapping my face with his cock, so I opened my mouth and took it in and started sucking on it.

This is when I heard Eslam saying “What took you so long? Hamza”

Hamza replied “I thought we were in trouble with Hamed. I didn’t know that we are having a sex party”

“Come here and take your turn then” Youssef replied

Youssef took his dick out of my mouth, and Hamza came and stood by my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. He was still soft, but with just a little bit of sucking, he got hard very quickly. Mabrook was fucking me harder now and my moans from pain and pleasure were very loud.

Eslam and Sherief got off my legs and moved towards my ass. Sherief pushed his brother Mabrook to take his cock out of my ass and took his place pushing his cock in my ass, and put my legs on his shoulders. He put his hands on my thighs, pulling me towards him every time he pushed his cock deeper inside of me. Hamza was fucking my mouth pushing it deeper inside of my mouth. Hamed and Youssef were standing on the sides of me, squeezing my nipples, while I had each of their cocks in one of my hands stroking them.

“Want your cock in that ass, Eslam?” Sherief said. “Oh damn, yes” Eslam replied.

So Sherief pulled his cock out and Eslam stood there putting his cock on the tip of my ass hole teasing my hole that was opening in front of him, then he pushed it all in suddenly, making me scream out loud.

“Yes, take my cock,” Eslam said. And everyone cheered him “Yes take that cock”

Eslam continued fucking me, while Mabrook and Sherief came around and pushed their cocks in my mouth, I was able to take the heads of both of them in my mouth.

“Oh yes, take them both” Hamza said.

Hamza took Eslam’s position pushing his cock deep in my ass and started fucking me as hard as he could. He had his hands on my shoulders pulling me towards him making me feel his balls slapping on my hole. I was screaming out loudly, and couldn’t do anything but focus on the good fuck in my ass hole.

“That’s it,” Hamed said “Fuck him harder, make him scream”

Hamza then flipped me over with his cock still in my ass so that I was laying down on my stomach, Hamed sat in front of me so I can suck his cock. Hamza was fucking me as hard as he could, with his hands on my shoulders pulling me towards him as much as he could, pushing his cock deeper inside of him. His balls slapping my balls with his strong thrusts. Their uncle came. I had Sherief’s and Mabrook’s cocks in my hands stroking them, wishing I have more arms for Youssef and Eslam.

Hamza took his cock out of my ass, and Youssef took his position. He made me get in a doggy position, and pushed his thick cock all inside of me at once, making me scream. That made Eslam push his cock in my mouth. Uncle and Eslam were fucking both my ass and mouth as hard as they could as if they were synchronized, both of them pushing deep at the same time.

“Yes, Uncle, give it to him” Eslam shouted. “we are making a sandwich out of him” Youssef replied. They both laughed and high fived each other. Youssef then started fucking me faster and screamed “I am cumming”, and Eslam shouted back “Me too” Both of them pushed their cocks deep, and both started cumming at the same time, one in my ass and one in my mouth, and I swallowed it.

They both took their cocks out of my ass and mouth. “Nice work,” Youssef said talking to Eslam. He pulled him and gave him a pat on the chest, “You are a grown man now”, Youssef continued. Eslam replied “I have been a man for a while, you are just too old to see” and everyone laughed.

Hamza pulled me off the table and pushed his cock inside of me, then pulled my chest towards him to make me stand up. Hamed stood on the table so that his dick is in front of my face, so I took it in my mouth sucking on it as hard as I can. Hamza was fucking me slowly, but deep, he took his cock completely out of my ass then pushed it in slowly till it was all in. I was sucking Hamed’s cock licking his shaft from bottom to top. Then, Hamza wrapped his arms around me and hugged me strongly, which made Hamed’s cock to slip from my mouth. Hamza then started fucking me harder and stronger talking in my ears, but for everyone else to hear “You fucking bitch, your ass is so tight, I love it” Then he started cumming deep inside of my ass.

Hamed was still standing on the table with his cock about 10 inches away from my face stroking his cock, then he started cumming, and his cum landed on my face. Hamza then pushed my head towards Hamed cock saying “drink my cum, bitch” I opened my mouth and took Hamed’s cock and swallowed the rest of the cum coming out of it.

Hamza pulled his cock out of me, while Hamed went down from the table. Sherief laid down on the table on his back and said “Come and ride my cock, bitch. I am tired” I was getting really tired after all this fucking and I wanted to sit down, but Mabrook came behind me and slapped my ass a couple of time then said, “You heard the man, you bitch.” And then carried me to make me sit over his brother Sherief with my ass exactly on Sherief’s cock and my legs hanging on the sides of the table.

Sherief put his hands on my ass and pulled my cheeks apart to open my ass hole and started pushing his cock towards my ass hole. Mabrook pushed me down to make his brother’s cock go all the way deep inside of me and I screamed loudly with a big moan. Mabrook slapped my face and said “Shut up, bitch. Ride his cock, go up and down on it”

I put my hands on Sherief’s hairy muscular chest and I started going up and down making his cock go in and out of my ass. I was moaning with every time going up and down, really enjoying it, going slowly up and down squeezing my hole which made Sherief moan with me. Mabrook started squeezing my nipples, then hitting my chest.

Sherief’s moans got louder, and he held my ass cheeks with his hands after slapping it a couple of times and started fucking me quicker and faster, pushing his cock deeper inside of me. It was only a short while before he pushed his cock all the way in and I felt his fluids deep inside of me. He slapped my ass a couple of times more, then said “What an ass! You can get off me now”

I leaned forward and his cock popped out of my ass hole. It was hard for me to get up, as my legs were hanging in the air, and I couldn’t touch the ground. So Mabrook came from behind me and carried me up as if I weight nothing. Sherief got up from the table, and Mabrook laid me back on the table, pushing me on my stomach then got over me and pushed his cock in my ass.

Mabrook was 6 inches taller than me and much bigger than me, so when he was laying over me, I disappeared underneath him. He put his hands under my neck pulling my head towards his chest suffocating me, and then started fucking me. He was raising his hips as high as he could but kept the tip of his cock inside of me then slammed it back in as hard as he could.

“I must say, I would love to fuck you every single day. Your asshole is so fucking hot, and you defiantly can take a fuck” Mabrook said. He took his dick out of my ass and put his knees on the table between m my legs then slapped my ass until I screamed, and said “Get this ass up” so I got in a doggy position so that my ass is at the level of his cock.

He slapped me again on my ass, pushed his cock inside of my ass and said: “you do ALL the work.” At that, I began to move my ass. I rocked forward until only the head of his cock was inside me and then pushed back against him until he was fully inside and his hips were pressed against my ass. Before long I was in a rhythmic motion. “That’s right bitch, work my cock,” he said laughing. Uncle came closer and slapped my ass and said “Faster! Work that ass”

Mabrook seemed content to let me move my ass back and forth on his cock. I was the obedient bottom boy rocking forward and then pushing back against him to take his large cock all the way into my ass. I was totally into this new experience. My entire mind was focused on the cock I was fucking myself on. I lost all track of time, I was enjoying myself as my hole was sliding along it, I could feel every inch as I rocked back and forth.

Suddenly, while I was pushing backward, he pushed his cock all the way inside of me, with his balls pressing against the back of my balls. This sudden entry of his cock proved too much for me and I immediately started cumming on the table. While I was shooting my cum onto the table, he began to fuck my ass harder. With each thrust into me, I shot again and again, screaming out loudly.

“What the fuck, you just came without touching yourself,” Hamed said, slapping my face, and laughing. “Who gave you the permission to cum, bitch” Eslam said. “Give it to him harder, Dad, teach him a lesson,” Sherief said.

My ass got tighter after I came, and I tried to force myself to relax, so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Mabrook grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so my back arched and he kept pounding away. He was thrusting harder and then tensed up and I could actually feel his cock pulsing in my ass as it shot a stream of cum deep inside.

Mabrook let go of my hair, then took his cock out of my ass and slapped my ass a couple of times, while getting off the table. I got off the table as I was extremely tired and wanted to sit down on the sofa, but Hamed slapped me and said “Who do you think will clean up this mess you did” pointing at my cum on the table. I replied “I will get something to clean it up” and started walking towards the kitchen, but Mabrook held my arm and said, “what do you think you are doing?”

Mabrook grabbed me by the back of the head and forced my face down into my mess on the table. As he just held my face there and rubbed it in like a dog, I concluded he wanted me to lick it up so I did just that. He let go of the back of my head but I stayed in that position and continued to lick the table clean. I could hear them getting dressed and leaving as I licked my mess up.

Hamed then came over, and slapped my ass and said “I think it is clean enough” I looked up, and it was only Hamed who was there, while the other had all left. “Go make me a sandwich before I leave, and I will take it with me to eat on the way”. So I went to the kitchen, made him his favorite turkey sandwich and wrapped it up.

When I went back out, he was at the door, dressed up and had his small hand bag that he usually takes on his travels. “I will be traveling for about a week. Hamza is also traveling for a wrestling competition. And Eslam will be staying with their uncle, as they are renovating the garage, I want you to clean up the place while we are away” He said, “This means I will be on my own for a while, can I go stay with Eslam at the garage?” He replied “No, Mabrook thinks you will be a huge distraction to them while doing the renovation. Eslam will come to pick you up when they are done. Plus, Karim might come home at any time”

He then gave me a strong kiss on my mouth and left.

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