📘 The Servant (Part 8)

Apr 16, 2020

I was extremely tired after I was fucked by 6 men. I was sad that I will be on my own for a couple of days, I was going to miss them and their cocks. I went to my bed and fell asleep to wake up the next day because of the ringing from the phone.

I picked it up and the other person asked: “Is this the home of Mr. Hamed?” I replied, “Yes, it is.”. The person asked, “How old are you?” I answered “Eighteen”. The person continued “I am calling from the hospital. Mr. Hamed had been in an accident, but he is fine. He had injured his right foot. He will be discharged from the hospital today, and he needs someone to help him. Will you or someone else will be able to come?” “Of course, I will tell his sons, and we will come”

I called Eslam at his uncle’s garage and told him. He told me to stay home, and he will go pick him up. A couple of hours later, Hamed came in the house limping with Eslam. He sat on the sofa and asked me to go get him a glass of water. I got him the water and he was talking to Eslam about what happened.

“I was looking at my phone to call a client and didn’t see that the truck in front of me had stopped for traffic so I went to the right instead of plowing into it and I didn’t have time to stop. My truck fell on its side.”

Eslam said “I am glad you are ok. What did the doctors say?”

Hamed replied “Doctor said I will be fine in 2 weeks; it is just a small injury in my leg. The truck, on the other hand, is in a bad situation, so I need you to go look at it, as soon as possible. Maybe your uncle can fix it in the garage. Without it, I don’t have a job”

“Sure” Eslam replied, “I will go right now.” He then looked at me and said “You will take care of my Dad”

“Of course,” I said.

I helped Hamed to go to his room as he wanted to take a nap, then went to cook some food as he would be hungry when he got up. When he woke up, we had dinner, and then kissed me afterward and thanked me before he sat to watch TV until he fell asleep. So I woke him up and walked him to his bedroom then I went to my bed.

I woke up in the morning on Hamed calling me from his bedroom. I ran to his room and asked him “Do you need anything? I will make you breakfast” He replied “No, I need something else. Go to the attic and find a shoe box labeled Cairo, and bring it here. Also, you call me Daddy”

I looked at him extremely excited to call him daddy. “Yes, Daddy!” I went to the attic and looked for it until I found it and brought it back to my new daddy.

“Open it,” He said.

In the box, I found surprisingly some dildos of various sizes and a small, fat dildo, which I learned later is a butt plug. Also in this box, there was a jar of Crisco and a small tube of something called body slide, some lube or something. I spread the contents of the boxes on the floor.

“This was your mother’s stuff, she was such a bitch and liked getting nasty.” He said. “Take off your clothes” So I took it all off. “Turn around and show me that ass of yours” I turned around and I can see my reflection on the mirror over the dresser. I focused on my ass and made it contract open and close, showing it to Hamed. My ass was hungry!

“Nice, boy! Work that ass for your daddy, you know how to turn your daddy on!”

He looked over at the floor beside the bed and at the box of dildos and said “Get one of the dildos and the lube” I jumped out of bed and picked the lube and one of the toys, not too big, not too small either – just a nice size. He spread some lube on it. It was long but not too thick. He squeezed more lube on his right hand and wiped it on my ass, first on the outside and it felt so good, just teasing my hole. I kept looking at the mirror and my eyes rolled up in my head. He did this for a while then said “play with your ass”

So I started fingering myself. My long index finger went in my hole with no complaints. I slid in another finger and another. I’m moaning. Pretty soon I had three of my fingers in my hole and I was like wriggling around my ass insides and I was loving it.

“Listen, boy, I have been taking care of you for a long time. It is time for you to take care of me” Hamed said. “you have a talent, and with some training, you can use that talent, just like your mum used to” He continued. “so I am going to train you and you have to listen to me” He said, and I nodded.

He grabbed the toy, spread more lube on it and slowly inserted into my hole. At first, it was just the tip, the head of the ‘cock’. It’s a little thicker than my fingers but my hole – now very open from all the excitement – didn’t even flinch when the head of the dildo slid in. I looked at my reflection and can’t believe what I was seeing!

At this point, Hamed was inserting the dildo slowly deeper into my very loose hole. I was breathing slowly, deep breaths in, deep breaths out and realizing the toy is digging deeper into my ass with every breath. I was fucking loving it and Hamed started fucking me with the dildo, sliding in and out.

Hamed then got off the bed and peeled off his shirt and threw it on the floor; it landed on top of my underwear. I could see an outline of a massive and growing bulge in Hamed’s trousers. I started to moan, more out of horniness than anything and I could still feel the dildo tickling my ass. Hamed then stripped off his trousers. He was wearing a boxer and the bulge building on the front of it was impressive. He started stroking his bulge through the heavy cotton then sat back beside me.

Hamed leaned over to me with his bare leg brushing against mine. He turned over slowly and brought his face close to mine. I could feel his facial hair brushing against my cheek. His right-hand reached over me and slowly stroked my balls, very gently, cupping them, pulling them away from my body slowly, then releasing them. “Uhhh,” I moaned. “I’m gonna teach you a lesson, Boy?” he whispered in my ear. Then his hand moved up and held the base of my dick, and he tightened his hold really hard but kept his hand still. I moaned louder, he released his hold on my dick but his hand was still there circling it, pulling it slowly up and down.

Hamed released his grip on my dick. He sat up for a minute and pulled a small brown bottle out of the nightstand drawer beside the bed. He looked at me, still smirking. “you are really maturing into a fine young bitch” He opened the bottle and placed the tip under his nose and inhaled. He took a deep, slow breath, then put the bottle under my nose and instructed me to do the same. My eyes closed, my mouth opened, my head spin. And then I felt this delicious movement in my ass. I opened my eyes to find Hamed had slid down at the foot of the bed, his feet were near my head, and I could see his crotch within just a foot from my face.

Hamed was slowly fucking me with the dildo, smiling and laughing at what he was seeing before him. He grabbed the lube and squeezed more of the clear, thick liquid on the dildo and then some on my dick and on his hands. With his left hand, he pulled his boxer aside, exposing his massive, thick cock. I grabbed it with my right hand and helped him stroke it, feeling the slippery slide of the lube against its hardness. It felt warm and firm.

“OHHHH….” Hamed moaned. “Man you are making me hot, BOY.” He wriggled his ass a little on the bed, his dick slid around in my hand. He pulled back a bit, almost sitting up, my hand still on his firm tool. “I told you I’m going to teach you a lesson.” He pulled the brown bottle again from the side of the bed. He took a whiff then passed it to me. “Inhale from both nostrils,” he ordered me. “Take DEEP breaths.” I did as I’m told. Then he pulled the dildo out.

“Ok boy, this lesson is part of your training. You get me?” His left eyebrow rose up with the last question. My head flew at this point. “Yes, Daddy!” I didn’t understand training for what, but all I could do was agree. He squeezed more lube on his right hand then starts to spread more lube on my ass. He jumped up suddenly and grabbed the Crisco can and opened it up, grabbing a blob of the grease. Sitting back in bed, his legs spread also, he smoothed the grease around my ass. “Stroke your Daddy’s dick Boy!” he instructed me. I did as I’m told, obedient and grateful. I felt the coldness of the grease mixed up with the slippery lube coat my ass. He rubbed with one finger around my asslips on the outside. I moaned. “You like that huh?” he asked. He did this slowly for a while, just teasing my hole, teasing it on the outside. I could feel my hole wanting more, it’s feeling really hungry. “I see you want something, huh?” Then he slowly inserted one finger all the way in.

That felt so good. I couldn’t even explain. My head kicked back, my mouth opened, exhaling. I grabbed the bottle. “Yeah, that’s right Boy,” he said, finger going in and out. “Lesson Number One: Feed yourself some of those poppers.” I did as I was told. My head was spinning, but I was loving it. I felt a little tightness then realized by looking at the mirror that Hamed had now two fingers in my ass. “Wow,” he said, ” you are one BAD boy.”

Hamed continued this play. First, he slid the two fingers in and out. Then when he had them both deep inside me, he started doing a slow circle pattern, almost like he was drawing inside my hole. I realized then he was stretching my insides. The way he did it, the slowness and gentleness of it, made me feel really comfortable. Then he pulled out the fingers and started playing with my hole with both hands.

He put two fingers in with his left hand, then out, then in with two fingers from his right hand, then out. Then back again, alternating like this for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe it. I was in fucking heaven! I took another hit of poppers. Then I grabbed my legs and lift them in the air, spreading them with both hands. “Oh, Y E A H… ” Hamed was now doing the moaning. “That is one good Boy!” He spread more lube on my hole and grease on his hands. He fed the end of the lube to the tip of my hole and squeezes some of the fluid into my ass.

“Daddy, feed my boycunt,” I was getting all nasty now. “That feels so good, I want more…”

Hamed had three fingers working my hole. I looked to my side and saw his throbbing dick, precum flowing out, just like mine. He kept fucking my hole with the three fingers, then spread them inside me. Then he inserted another finger and I screamed at this point as I couldn’t take it anymore. “Do another hit of poppers,” he told me. And that did the trick and his four fingers now felt like they’re made for my hole.

He continued doing this for a while. Just feeding my boy cunt with one hand then the other. At one point he put both hands with four fingers and spread my ass wide, I was in awe at the reflection, and we continued this for what was hours, just moving from a few fingers to four. One hand to two and back again. He was taking his time, stretching my hole, getting me open, wider and wider and I was moaning in ecstasy.

“OK, let’s take a break.” He said. I was shocked and said “What? Why”

“You can’t rush this boy, we gotta take our time. I can tell your ass needs a five-minute rest. Get up and drink some water.”

I got out of bed, a bit dazed, so I walked on my knees to drink some water. I was on my knees on the floor, my ass pointing to the bed. Hamed moved from the bed and sat on the edge of the bed and I heard him squeeze more lube on his hand. And then he started to finger me again. “Ohhh….” I moaned, “Daddy…that feels SO good.”

He was not even putting his fingers in my hole; just caressing it, running it with the cup of his hand, brushing against my outer hole, rubbing it, gliding his hand over it. I just crouched there on my fours loving the sensation. He did this for a while and I did not want him to stop.

“OK Boy, enough rest.” He motioned me to get up and sit on a leather club chair. He grabbed my legs and slid me forward so my ass was hanging off the seat. He positioned my legs apart and over the thick armrests. He pulled out a plastic jar and opened it. I got a whiff of a strong scent. From the nightstand, he grabbed some cotton balls from the drawer and inserted it into the plastic jar then found the bottle of poppers and poured several drops into the jar. He closed the lid of the bottle, put that on the floor, then closed the plastic jar, and gave it a strong shake. “Lesson Number Two: this will make you open up more and easier.” He shook the jar, unscrewed the cap then took a deep breath. “Now your turn.” He handed me the jar and I did the same then closed the lid and it hit me immediately.

I slid down more on the chair until my ass hit Hamed’s hand. Hamed was crouching on the edge of the bed, one hand all greased up, the other greasing up his dick. “Lesson Number Three: Love Your Daddy.” He moved his body closer to mine and I felt the tip of his thick cock brushing against my asslips. With one hand fingering my hole, he started to slide in his cock. “Oh yeah Boy, that’s it, respect your Daddy!” His cock was thick, hard, hot. I slid down more on the chair, my ass opening up and meeting to his cock as he just sat there, his torso thrust towards me.

Slowly then he started pushing his thick cock in me. Head first, then the shaft, then out just so the head was almost out. “Ohhhh……” I screamed and grabbed the plastic poppers jar and took a hit, then fed Hamed with it. “Yeah, my Boy is learning!” he exclaimed, then rammed his dick all the way in. He started fucking me slowly at first, then fast, then slow. Then he pulled all the way out and I opened my mouth, licked my lips in silence then he shoved his dick all the way in FAST and I didn’t even blink. We went at this for another ten minutes loving Hamed giving it to me.

Then Hamed grabbed more grease and started to insert one finger in my hole while his cock was still resting, throbbing inside my slippery boy cunt. “Ok Boy. I think you’re ready.” He pulled his cock out of me then inserted four fingers, with no resistance, in my hungry hole.

“Oh yeah, feed it to me please, Daddy” I moaned. I looked beside us at the tall, slender dressing mirror. He slapped more grease on my hole and on his hand.

“Ok Boy. Lesson Number Four: Breathe. I’m going to be feeding you more.” he said. “All you gotta do is relax and trust your Daddy. Daddy isn’t going to hurt you. Daddy loves you. Daddy loves your ass.” He continued.

“Daddy wants to make love to your ass in a special way. You get that Boy?” I nodded, exhaling. “So take deep breaths. Do some poppers, take a big slow hit, and hold it, then exhale. When my fingers and hand get in you, it may feel tight at first – but I’ll go slow. So take a deep breath and exhale s l o w l y.”

Hamed then started to add his thumb. I could feel tightness at first but then remembered his instructions. I took a hit of the poppers and exhaled slowly.

I got used to the pressure at the base of my ass, then slowly I started relaxing. Slowly also, Hamed started to apply a tiny bit of pressure to my ass, pushing in, but always pulling out also to balance the feeling. I kept looking at Hamed and then the mirror, and visualizing where we were going. I wanted this badly! It was hot to look at the reflection and see his hand disappearing into my hole inch by inch. We did this for a while, coaching me, breathing with me while he slowly slid more of his hand inside.

“Ok Boy, now do another hit of poppers. Real slow now…” I did as I was told and after a minute or so I could feel my ass letting go, my legs spread wide, my ass opening up, opening up…

“Y e a h, that’s it,” Hamed coached me. “Just feel your hot Daddy’s paw getting inside you. Making love to his Boy’s hole. Making him his special boy…y e a h …. ” And then it just slid in.

“O H H H H …….” I screamed but it felt so fucking good! My eyes were closed, my head rolling back again. It was an incredible feeling, a fullness that was relaxing and comforting. It was heavy and large but also soft and gentle. Hamed’s thick paw just sat inside, not moving in, not moving out. It was in peace. I looked at the mirror and just saw his hairy arm stuck to my ass. I couldn’t even make out the wrist!

“Ok Boy. I’m gonna just let it be in there. I want my Boy’s cunt to get used to that. Just relax and breath and make it rest inside.” We stayed like this for what seemed like hours. I breathed slowly, feeling his hand in me, just very slowly making tiny movements, a little to the left, a bit more to the right. He was stretching my inside in a very gentle, loving caress.

“Take another hit…” Then Hamed leaned over, hand still inside me and kissed me, his tongue was gentle as his fist inside my ass. His tongue was thick and long and playing with the underside of my tongue. My ass opened up even more! I couldn’t believe the sensation of Hamed’s hand in my ass and his tongue in my mouth! The kissing/fisting double feeling was fucking incredible! I was helpless, sinking in his hand and in his face.

We kissed passionately, lips and tongues and saliva, all wet and slippery and messy, like my ass. My hole was more open now and Hamed was moving his hand slowly like his tongue in my mouth, in and around, getting my asshole to open up its walls. Then he started to slowly pull it out, just a little.

I moaned. I exhaled and then he fucked me in with his hand, pushing it gently another inch inside my ass. He did this more, kissing me, teasing me with his tongue to get my ass to open and it was working. I spread my legs wider and grabbed his back pulling his body to mine to get his tongue deeper into my face. Meanwhile, his hand was moving a bit faster now, pulling in and out, getting my hole wider. Then he leaned back away from me and examined his creation.

“Shit, Boy!” He looked at me and had a huge, proud smile. “You are one fucking hot bitch. you know that?!” He fucked his hand in and out. I did another hit of poppers and so did he. Then he told me to relax, took a deep breath. “I’m gonna try something OK, Boy? Just trust your Daddy alright?” I nodded my head. I felt him pull out very slowly, just so the knuckles were still inside me. I could feel my hole expanding. “Shit!” he exclaimed. Then before his hand was all the way out, he shoved it back in fast.

“Shit!!! That is hot! You like that huh, Boy?!” I looked in the mirror and saw how thick my hole got when he almost pulled out, I could make out his hand stretching my ass! “Yes, DADDY!!!! ” I moaned. “Do that some more, that felt so fucking hot!” So Hamed did. He pulled his hand almost out, then shoved it back in. He did it slowly. Then fast. Then R E A L L Y slow and then fast in again. It was driving me crazy!

“Oh yeah, Boy, your ass is mine. You are so fucking open and hungry inside.” He slathered more grease on his hand and poured more lube. He started to fuck me this way. I did more poppers, and my hole got more open, hungrier, wetter. His hand was getting in deeper. “Oh man!” he yelled, all excited.

I was in heaven. His hand was now going in past the wrist, I couldn’t tell where exactly but from the look in my proud Daddy’s eyes, it was impressive. I could feel his hand slide in inch by inch, further into my hungry hole. With each stroke, he pushed his hand a little bit more. As his hand pulled almost out, my ass felt an aching emptiness, just waiting to be filled again with his next stroke. My hole was opening up more and becoming a trained hungry pussy.

We kept at this for a good 15, 20 minutes. I didn’t want him to stop. I would look in the mirror and see his hairy arm disappear inside, the mark of a grease ring marking the hair on his forearm. I was loving this! I did more poppers and then Hamed changed his movement. Sensing how open I was now, he pulled out completely then just pushed his whole hand right back in all the way to the forearm!

I couldn’t believe the sensation when he pulled out! My hole stretched at its outer ring and the pressure was incredible and delicious. Before I could catch my breath, Hamed would shove his arm in, his hand balled into a fist. The thickness of the initial insertion was at first large and full. But my hole was so slippery, so hungry, so open that it just slid in without any restraint. Hamed would push in his arm deeper with every thrust, then pull out, push in, pull out. I looked at the reflection which was so fucking hot! I could see my asslips stretch out as he pulled out his arm.

The grease ring on his forearm was getting smeared deeper as he assaulted my hole. I kept looking at that mark of my achievement, I would take deep hits of the poppers, and inhale with every thrust he fucked me with his arm. We went like this for about five minutes, the grease and lube coating Hamed’s hairy forearm.

And then very unexpectedly, without even touching myself, I CAME!!!!! “HOLY FUCK!” Hamed yelled. My dick sprouted and oozed cum all over my abdomen, my chest, my side. A bit even splashed on my chin. His hand was still inside, about 4 inches past the wrist, and staying steady in my ass. “You fucking bitch, you love this don’t you?” I nodded, smiling.

He kept his arm inside me, now keeping it still, still filling me with content. He slowly moved the fingers a bit, just a little here and there, massaging my insides. It was incredible. The sensation, especially after coming, was hard to imagine. I felt a complete fullness, a complete sense of love from Hamed that I never knew existed. He then slowly pulled his hand out and when it was completely outside, he massaged my hole, making it feel used to being without his loving hand.

“Oh Daddy, I feel so empty now…” I said. He smiled at me. “Well let’s see what we can do about that…” He looked over on the floor, at me, then winked. “I think we have a remedy for that,” he said. And with that, he started greasing up a thick, short butt plug. He added some grease to my hole and then slowly started pushing it in. “Take a hit of poppers,” he instructed. I did and Plop, in it, went.

Then Hamed got up beside the chair and pointed his thick tool at my face. “Ok Boy. Feed off your Daddy’s thick dick while I make your hole feel nice and soft again…” With that I started sucking his dick, getting it deep in my mouth while he slowly fucked me with the butt plug. My hole was being stretched like when Hamed had his hand pulling almost all the way out! Except now the butt plug was heavier, thicker in feel. He would tease my hole, almost pulling it all the way out, then shoving it back in again! I just went deeper for his dick! We did this for about ten minutes, in, out, in, out.

Sometimes he would just keep it in and then do these slow, circling motions, getting my insides stretched out. And just as I would get very comfortable with these movements, he would suddenly pull it out and start fucking me again with the thick butt plug. My hole was loving it! We did this for several minutes while I hungrily sucked his cock. Then suddenly I could feel Hamed’s dick getting really thick and then he exploded in my mouth. I sucked Hamed’s juice while his piston butt plug fucking slowed down. Then he pulled out of my mouth and out of my ass.

He sat down back on the bed. My legs were still wide open, dripping with grease and Crisco. My body was covered in my jizz and my lips were leaking with saliva mixed with Daddy’s cum.

“Daddy?”, I asked, a little embarrassed…”Yeah. What?” “My ass is still hungry…” I spread my legs a little bit. “You are one fucking bitch…. I knew you had it in you.” He said.

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