📘 The Life of Transgressing (Part 7)

Jan 26, 2020 | 2 comments

As soon as I sat in Hamzas car, I asked him why is he doing this, to which he stayed in silence, completely ignoring me. He was a pretty good driver, for a person who, just a week ago, I thought was too illiterate to pass the drivers exam. However, he wasn’t talkative at all, at least not anymore.

Just a short drive through our neighborhood, as he parked in a garage that was in a street that was basically just a huge endless row of garages. As he went to close the garage door behind us, I just kept staring at him at the rear view mirror. I figured, best not to do anything out of the ordinary, as the dude did have a knife and threatened me with it once already.

“I’m glad we’re here, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do this, and now I really don’t want to continue with it.” – he said in an almost apologetic voice.
“What?” – I asked him.
“This, violence, doing what turns you on…” – he answered as his voice got shaky and his eyes much more pleasant.
“I never wanted any of this. Why would you think this would turn me on?” – I said, even though I knew I was partly lying about it. I was afraid of him, but I was also weirdly turned on by the situation. Now when it all just ended up feeling fake, I realized how much I actually wanted for it to be a real life situation. I guess I was permanently damaged by Samer after all.
“I have seen your sex video, I thought this is what you like?” – he answered.
“Well, I like it a bit more rough, but honestly, I think that I just want to please the “man” in the entire situation. I want to satisfy the needs of a man, whatever they might be.” – I said as I cracked a little smile.
“So, it is not about violence?” – he asked.
“It is about whatever you want it to be. You are the man. If you want to take me violently, I am fine by this… If you want it differently, I am fine by that too. It’s just, I just want you to feel my respect.” – I felt like I was going too deep by explaining the situation as the look on his face went from smiling to more of a puzzled one. I have decided to take initiative, as he seemed very stressed by the situation. I got out of the car and approached him as I started to take off my clothes.
“Do you like this?” – I asked.
“Shut up and take your clothes off.” – he said, obviously grasping what I explained moments ago.

I undressed more as I kept on looking him in the eyes. The look on his face was horned up, I knew he wanted more. As I took another step towards him, I’ve unbuttoned my pants and let them fall down on their own as I bowed against the trunk of his Volkswagen. I could hear his steps as he approached me and soon enough I felt his hands around me. I looked down and looked at them, enjoying the sight of his hairy, manly forearms holding my torso in a tight clutch. I took a deap breath just trying to feel his body scent mixed with a smell of a cheap and heavy cologne, and immediately I could feel that smell that only a mature, powerful man has.

He was a true working man, his hands gave him out to be a man that is not afraid of hard work, and has been through a lot, and the way he held his arms around me was indeed artistic in a way because it made me feel like I’m home, just where I’m supposed to be. His breath was deeper and I could feel it on my neck as he pushed himself slowly onto me from behind. I could feel his pants were full of cock and it was just a magnificent feeling. He had me in his hands already, once, in the toilet at work, and he made it all about me and my pleasure. As if it even mattered. But this time I knew he was ready to be a man.

“I want to show you how much I want you.” – he whispered as his hands got a bit lower down my waist. With a one sleek move, he lowered my underwear and exposed my ass cheeks. I diverted my hands to his waist too, and tried to undo his belt but he moved them away.
“Don’t move even a bit.” – he said as he distanced himself from me and grabbed something from the shelf. I could literally feel every second that passed while he was away, even for just a couple of meters. I could sense him approaching as a cling of his belt against the concrete floor hinted that his pants were now at the floor. He pressed himself against my ass again and pushed my body further down against the trunk. I could feel the sweaty warmth of his crotch and his pubes against my smooth skin. His fingers began to search for my hole, accidentally touching my balls first. In just a moment or two, his lubed up finger entered my hole as he released a short sigh of excitement.
“I want to suck your dick.” – I said seductively.
“You will not do that tonight.” – he said as he took his finger out of me and pressed the tip of his cock against my hole.

In just one long, but very effective thrust, he pushed his Afghan cock in my ass and continued to push it in and out of me slowly. My mind started to zone out, as it usually does when I receive a powerful Muslim dick in me. It’s just a complete blackout for a brief moment where I feel nothing and think of nothing too, except for the feeling of a warm, hard cock of an exquisite alpha man, stabbing my guts, working its way through me as if my ass was a pussy. He immediately turned the first few thrusts into a rhythm and steadily pumped my ass. My head was now against the trunk window and I could see a semi-distorted reflection of his face and upper body in it. Except for the unbelievable feeling in my ass, this distorted reflection was the only thing that I could experience of him at this moment, and I felt this guilty pleasure of even looking at him without him necessarily knowing he’s being observed. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me it was more than anything I could ever imagine.

The sex with him was both so shallow and yet very deep, so animalistic and yet so profound, so aggressive but somehow merciful. To anyone else, he might have been a random immigrant guy who works at in kitchen at some fast-food restaurant, but to me he was the guy who managed to out-fuck Samer. The sex continued for quite a while as he managed to set up a pace that would keep him very near the line of orgasm, but not crossing it. My hole was already loose from all the pounding, and my precum was surely dripping down that VW metal logo on the trunk, but he wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down or stopping. He was wrecking my ass and I could just hear the sound of his body slamming against my butt cheeks. The ecstatic feeling of having him inside me was better than any orgasm I have ever experienced. The pure physical pleasure of it ended a while ago and was replaced by the feeling of humility that I felt in regards to him now. He was indeed a real man.


“Are you my boy now?” – he asked while picking up the pace.
“Yes…” – I whispered.
“Did you have enough of my dick?” – he asked.
“No…” – I said.
He picked up the pace even more, slamming his dick balls deep into my ass. Suddenly, I feel him pushing his thumb into my hole as well, hitting all the right spots that no other man ever managed to even get close to. Immediately, cum rushed out of my dick. It was not an orgasm, it was something else. The cum continued to drip out of my dick and he noticed it.
“Oh, how I love to feel your insides.” – he said, heavily breathing.
“I want you to always be inside of me.” – I answered, and it seemed to be what tipped him off the scale as he immediately started to shake a bit and pressed his thumb even harder against my insides.
“I’m finishing… Ohhh… I will finish in you…” -he said as the thrusts got slower but deeper.

I’d like to say that I’ve felt his precious Muslim Alpha cum entering my body, but my ass was already totally overworked and partly numb as well. His dick slipped out of my hole along with a few drops of cum that I saw on a grey concrete floor as soon as I stood up again.
“Don’t turn around.” – he said as I could hear him getting dressed. I wondered just how many girls and boys got fucked in here by him. It felt weird, it felt like jealousy. In a way, I wanted for every gay guy to feel the passion and extensive experience of getting branded by Hamza, but at the same time I wanted to also be the only one to have this.

As he finished getting dressed, he told me that he’s going to drive me home now and that he needs to go now because it’s already very early in the morning and he wants to get home before his family wakes up. I quickly got dressed and sat in the car with him. He was silent, as was I. Overall, the energy was very confusing. After a quick ride in silence, he drove over to the parking lot of my apartment building.

“So… thank you Hamza.” – I said to him as I was about to get out of the car.
He looked me in the eyes and said: “I will never completely understand you, but I would like to have a chance to understand you more.”
“Of course, I am always here for you…” – I said as I gave him another, last look for that night and closed the doors of his car.

Walking up the stairs was not an easy task. As my body cooled down from the excitement and my adrenaline stopped pumping, my ass got really sore and my leg muscles got stiff and painful. I was ready for a warm, relaxing shower. As I finished showering and while I was falling asleep, I couldn’t help but think about the encounter with Hamza, and the odd joy of having a sore ass that is filled with his Afghan daddy Muslim cum. The thought of that was absolutely the most relaxing thing, just on top of all having this confirmation that I was useful to a perfect man in need.

After a long time, I felt like I belonged to someone again.

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