📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 5)

Feb 29, 2020 | 3 comments

I might have even screamed when Javid bottomed out and then grinded in a full circle around my ass. I wasn’t sure what I did but he pulled me back and said, “Oh no crawling away from my cock bitch.”

I must have tried escaping even though I was intent on serving and my mind was just repeatedly thinking, Oh my god… so much cock…

At this point in time, Javid gripped my neck in his elbow in response to the bitch who tried to crawl away. He leaned his whole body weight on me to hold me in my place. He raised his hip sufficiently for all his cock to come out completely and slammed back in with a roar. All I remember was crying out equally loud and helplessly as it all went white.

I am not sure if I passed out or was just stunned for a while but I soon realised Javid was still plowing full strokes in and out of me. I pant as he knocked the air out of me and struggle to catch my breath when his cock withdrew.

Javid pushed my head down and then stopped. My pussy felt empty and sore, and it must be gaping as I felt the coolness of the air on my pussy. I heard something snap and Javid grunt.

“Wait…” I tried to turn as I realised what he’s doing.

And then he punched his cock right back in and I trashed about. My ass was so loose and slick with sweat and lube that Javid slipped right back in.

That there is no condom on his cock only made it go in easier. The skin to skin contact between me and this Muslim stud made me feel really submissive but I can’t help feeling so scared of what I might catch that I begged him to stop.

“Please… sir… please stop. Please… ahhh.. don’t… rape… me…“

I think I somehow wanted Javid to fuck me harder upon hearing that because that was exactly what he did. But I started sobbing and he stopped.

He sighed in pleasure, and stayed inside, and asked if I don’t want him to fuck me raw. I nodded my head. He flexed his cock inside me and I moaned both from the top moving inside me and from the base flexing my hole.

He asked for permission to fuck me for a bit more but he won’t cum in me. Just a few more strokes.

I nodded.

Javid gave me the full minute fuck of my life and he slammed in with real anger choking me so hard from behind shouting after several long strokes in his style, which ends with him slamming in, bottoming out and making sure his bottom’s ass stretch out as much as the base of his cock would stretch:

“Why…” slam
“Won’t…” slam
“You…” slam
“let…” slam
“ME…” slam
“FUCK…” slam
“YOU…” slam
“RAW…” slam

Javid pulled out after the last slam, but not after staying inside for a good few seconds and I thought he seeded me for sure… not that I can tell… but he hasn’t cummed when he pulled out.


He pulled back out and he was obviously pissed but I think he doesn’t want someone crying rape in this time and age.

I stayed in place shuddering from the rough and brutal fuck I just received. I’m almost certain my ass looks like a hole that is struggling to close, and part of me was shivering in excitement.

Javid is pissed but obviously horned up. He took a deep breath and then came round from behind with his hairy arms tickling across my neck and my chest in an embrace. I was surprised how gentle he was. I felt bad for not giving up my ass.

He spooned me from behind and his cock tucked into my butt crack. He caresses me and my nipples and chest like I’m a girl and sucked hard on my neck which I’m sure was intended to bruise me for days.

I started to feel it was wrong of me to deny my Muslim man what he deserves and wants. I am only a stupid bitch that he choose to fuck, and I should be grateful I even get to taste his cock, much less have it in my body.

I moaned and rubbed against his cock which glided easily along the butt crack. As it did, I could feel his cock is still rock hard. The head rubbed the length of the crack and each time it went past the hole it was like a bump and missed it as he continued humping me.

I rubbed along his cock and move my hands down to touch myself but Javid gathered my hands across my chest and held them tight from behind.

“Bitch the only way you are going to cum is from my cock, and I am not putting on any condoms tonight.”

I couldn’t move much with him restraining me from behind. The humping continued and Javid was just waiting for the moment where I shift ever so slightly and let his head plop back inside me voluntarily. That felt right…

”Mmm…” he grunted in approval, “did my little fag just fuck yourself onto my cock?”

I think I can’t blame him for me letting his head in. Very soon, his head is coursing through that nine inch canal he just carved in me.

He gripped me real tight, ”Oh baby your pussy is so soft inside.”

I thought without rubbers, which is my first time fucking raw, that his cock felt extremely velvety as well. Or maybe it is my pussy walls that’s velvety. But instead of saying how good his cock feels too, I said instead, ”Javid, no…”

Javid paused and I’m sure he was getting angry and I whimpered, ”It is not my pussy… it’s yours…”

At that time, I think I unleashed an animal in Javid. It is something that he doesn’t have to hold back anymore. He picked me up as he stood up and start fucking me from behind. Guess he still doesn’t want to see my face.

As he is taller than I am and stronger, I felt at times I was tiptoeing which he fucked me from behind. Each time he slammed me forward I moved slightly until I was holding onto the edge of the sofa, still on my tiptoes, and with a Muslim bull joined into me from behind.

I still have the phase so… much… cock… ringing in my head or I must be repeating it out loud. I think he topped me so hard I would have passed out several times if I wasn’t just stretched out by another Muslim bull a few days ago.

My calves were almost cramping as I tried to tip toe so my Muslim top can fuck me the way he wants. He then pulled out and spun me around and yelled at me, ”Take my cum!”

I was stunned, and was on my knees as he grabbed my hair and he yelled, ”Open up! OPEN UPPP!!!”

I opened my mouth and he shoved half of his cock in. He didn’t attempt to shove his entire length into me and I watched the length of his cock pulse into my lips covering his cock and watch my Muslim bull as I looked up praise me, “Good boy, take it all. Take it all.”

I felt his seed flood my mouth and tongue. After four or five spurts I felt my mouth become full I had to swallow, and I tasted a salty but nutty Muslim baby making life giving seed. There might be another six or seven shots delivered into my mouth and Javid said, “Hold it boy, hold it.”

I held his cum in my mouth as he leaked the rest of his Muslim manmilk and he pulled out. His cock is slick, softening but still hard around 8 inches. He slapped his meat which made a hefty sound on my face.

He smiled in the most seductive way and said, “Open up and let me see.” Javid enjoyed the scene he created with me on my knees and mouth full of his white Muslim seed, my mouth and tongue pink and coated with that Alpha semen, and he ordered, “Swallow.”

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