📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 6)

Feb 29, 2020

I felt his seed flood my mouth and tongue. After four or five spurts I felt my mouth become full I had to swallow, and I tasted a salty but nutty Muslim baby making life giving seed. There might be another six or seven shots delivered into my mouth and Javid said, “Hold it boy, hold it.”

I held his cum in my mouth as he leaked the rest of his Muslim manmilk and he pulled out. His cock is slick, softening but still hard around 8 inches. He slapped his meat which made a hefty sound on my face.

He smiled in the most seductive way and said, “Open up and let me see.” Javid enjoyed the scene he created with me on my knees and mouth full of his white Muslim seed, my mouth and tongue pink and coated with that Alpha semen, and he ordered, “Swallow.”

This is the second Muslim man and third Muslim load I have got in me in a week. I think I’m addicted to Muslim cocks and Muslim seed, but I can’t do anything about it.

Javid’s cut head was just hovering near my eye and I saw a pearl of that precious cum form at the tip as he softened further and I stuck out my tongue to lick it up. I held his circumcised head in me and lick around the piss slit and ridges of the cock head a bit more and he instantly rewarded me with two more large pearls of that Arab seed which I felt on my tongue and I instinctively swallowed.

He must have cummed a gallon into me as I almost felt full from sex. My hole feels empty though without a cock in it. It feels like it is still open and I’m becoming a proper whore now with a stretched pussy.

Javid lit another cigarette and told me to stay on my knees. He sat on the sofa and played around propping his feet up on my lap, my shoulders, next to my face and he rested them on the floor instead. For some reason I feel perfectly contended in my place, on my knees, next to my Muslim man, and that he has just fucked me so hard but I remain a submissive docile boy wife by my man’s feet.

I can still taste Javid in my mouth. My breath smells of my Muslim man, my hole is used by my Muslim man, and I have all but forgotten about myself. I haven’t cummed or shot anything tonight. I am still hard but I think the anal convulsions Javid triggered in me when he fucked my second hole, stretched my ass ring further and sent me into a delirium was the anal orgasm I truly need.

My useless boy cock seems even more worthless now in light of me deriving pleasure solely from my Muslim bull fucking me deep and hard.


“The next time I’m here I will call you up. You can be my good Muslim bitch again,” Javid said.

I left the hotel and went home. As I showered, my hand ran behind my butt and I felt it was really tender and sore. It was a bit swollen like the last time. As I pushed out a bit I realised my anus sort of bloomed slightly as I felt around the puffy edges and it got me incredibly turn on and my cock became hard immediately.

I rubbed my cock and it was only just over half of Javid’s man sized tool. If I were a women, there is no chance I won’t get pregnant even if he doesn’t shoot his cum. Javid reached so deep inside me earlier I couldn’t run from his cock. I wouldn’t have enough time to get away before he pulls me back into it. He is really a virile Muslim man, and it makes me feel weak even just thinking about it.

And that was just what I thought about for the next few days. My own virile Muslim man. I want someone who is strong, dominant and makes me want to have his babies. I went online and all I can do is run through profiles with either the race filter on as Arabs or with words like Muslim in their profiles.

In chat rooms, I typed into the main board messages like, Fit bottom boy looking for Muslim tops, or Any Muslim dominant men looking for a submissive bottom? You get the drift.

FitAdrian texted me, “Hi.”

I receive many texts from non-Muslims, particularly desperate horny tops or some other dominants looking for a submissive bottom. I thought Adrian is just another name until he then texted, “Muslim top here, for, 28 looking for safe discreet NSA fun.”

That he is Muslim immediately caught my attention. Adrian appears decent and while the chat was peppered with naughty exchanges, he appears genuinely nice, around my age and he actually lives very near to me.

He then asked if I like to go for a night run. It is unusual but the weather is great. It is warm and dry, and I never had someone proposition a run in a chat. I happily agreed to meet him at this unction where we can go towards the park and canal where it is nice and quiet.

When I saw Adrian he made my heart leap. He is lean, charming, smiley and really hot. I generally prefer my men older but Adrian oozes sexiness and charm in his own way. He is wearing a tank top that shows a smooth chest but he has a little hair on his arms and plenty on his legs.

He is wearing a nice aftershave and is almost already sweaty from the short jog to the junction we were meeting. He made me wear the same: a tank top, and while he had some fairly lengthy football shorts on, he told me to wear the sluttiest shorts I can tolerate out for him. I wore this black shorts which has a high split and no underwear as he demanded and I think he approved.

We went in the direction of the park and once there were wider spaced lights and lesser people, Adrian stopped and so did I. I was puzzled but did not question. His hand reached out to caress my chest and said, “Gosh you are so fucking hot… look at that sweat. Wanna run topless?”

“I don’t normally do… what about you?”

“ I normally do it. Come on it’ll be fun.”


“Take it off… now!”

He removed his tank and I did so as well. He looked at me and pinched my nipples a bit which shocked me as it was in public, but we were alone and secluded enough. I let out an audible moan which he enjoyed.

We both then ran along for another 4km non-stop and I thought this guy is in really good shape. Luckily I am not too bad myself.

He paused and stopped for a rest and leaned close. We are by the water now, it was cool, and we were panting. He pulled my body close to his, both really sweaty and our bodies glided against each other as he felt me up with his hands, going behind to cup and smack my bum.


He leaned his forehead on mine and I was so hard with excitement. I was sweating, panting, smelling his sweaty man smell mixed with his aftershave, and I could feel his stubble on my face in places as he whispered in the dark, “Can I kiss you?”

To be honest my mouth was already open and waiting for him to invade with his tongue. I wasn’t expecting my Muslim top to ask for permission but I feel so special with him asking.

When I said yes, I finally tasted his Muslim saliva, his Muslim taste, his salty Muslim sweat, his Muslim scent permeating my sense of smell it was intoxicating.

“Suck me”

“But we are…”

Adrian was hearing none of this. He is a Muslim top and of course I should know better than to protest our public location.

Before I could protest his hands were already on my shoulders pressing me down.

Being the slut I am, I am almost certain my perfunctory protest was made while I was lowering myself down to my usual position in front of Muslim men. Again, I found myself holding on to strong hairy Muslim legs while a handsome cut cock presented in front of me waiting to be pleasured.

Adrian is bigger than my fag cock of only 5 inches, but at 6.5-7 inches, he is not as big as my first two Muslim cocks. While comparing back I realised this is my third Muslim cock in two weeks.

By now, my natural place in front of Muslim men has been established. I finished my so called protest with my mouth open and went on to the cut cock in front of me. It was very salty from the sweat and Adrian asked if I like his cock sweat.

As usual, I am not allowed to reply as Muslim men don’t care about what I have to say. He made me suck him while my knees were painfully kneeling on the path and he was looking around making sure no one saw.

“Fuck, you are getting me so horny now.”

“Please Adrian… someone might…”

Adrian grabbed my hair and yanked it backwards. He leaned forward and pulled more as I followed his lead and I laid on my back while looking up at him. He pulled my shorts down and came between my legs with his cock at my hole.

“You want me to fuck you dry?”

I shook my head.

“Will you let me fuck you here dry if I want?”

I nodded.

“Bitch, if I want to fuck you here you WILL take it you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

He grinned playfully next and pulled me up.

“Don’t make me teach you a lesson again. I like you.”

I blushed and felt bad for resisting. I melted when he said that and he could see he had me in his grasp by now.

“I like my girls obedient.”

Adrian slipped his hand down and kissed me while his finger was looking for my hole. It was dry with some sweat but it found its way in and I moaned into his mouth.

Adrian mentioned he’s bi and have a girlfriend but loves fucking boys and dominating boys.

“You gonna be my good girl?” He pushed two fingers into me now. I yelped in pain but he held me close I couldn’t wiggle much away from him.

@Yes Sir.”


Adrian spat hard on my face and slapped my face hard. He then smeared his spit all over and forced his fingers and his spit into my mouth.

I could smell his sweat, his aftershave, his cock sweat, his spit all over my face now. I don’t know why but I moaned like a bitch when he was forcing his fingers into my mouth.

He then grabbed me close and our slick bodies rubbed against a each other again as he kissed me deep and whispered, “I like you. Tell me you wanna be my girlfriend.”

“I wanna be your girlfriend Adrian.”

It felt so fucking romantic in the dark despite us being sweaty. That my mind is now conditioned to submit and obey Muslim men, particularly the dominant ones, and he has just dominated me somehow just went to my head.

“You want a Muslim boyfriend?

I looked down and said, “Yes.”

“Tell me you want to be with me and look at me when you do it.”

“Yes Adrian, I want to be your girl,” I said that naked, shorts and tank on the floor, in front of this fit handsome Muslim top and right into his eyes.

“You know what girls do for their men? They suck them wherever they want.”

“Yes Sir”

I knelt down and used my whole heart to give a really enthusiastic and earnest blowjob. I didn’t think Adrian had to use my head like a flashlight at all as I moved up and down truly desiring to make him cum. I wasn’t even thinking of my pathetic cock.

Adrian made me feel special. Like he owns me. Well he said he did and I’m his girl.

Fucking with a submissive mind works far more than tearing his ass up. My mind is now all about servitude and it is apparent from my sucking.

Adrian said, “Ahhh, I’m coming baby, I’m coming…”


He didn’t have to say much, nor did I protest. I know the drill. No, I want to perform the drill and go through to suck, accept and swallow without having to be told. It is what I’m put on Earth for to serve Muslim tops, so that’s what I did.

Adrian shot so hard into my mouth he must have been saving it for days. I felt particularly hot cum splash against the insides of my mouth and tongue and he came like forever. He pulled out towards the end and a shot of cum streaked my face and another went onto my shoe.

He appears particularly pleased I looked up all the time while he is cumming, kept my hands off my fag clit, and waited for him to command swallow which all Muslim tops seems to enjoy.

I can smell me all over you Luke, especially your breath. “I love it. Do you?”

“Yes Adrian.” I blushed.

“Don’t clean that cum off your face.”

We put our clothes back on and ran back. Adrian said he’ll call me later when we are respectively home.

The cum streak mixed with my sweat and I think it dried up a bit and I felt sticky and smelling like Muslim cumwhore.

I had to avoid people and entering the lift in my apartment with someone for fear they smell sweat, sex and worse, cum on me.

I entered into the shower but before turning on the water, I took a few minutes admiring my Muslim scent on me. Maybe that’s how I should be smelling like married to a Muslim man and becoming a Muslim, serving my Muslim husband all the time.

I reluctantly turned on the water because I can’t wait to get back to my phone to talk to Adrian later.

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