📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 8)

Mar 22, 2020

I was about to jump into the shower and Adrian stopped me. He said, “I’m sure you are already clean so dry up and put on your underwear and clothes. I just want to make sure you hold that ass tight and keep me in you until all that sperm is absorbed into you.”

I looked at him but didn’t question. I think I like the idea too much to protest and compiled with his order. It was however much harder to hold his cum in me than I thought particularly after being given the fuck of my life and barebacked for the first time. I keep thinking Adrian is leaking out of me when he took me out for dinner after the hot fuck.

“Eh fuck,” he said after dinner. “What?” I asked. “You have a spot on your trousers. This is what you get when you don’t keep that pussy tight for me.” I blushed and touched my trousers behind trying to find the wet spot. “Just kidding,” he grinned. Omg, I found myself exasperated, shy and yet falling for this adorable guy.

Adrian and I can’t keep our hands off each other. We met about twice a week for next two weeks whenever we can make it. The sex is great and off the bed Adrian is fun, cheeky but always ready to show who’s wearing the pants between us.

It is that time of the year when Adrian needs to fast. He told me we can still meet up but his schedules will probably work better for later meets, which we did for a week until he asked if I’m his Muslim wife on the phone.


“My girlfriend is away for a couple of weeks with family. Wanna come stay with me?“

“Yes, of course.”

“Fine. Pack for three days and come over when you can after work this Friday.”

My heart leapt and I said “I’m not working this Friday, so will show up around noon.”

I went to his place before lunch to hang out. We went to the gym and back for a shower. Then I went to the kitchen and was helping myself pour some water when Adrian grabbed the mug and threw the water away.


When you are my wife, I expect you to fast with me.

I thought I immediately got a hardon.

Come, let’s watch TV or something. I’m getting some food in later.

We sat and watched some TV and Adrian don’t appear interested in sex, or anything else. I wanted to feel him up and he batted my hands away and said no.

At around evening time, some food got delivered and I was starving by then, and thirsty. Adrian brought me to wash up and told me to follow what he did.

He then sat on the carpet and told me, “I expect my wife to pray with me, serve me when we break fast, and serve me after we break fast. Understood?”

I nodded.

I knelt beside Adrian as he prayed. I didn’t dare to move or make any noises. When he was done, we broke fast and we had dinner. I helped serve him dinner and when we are done, we watched some TV together.

Adrian has his arm around me and he started playing with my nipples. I looked up at him and he kissed me while he pinched my nipple harder with his hand that was around my shoulder.

He seemed to take pleasure in my moaning into his mouth as we kissed and him going hard on my nipple.

You like being my submissive Muslim wife?

Yes Adrian.

Good, remember your place is to serve your Muslim man, and only your Muslim man.

I love you Adrian, if you let me I’ll serve you forever.

Adrian laughed at forever. I don’t know why, presumably he knew he had me. 

Don’t regret that boy.

Adrian pulled and pinched really hard on my nipple and I moaned so desperately but dared not say anything other than moan.

I looked at Adrian and he stared right back as he increased his pressure yet a bit more and my moan went a pitch higher, but I dared not break my gaze at him.

He stuck his fingers next into my mouth making me open wide while he explored my mouth with his fingers. 

You want to serve me?

Yes Adrian

Suck my cock.

I went down to suck him as he stuck his fingers wet with spit into my ass.

Adrian pushed two fingers in at once and I yelped from the shock. My ass felt so sore it tightened at once making it more painful as I felt the ring radiate the ache. I breathed deep as I sucked and felt his fingers continue dig into my ass.

Adrian then spun be around when I’m still on my fours and then did something surprising. He started eating my ass out. He licked my ass and used his tongue to probe deep. He chewed on my ass I think even my ass lips a little and yanked my balls back hard to keep me in place.

I moaned like a bitch and he asked, You like this pussy being eaten? 

Yes sir… please… oh… 

Adrian then alternated between fingering and tonguing me and when I was sufficiently relaxed, he put his mouth over my pussy and sucked. I relaxed and moaned as I pushed out a bit and he ducked his tongue right in to send me into ecstasy.

It was so intense I felt his stubble rub between my ass cheeks while his hot tongue went in and out of me.

I moaned and begged like a bitch for him not to stop. 

Adrian turned me onto my back and then put himself between my legs and pushed his hard cock into my primed pussy. It was so sleek and wet from his rimming it went in straight and while it felt good to have his cock enter smoothly, I still feel the speed it went in knock wind out of me.


I put my hand up therefore against his waist but stopped knowing he will hit it off. My hands went to my legs instead to hold it wide for him.

My Muslim husband whom I just prayed and broke fast with started plowing me hard. His hand reached for my cock and jerked it iff.

As Adrian fucked me hard, he seems to be jerking me off harder and quicker. I moaned out loud as he edged me so close I begged him to stop.

Adrian looked at me and asked why.

Because I don’t want to cum so soon… I still want to please you Adrian.

Adrian grinned and went on to fuck me and edge me again. If anything the strokes are deeper in my ass and quicker on my cock.

Please Adrian, please… please Adrian, I begged

Ahh.. ahh…

With that I cummed hard onto my own body and Adrian stopped fucking and let his cock enjoy being milked by my pussy. He stayed inside for a bit kissing and I attempted to move slightly as his cock is still hard and getting uncomfortable in my ass.

He held my waist and stared into me.

Adrian slapped me hard. Really hard across my left cheek. He then slapped me equally hard across my right as I cried out in pain.

He started fucking my ass again and said, Bitch, the fuck ain’t over until I say it is over. You said you want to serve your Muslim husband I’m going to teach you how. I don’t care if you cummed or you aren’t in the mood anymore. YOU SERVE ME UNTIL I decide to stop. Understand?

And he drove in deep on that last word to prove a point. I felt really sore as the fuck is no longer enjoyable for me but I know I have a duty to my Muslim husband so I continued to offer up my pussy for him to fuck.

I think Adrian knows how hard it is for bottoms to be fucked after they have cummed and he takes pleasure in me putting up with his rough hard fuck.


Yes sir, sorry sir, please fuck me…. please…

Adrian continued plowing into me and I moaned and gritted my teeth a bit. His cock was teaching me a lesson in obedience as my ass felt really burning after cumming. 

I was then told to get onto all fours and show him how much I want to serve him. I raise my ass in the air and clenched my ass and relaxed for Adrian to see. He smacked my ass several times hard and pulled my ass towards his cock as he drove back in.

Adrian fucked and fucked while all I could do is beg. I felt him getting close. I tried to relax myself but having cummed I was tempted to clench down my ass to stop the cock from coming in. My cock is limp and I could feel some strands of cum dribbling and caught on the inside of my thighs as my limp cock trashed about from the fucking.

When Adrian came, his cum must have threatened to shoot through my intestines as the shots were so strong. It could have been my especially tender and sensitive ass after I cummed. I had to grab the sheets and grit my teeth as he plowed.

I could feel his virility splashing inside me and again felt really submissive by the thought of even having his babies if I were a proper Muslim wife. 

He fucked his cum deep into me and as usual told me to clean myself up by make sure I keep his seed in me. He told me he’ll check if I’m still fully loaded later and if not he’ll fuck me so hard dry or just kick me out. 

I was really cautious in the shower not to let any precious cum dribble out of me. In fact I wish to keep it inside. Adrian is now going to be always a part of me, and his Muslim seed forever running wild inside me. I wish I can get pregnant… just to serve my Muslim husband better by giving him some Muslim boys in his image…

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