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As the covid measures started to get looser, I’ve also started to loosen up and open myself to new adventures. While browsing multiple dating apps and Websites, I’ve stumbled upon a guy whose photo was showing the lower part of his face and the high part of his torso. Needless to say that I’ve decided to give it a shot, and have sent him my nudes. After a few minutes, his nudes also arrived and I was just impressed by how fit and hung he is. I’ve asked for his phone number so that we could continue our chat (and also, so that I could snoop around a bit). Of course, he wasn’t very happy with it, but he gave me his phone number and we continued chatting on WhatsApp.

A few minutes into the conversation, he asked for my facepic, and I’ve told him that I’ll send one if he sends one in return. He said OK, so I’ve sent it, even though I already knew how unreliable most of the tops are – they want a photo, but they won’t send one back. It’s like COME ON! Your phone is literally full of Instagram- and Facebook-like apps where you post your selfies all the time. What is the worst that one could do with it anyway? It’s not like I’m asking for a dickpic with a face being visible on the same damn photo. “Good” is the answer I’ve received to my selfie, but no sign of his photo so far. Classic #1.

Meanwhile, I was already snooping around and trying to find out what he looks like. Of course, being in his early 30’s, his phone number was paired with his Instagram and even though the page was locked to followers only, you can still see the bubble round profile photo. Sidenote to all of you who are like me, those Instagram profile pics are of really great quality, so if you take a screenshot and then zoom in – you’re very likely to get at least a glimpse of a relatively clear facepic.

As the conversation was getting hotter and hotter, I’ve decided to remind him of his promise for a facepic, mostly because I just like to call them out on their own shit and lies. He completely ignored my reminder and started asking questions so I would forget about it, and then when I repeated it he just said “You’ll see when we meet.”. Classic #2. Well, his Instagram profile pic was kinda hot. You know the type of guy that isn’t really that photogenic but still from their photo you already know that he’s not photogenic and is much cuter in real life? Yeah, he was that type of a guy. And indeed, he was cute, because our paths and private parts collided soon thereafter.


He was located just a few blocks away from my place, so since I live alone and he is already scared to send a selfie, I’ve decided to offer my place for a meet-and-greet. In some ways, I prefer it because nowadays you never know who has a camera hidden in a teddy bear somewhere and is recording the whole thing. Gotta be careful, guys! He said that he’s at work, so he could stop by somewhere after 8 pm, which was fine for me – I like the musky smell of balls anyway. Naturally, I’ve asked him where does he work, and he just said that he’s a security guard in a very lux shopping mall nearby. Gotta laugh, so a face pic is a no-no, but telling me where you work is ok? I know a dozen of crazy gay men that would immediately go to stalk him, or afterward when they’d inevitably get ghosted. He’s not the smartest pea in the pot, but that’s how I like them anyway. The dumber they are – the better they fuck!

It was just about 8 pm when the guest has arrived, looking very sexy in a black, albeit cheap shiny suit, and introduced himself as Rawan. By the look in his eyes, I could see that he wasn’t lying – he had that panic look of regret in his eyes. I’ve introduced myself as Lucca, which actually is my real name as well, and offered him something to drink. He was very polite, he took his shoes off as well as his jacket and came to sit down with me in the living room. Although I’ve put his glass close to mine, he sat quite a distance away and nudged the glass as well. We talked a bit, and he opened up how life here is good and he enjoys it, although he said he’s tired from work. He smiled a lot, which was nice, and I could see how relaxed he’s gotten in just a matter of minutes.

I’ve asked him if he’d like to move a bit closer to me and offered to give him a back massage if he’d like. He was kinda surprised, but he immediately accepted my offer and moved closer. As he unbuttoned his shirt, I’ve unbuttoned his sleeves and gave his hand a small kiss. This seems to have done the trick because suddenly he wasn’t interested in the massage at all – his hands all over me and his lips on my neck, kissing it. I’ve reached down to unbutton and unzip his pants, but he stood up and lowered the pants himself. As he was standing, and I was still sitting, his hot cock was just staring at me.

I took his balls in my hand and started licking his cock, and sucking on it gently. A sound of true pleasure has filled the room when I allowed him to push his cock deeper into my mouth. He slowly put his hands on my head and started to guide my head and my throat at a slower pace, which he obviously enjoyed better. “You have to slow down, otherwise I’ll cum soon.” – he said as he was slowly gliding his cock past my lips and deep in my throat. “That’s so good…” – he said while gently caressing my face and lips with his fingers. I’ve closed my eyes and really inhaled the scent of his dick and balls. Since he is a hairy guy, with hairy legs, the crotch part was smelling really manly and delicious. His balls were so stiff, especially while I gently massaged his testicles in a circular way. A few more minutes have passed and I could feel as if he was either going to cum in my mouth or start fucking me. Either way, he was going to cum soon.

“Condom?” – he asked. Once again, I was faced with this question. In my opinion, either you use it all the time or you don’t use it at all. What’s the point of using it seldomly? “I’m on PrEP, but yes, sure – if you have it.” – I’ve answered and saw the look of confusion in his eyes. He didn’t know what PrEP is. I couldn’t quite realize if it was a typical “top entitlement thing” or just a matter of him being an immigrant from a poor and sexually repressed country, so I’ve just ignored it. I was way too horny, he was too horny, and so it was definitely not the right time for a pharmacology lesson. “Just fuck me, I want your cock in my ass…” – I’ve gone for the slutty bunny method, and in a few strong grips and moves, I was on my knees and he was behind me, grabbing the lube and preparing his sexy brown rocket for a liftoff.


Two of his fingers penetrated my ass, and he went exactly for the spot. He massaged it from the inside, gradually increasing pressure and speed like he was masturbating a real pussy. I don’t experience anal orgasms, but he managed to do it so well that soon some cum started dripping out of my dick. He saw that and with a smile in his voice asked me if I enjoy that, to which I just said: “Oh yeah”. He pulled his fingers out of me and inserted his cock deep into my ass and started fucking me. I gasped for air as he released a very loud groaning noise, and I could feel his pace getting slower, thrusts getting deeper. He was pushing it in as deep as it could, his alpha-male instincts kicking in and going for the impregnation. I could feel that warm, kind of stingy feeling of his cum being deposited in my ass, as I could also feel him taking a break, stopping, while his cock was still twitching and pumping the rest of his sperm.

He has kept his dick inside until it went flaccid and plopped out. “Do you have a towel or something?” – he asked. I’ve told him that there’s one in the bedroom because I’ve thought that that’s where we’d end up and that he can use it to wipe himself or even take a shower. He smiled and said, “No, I wanted to wipe your ass, it’s sticky with lube and cum.”. I was surprised that he cared, especially after just dumping his kids in me. Men are usually the least interested in, well, anything, post-orgasm. He came with the towel, wiping himself, and also wiped my ass as well before asking me where the toilet was. “Down the hall, to the right.” – I’ve said while trying to look as effortless in my attempt to sit down and ignore the muscle ache in my legs from being in that position.

Shortly thereafter, as he was starting to get dressed, I’ve asked him if he’d maybe like another drink, which he declined and said that he needed to get home soon, as he is working the early shift tomorrow. I stood up from the couch to walk him out, and as he was finished putting his shoes back on, he gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and thanked me.

Seeing him walk down the hallway to the stairs, I couldn’t stop thinking to myself “Wow, Rawan is surely going to make some girl, or a guy, very happy someday.”.

Until the next time,




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