๐Ÿ“˜ The Life of Transgressing (Part 5)

Jan 14, 2020 | 4 comments

As I just got mouthfucked by Mohammad, I rushed home to prepare everything for him. I wanted it to be perfect this time. Unfortunately, as soon as I entered the apartment, I could hear the roommate doing her bullshit in the kitchen. This cunt always messed up my plans, from the most basic plans to the more complex ones.

This time, I will have to cancel my hot date with Mo because the cunt decided she felt too sick to go to work today. Lazy, lazy girl.

Realizing that she cockblocked me, I dialed Mo to tell him that unfortunately our plans needed to change. After, and I’m not exaggerating here, at least 5 attempts to convince me otherwise, Mo also realized it wasn’t possible. Since he also had a roommate, he understood that it complicated things. But even though the hot date wasn’t happening, he insisted on meeting each other for a drink before work. I really wasn’t in the mood for an awkward date just after being slapped and dick-choked, but he actually talked to me as a sane person so I agreed.

I put my work clothes in the bag and went out to the city. Meeting him was very awkward, he mostly kept his head down until I asked him what’s up and why is he behaving like this.

“I wanted to apologize, to really tell you how sorry I am for attacking you. I just wasn’t thinking right away about who’s fault it is. And honestly apart from blaming Hamza for it, it was also my fault for ignoring you. Can you forgive my aggressive behavior?” – he said, still looking at everything else except for me directly.
“Look, I get that you’re a very proud man and in a way I shamed you after the sex and I also shamed you by talking to Hamza. But truth be told, you were the one who involved him in all of this in the first place.” – I answered.
“Yes, you are right, and I will deal with Hamza further about this. But, again, can you forgive me?” – he insisted on getting me to forgive him.
“Yes, I forgive you. Let’s just forget about what happened today.” – I said.
“Thank you, really! Yes, let’s forget about it, we’ll about all except your promise to never talk to him again.” – he looked me in the eyes with determination.
“In my defense, you basically choked me until I said what you wanted to hear.” – I said carefully, as he gave me an upset and angry look again.
“To be honest, we all work together, it’s very messed up and borderline impossible to ignore Hamza. But if you could clear things up with him without dragging me in this situation, I’d be very grateful.” – I continued as he calmed down again.
“I have thought at the beginning that you are just a white slut, worthless. That’s why I involved him in all of this. But I realized that you are not like others, you have something. I don’t know what it is. But it is definitely something that makes me want to have you. I will understand if you talk to him again. I don’t own you, even though I would like to.”- he said while gently putting his hand on my thigh.
“Why do you feel the need to own me? You know that of all the things we did together, I also consented to them. You don’t need to own me in order to have me.” – I explained, or at least I tried to.
“No, but to be the only one you give yourself to… This is why I want to own you.” – he added.
“Let’s just keep this conversation open for the future. If I am seeing the time correctly, we really should get going to work or we’re going to be late.” – I said while collecting my stuff and getting up.
“I will need a second…” – said Mohammad while pointing his look down to his crotch.

He was obviously rock hard. I decided to give him some peace to calm down his erection as he was wearing grey jogging pants, so I went out for a cigarette and waited for him there.
Honestly, I liked him, like a lot, but stuff like ownership and so on… They just weren’t going to work for me. At least not until I know what’s it all about, then I might rethink it.

As we walked into the restaurant together, I could immediately see the smirking look on Hamza’s face. He has this very sexual smirk on his face, it’s literally like you can exactly know when he’s thinking about something dirty, and I assure you that this time he definitely had some extra dirty thoughts. The shift was a bit stressful, but the time was flying by. During my break time I was not annoyed by any one of the two, so that was a nice change. However, while I went to the toilet to piss, Hamza followed me inside and approached me from the back. He actually grabbed my dick with his left hand and held it while I was peeing, while he put his right hand in my underwear.

“Can you please not do that? Mo is angry at us both and wants us not to interact with each other.” – I said as at the same time I could feel his fingers sliding deeper between my ass cheeks, looking for my hole.
“OK, now stop, what if he com… Unghhh..”- I was surprised by his finger being pushed in my ass.
“You mean, if he comes inside? Didn’t he already come (cum) inside?” – he whispered seductively in my ear as he continued pushing his finger deeper.
“Ohhhhhh Hamza, don’t…”- I semi-resisted, but as he was inside of me with his fingers and slowly jerking me off with his other hand, I could also feel his hard cock through his pants, just pressing on me.
“He didn’t… Your hole has been untouched today. Until now.” – he continued whispering in a creepy but sexually turbocharged way as he intensified the movements of his hands, one jerking me off, and the other one with now both fingers deep in my butt, hitting all the right spots, producing waves of pleasure in my body, bringing me close…
“A true Muslim is generous to his servants, I want you to cum while I fingerfuck your pussy.” – he said and immediately I started to squirt in the urinal and his hand.
“You have made a mess with your little dick, clean off my hand now.” – Hamza said while putting his fingers in my mouth to lick my cum off of them. I liked his fingers thoroughly.
“You are not allowed to speak to me, but there are a lot of things I can do to you without you saying even a word to me.” – he added as we washed our hands. I nodded and exited the toilet.
“There you are, where were you?” – my boss asked me and ran off doing his stuff. He’s not really a guy who converses or waits for an answer,thankfully.

As I got back to my place of work, Mohammad winked at me and smiled.
“All good?” – he asked.
“Yeah, all good.” – I answered.
“I talked to Hamza today, I told him that he should back off of you and that you have promised me to not talk to him again except for while at work. He was totally understanding and told me not to worry. So you also don’t have to worry, he will not bother you anymore.” – Mo explained as I accidentally locked eyes with Hamza who smirked at me in a sexy and manly manner.
“Yes, yes, he surely won’t bother me.” – I answered and went on with my job.

After my shift ended, I walked home, exactly by the woods where I first met Mohammad. If I knew then what I know now, maybe I wouldn’t ever go to the woods to suck him off. Maybe I’d still just be closeted as well as Hamza and Mo. It would surely make my life easier, but also quite boring.

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    Such a great read

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    Canโ€™t wait to read how Hamza fucks your ass

  3. Brian

    Brilliant. I love the concept of ‘own you’. It is a fundamental thing. If we submit to being owned by our Muslim Masters it creates a dynamic that feeds our submission.

    • islamiccock

      Thanks Brian. “Owning” a person really is a 101 when it comes to Muslim men having relations with inferior infidels.

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