📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 2)

Feb 16, 2020

“You look great boy, but you look even better with your lips around my cock.”

He was still fucking my face until he was satisfied I’ve eaten all of his Muslim seed before he pulled back enough to watch a strand of his Muslim juice linger from my lips.

His cock remained remarkably erect and hard while I knelt like a whore steadying my breath and he lifted my chin like a girl to look up, and all I saw was this scruffy big Muslim bull admiring his latest conquest.

“Did you like it?”

“You didn’t tell me you were going to cum inside my mouth.”


“Wrong answer, I didn’t ask you that.” His hand smacked me on my face. It stung but was not violent. It was firm, assertive, and he meant it to focus my thoughts and put me in my place than to physically abuse me.

I was shocked. This guy is nuts. I think I should leave but for some reason I stayed on my knees as he took his hard cock and slapped it on my face just to keep me on my horny state.

He must know to break me in slowly and make sure my horny submissive side makes the decision than the rationale side weighing if I had enough.

His piss slit now rub across my lips as I could smell his cum in me, his Muslim musk on my face and I am still hard as hell.


He backhanded next this time again on the cheek. This was definitely not harder than the first.

“Bitch, I asked you a question you better fucking answer your Alpha top. Do you like it?”

“Yes… sir…”

“What do you like?”

“I like sucking you sir.”

“Just sucking? You don’t like daddy driving into your throat to teach you how to serve a real man?”

“Yes sir, I like you training me how to take cock sir.”


I panicked. I didn’t really wanted to be dominated but I secretly like it. I’m not sure if he will be really violent or abusive but I feel it is his place to teach me a lesson and it is mine to accept it. It is more than just a top bottom dynamic. It is more dominant and sub.

Or I wonder if it is true, that Muslim men are indeed more superior and deep inside I know it. He knew from our chats I play safe only and don’t swallow, but he did it anyway.

“And I like tasting your cum sir… I wasn’t sure at first but after you made me take it without giving me a choice I realise the choice was not mine to make sir.”

He grinned and was obviously happy I gave the right answer.

I stayed on my knees, cock hard and leaking, and just confessed I loved taking a man’s cum. He pulled me up and I looked down at our cocks.

His was fat and hard, and a good two inches bigger than mine while mine was average and hard, and nowhere near what is needed to get the job done like his big Muslim too.

He gripped my chin to kiss deep while his stubble rubbed my cheek.

“Mmm. I can taste myself in you.” You have my Muslim sperm swimming in you now and it is something you can never rid. I want you to eat so much of it you’ll smell of my Muslim seed each time you sweat.

Everything he said made my ass twitch. I realised I haven’t been fucked yet and I already felt spent. Not that I have cummed. I’m still horny and I can tell Mo certainly is because his fingers are already behind me and poking into my ass.

He rubbed the hole and I squirmed as his fingers are thick and I’m dry.

“Feels like someone is really right.”

“With a cock like yours sir, everyone feels tight.”

“Trying to be smart ass huh? Your ass will be looking real smart when your pussy lips are clinging on to my cock begging me not to leave.”

Fuck, Mo is such a turn on. He’s smart and witty and he is definitely an Alpha male determined to put himself one up on everybody he meets.

I didn’t even know where to start describing how horny I became when he said he was going to give me pussy lips. And there I was a pussy boy thinking I’m getting clever for saying what will flatter this Alpha bull in front of me.

“Get on your back,” he barked, “and open up!”

I laid down and spreaded my legs, half thinking I should protest or ask what’s he gonna do, and maybe make him put on a condom before he starts.

Mo smiled and went down on me saying, “This is how I start to make pussies mine.“

“Ohh fuck…” I moaned as he started licking my tight boy hole. I could feel his stubble rubbing on either side of the hole as his thick and big tongue probed inside more and more. As I tried relaxing, it felt like a small penis trying to get inside me.

His tongue is so thick and long. He alternated between sucking my hole, fingering, tonguing and I thought he was even chewing on it a little towards the end.

Man you should see this. Your ass lips are taking shape. Push out a bit more and it won’t hurt so much when I fuck you.

I obeyed and complied. The more I relax, the more vigorous I feel Mo is working my ass and when I thought two of his fat fingers went in a bit too deep I yelped.

Boy, there’s more for you to scream about, he laughed.

Please sir, you are too big…

I told you boy, you are a big guy, your pussy won’t have trouble taking it. Trust me, I made fags of guys like you all the time.

Hearing him call my ass a pussy make me twitch again. I’m completely in his control.

You ready boy?

I dared not reply and froze.

“Well, I don’t care, hah!” He lined up his head and rubbed against my ass. I could feel my new lips now puffy and slightly sore and soft against his hard cock.

He threw a condom packet at me a bottle of lube and told me to put it on him.

He knelt up and I got off my back trying to roll the condom into his fat cock. I felt the rubber ring struggle to ease round the cut head and then again slightly more difficult to go down the middle and thickest part of the shaft.

“Lube me up boy, and your pussy is wet but make sure you lube up well,” he winked, “if you don’t want it to hurt as like hell.”

I blushed and he caught that and he leaned in to kiss me. I could now smell his cum on his breath as he said, of it will sure hurt still but daddy’s here.

Mo turned me around and asked me to move my ass lower. I tried to do that and he growled, “Lower!“

I couldn’t and he pressed down into the small of my back and I arched more while my ass moved lower and I felt his head push hard.

“Ahhh, Mo.. it hurts.”

Mo smacked my head and said, “Shut up boy, who asked you to call me by my name?”

“Sir, please, ahhhh, argh..“

He covered my mouth with the other hand not pressing my back down and plowed further in.

My body suddenly relaxed when I felt the head pop. There is it, my first Muslim cock popping into my ass like it popped my cherry.

The head was the fattest around the ridge, I felt my ass closing around the ridge and it felt less stretched. Mo must have felt me relax and pushed further in. The fat part of the middle shaft went through but not without me whimpering into his hand still over my mouth and my ass now gripped the base of his cock.

I never felt more full even though the cock must be just a 7” or 7.5”. But it was fat. Mo stayed inside for me to get used and started rocking back and forth.

“How do you feel boy?”

“Arrggghh… so big…”

“I told you you can take a fat cock.”

“Oh fuckkk…”

I moaned out loud as Mo started pulling almost all of his cock back and then pushing back in. Fuck boy, this feels so good. You like serving my Muslim cock?


“Yes sir…” Something in me clicked when he said I made him feel good. At that moment, I felt really sore from the cock I hardly can close my hand around, but I felt pride, and usefulness, and purpose.

Purpose like I only need Mo to feel good, and boys like me are secondary, put here to make Alphas, and in the moment, Muslim Alpha bulls feel good… even if I don’t. But it doesn’t matter, so long my Muslim top likes it.

Mo fucked me in deep long strokes and he told me, “Boy you should really see this. Your hole is so relaxed now I’m just slipping in and out but I know you don’t want me out.”

“You know why boy?”

I moaned, “No sir…”

“Because I can see my pussy clinging on to my fat cock each time I pull back.”

My pussy… that made something click again. It is not my ass… not even my pussy… but his…

Mo fucked me for about 20 min and I became tired although I still dare not stop him. My arms went lower as I kept my ass up for my Muslim top and my head leaned against the floor he fucked me on. Yeah, we didn’t make it to the bed room and were fucking in the living room.

I felt Mo press my head hard into the floor, but something was wrong it was too hard. Mo had his leg pressing my head in as he fucked me from behind. His sole rested on the left side of my face as he slammed in hard.

“That is what you get for being a lazy bottom.”

Mo fucked me like that for another few minutes and I could only moan but I dare not protest being pinned under his leg.

Mo stopped and pulled out. I felt my ass sore, raw, puffy, and the coolness reminded me I was gaping and empty.

Mo said he wanted to rest a bit and we went into his room. I lay on his hairy chest as he dozed off. I looked at the clock by his bed. It is past midnight. He must have fucked me for an hour or so. It was intense and I had no idea time passed so quick. It made sense he came once already and won’t cum so quick but I am still horny as Mo dozed.

I didn’t dare to wake him up but I’m horny and after about half an hour I started humping against his hairy leg like a bitch. Mo stirred and turned me around to spoon me and hump.

My pussy was still soft and wet but the lube was drying out and Mo told me to get more lube and condoms from the side if I want to get fucked.

He rolled back as I put the condom on like a bitch who needs to work to get fucked and he laughed, “you really want this huh?”

He got up and pressed me down on my back. I saw this handsome Muslim top above me as his cock lined outside my hole… his hole.

“What do you want?”

“Fuck me please… sir…“

“No boy, it is not about you, and look at me when you talk to me.“

“Sir, I want to make you feel good. Please, my pussy is yours, use me to make you feel good.”


Mo went back in in a single plunge and bottomed out. I felt like someone punched my guts but dared not resist. He pumped in and out while I held my legs open for him.


I knew that was for not watching my top fuck me and I accepted that.


Wtf… that was hard. Much harder than the first.



Omg fuck what have I gotten myself into? I thought.

“You like that?”


“No sir, plea..”

Slap and he came for me before I even finished.

“You like that huh? Dominated by a big Muslim Alpha top?”


Slap and he continued fucking me non stop like a bull and he growled before I could utter a word.

“You like that? Tell me you like it.”

“Yes sir.” I got confused, I don’t know what the right answer is. I just want it to stop.





Fuck I thought I complied but still got four more slaps in perfect sync with his hard fuck and Mo smiled.

“You are mine you understand? I don’t care what you want.” And he slammed into me and I moaned.

He slammed even harder and I yelped.

Mo is by now using his body weight to punch his cock into me and my hands were against his hard hairy chest. His sweat was dripping and his arms were rod straight in my sides like prison bars. My legs were open and I was well lubed up and sore… and loose and there was nothing I can do as he delivered the next slam into my body.

“Answer me BOY!!”

“Yes sir. Yes sir!!! I’m YOURS!!!” I don’t dare to disobey or resist. I just moaned as he fucked me and I don’t know how long it was but I saw it was 2am.

Geez. This isn’t going to end early.

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🌶️ Thirst Trap: Sinan-G

🎂 IC.COM is two years old!

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