📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 3)

Feb 21, 2020

Mo is by now using his body weight to punch his cock into me and my hands were against his hard hairy chest. His sweat was dripping and his arms were rod straight in my sides like prison bars. My legs were open and I was well lubed up and sore… and loose and there was nothing I can do as he delivered the next slam into my body.

“Answer me BOY!!”

“Yes sir. Yes sir!!! I’m YOURS!!!” I don’t dare to disobey or resist. I just moaned as he fucked me and I don’t know how long it was but I saw it was 2am.

Geez. This isn’t going to end early.

Mo railed me for quite a bit and we were both a sweaty mess. I felt so loose and wet that I don’t think my ass has any more resistance towards that fat fuck tube railing it.

He stopped and pulled out of me and I was once again left empty, gaping, and feeling ever more sore and ever more limp. But I still held my legs up afraid of getting roughed up by this Muslim dom top in front of me.

Only when he turned to lay beside me that I dared put my legs down. He put his arm around me as I lay my head on his chest. His other hand went around and found my wet and used hole and he teased, “Not so tight any more huh? You like it like that?”

I moaned as two fingers went in and gasped, “Yes sir, you made my hole so loose… it’s yours now…”

“Damn right boy, this is my hole, my ass, my pussy.”

“Yes sir.”

“I’m going to fuck it until the insides arrange into the shape of my cock you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

I kept quiet, partly because he has fucked me into submission but in part because I’m still horny. It’s been five hours and I still haven’t cummed. He has shot a massive load into me although I can only assume as I only caught the last two shots on my tongue but managed to fuck me without cumming for hours.

Mo started to doze off again and I became anxious. Should I wank? That is an obviously bad choice. Should I hump myself against his hairy leg like a desperate bitch again? It is over 3am by now. I looked at his cock which is semi hard and resting on his hairy pubes.

Precum trickled from the piss slit and I found myself licking my lips. I realised I haven’t sucked Mo after he made me take his Muslim seed. I moved towards his cock and start licking it and putting it into my mouth.

Mo woke up and said in his deep sexy voice, “Mmm… I love being woken up like that. You wake all your men like that bitch?”

I couldn’t answer as his hand was firm on my head. All there was were sounds from my sucking.

“Haha. I thought so.”

I felt his cock grow to its full length in my mouth and found I could suck it without difficulty this time. Mo moved up and stood over my head from the floor and fucked my face. His balls were rubbing over my eyes and my throat expanded against his hand gripping over my neck.

Mo took his wet cock and rubbed it all over my face.

“What do you want? Why did you wake me up?“

“Sir, I want to cum.”


Mo pulled me up and I stood in front of him. He was more awake than ever and I thought his stubble grew even since he picked me up, making him look darker and fiercer.


“Fuck you boy. Who cares if you cum?”




“You want to cum boy?”




“Answer me!!”


“You wanna cum??“

The slaps were growing in intensity and I realised I had to give the right answer.

“No sir!!! I’m sorry sir!!!”

Mo gripped my chin so hard it hurts.

“What do you want boy?”

“I want you to cum sir!”


“Yes sir, I need you to cum!”

I was almost in tears, almost desperate. Mo sniggered.

“If you cum that’s your bonus to yourself boy.“

He laid back onto the bed and said, “Show me you need me to cum!”

I rolled another rubber onto Mo’s big cock and climbed onto it, lowering myself down. He pulled me into his cock and made me cry out as he said, “Show me boy, fuck yourself on my cock to make me cum.”

Mo said that but he was relentlessly pumping I had no chance to fuck back onto his cock. I definitely wasn’t in control and relaxed my ass as I went into my rag toy mode again.


Mo hit something in me. It must have been my prostate. I rode him as he banged his cock inside determined to mould my pussy. I couldn’t react to it but it got me really turned on. Maybe it was because I haven’t cummed for hours. Still, I didn’t touch myself as I was playing with Mo’s hairy nipples to keep him aroused.

I don’t know what I want more. For myself to cum or for Mo to cum so all this comes to an end. I focused on his cock in my pussy and I can definitely feel my pussy lips dragged by his cock as he pumped out and pushed back as he pumped in.

I tried gripping his cock with my pussy and Mo must have felt it.

“Bitch wants his man to cum heh?”

All I could focus on was that fat cock in my ass and trying to make it cum. However, the more I squeezed the more I felt it tingle in me as some pressure started building inside my ass.

I suddenly moaned out loudly as my ass started convulsing and squeezing Mo’s cock really tight. I felt myself shoot and leak cum as I kept moaning through the anal orgasm.

“See bitch, that’s how you cum. With a Man’s cock in your pussy!”

Mo got so turned on he started ramming in me even harder. I tried controlling the speed but my anal orgasm is still ebbing as I could only moan, “Oh Sir, Sir…!”

Meanwhile, Mo pulled me down onto his cock. He could feel my ass clenching and he was obviously turned on. I knew better than to stop him even though my ass is now more sore than ever after cumming. I let out a cry as the base of his cock bottomed out against me and he pushed as if he can get more of his Muslim cock into my body.

“Yeah…” he growled

“Yeah bitch it is coming…” he growled louder.

I could only do my job to be a good beta bitch as I only wanted my Alpha Muslim male to cum. So I could only moan as he pulled my ass back down and almost all the way up his cock before sliding it back to the hilt.

When Mo came, I think I felt my pussy ring expand because it felt tighter and caught me offguard. The ring is now so tender and sore. My immediate reaction when he first shot was to cry, “Oh fuck Daddy, you feel so much bigger.”

My ass felt him pump waves of seed and I won’t be surprised if the condom burst. I collapsed onto his chest.

His cock stayed inside until it slipped out semi hard.

“That was quite something huh?”

No boy, no bitch. I wasn’t sure if he was normal acting or just baiting me into saying something wrong.

“You came from my cock fucking your ass. I like that.”

I blushed. It was my first time cumming handsfree.

“Well you obviously are doing something right with my cock.“

I was still red and am not sure what to do or say.

“Oh I need a shower,” Mo said, “and I’ll send you back. Come on, get up.” Mo stood up.

I got up but only to sit on the bed when he stopped me and asked me to take his condom off.

I took it off carefully, in part wanting to see how much cum is there.

There was a lot in it. He took it and his dominant side resurfaced in his eyes. His hand gripped the sides of my jaw and it hurt so much I opened my mouth in pain. Mo emptied the contents of the rubber onto my mouth and said, “Don’t forget you always don’t waste any of my babies.”

He looked down and commanded, “Now swallow.”

I looked at him as he stared, him daring me to disobey… and I gulped.

“Good boy,” he said, and asked me to follow him.

I went behind like a pup following Mo into the shower.

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