📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 4)

Feb 22, 2020

His hand gripped the sides of my jaw and it hurt so much I opened my mouth in pain. Mo emptied the contents of the rubber onto my mouth and said, “Don’t forget you always don’t waste any of my babies.” He looked down and commanded, “Now swallow.”

I looked at him as he stared, him daring me to disobey… and I gulped.

“Good boy,” he said, and asked me to follow him. I went behind like a pup following Mo into the shower.

Mo made me soap him up and wash his body which I did like a good boy. He stepped out when he was done and left me alone to finish up like I didn’t matter.

But he insisted in dropping me off at home. It was dawn by then. I had some trouble walking and crashed into bed straightaway.

When I woke up, what happened the night before registered in steady pulses in my pussy. The ache was radiating still from the fattest cock I’ve ever taken and I reached behind to touch my ass.

My ass was not as tender or puffy but feels swollen. The hole was noticeably slightly raised and I wonder if Mo has given me pussy lips for life and I got hard at that thought.

I looked at my phone and saw a message from Mo.

You were a great fuck. Let me know if you need a real man to put you in place again soon.

The message was followed by a picture which I didn’t recognise at once but realised it was a picture of my hole. Sometime when Mo was fucking me from behind, he took a picture of my gaping pussy framed with wet swollen walls while his cock just exited.

I nearly cummed thinking about last night and went into the toilet to pull one load out. As I did so, I started perspiring and I smelled myself wondering if I smell like Mo already as his sperm and body fluids made its way out from my pores. Even after the shower, I still imagined smelling him on me. Mo has given me a really good fuck to my body, and to my mind as well.

I replied, Yes sir, to Mo’s message and left it there. I could be begging for more which is how I feel but I don’t think it is my place to ask my Muslim bull for a fuck, nor is it my place to refuse him if he ask for one.

I called in sick that morning and was mindlessly browsing profiles online. The thing is most profiles don’t interest me much anymore and I found myself drawn towards tops who put themselves down as Muslims or Arabs. A number of them had pictures also of big cut cocks which made me horny and I had to jerk a couple more times that day.


Also, I realised each time my little fag cock spurt I felt good but I also felt the ache in my ass being more pronounced when I cummed. Actually, to tell the truth, it was the emptiness that felt pronounced.

The week went on as usual and I got a message from IranianBear five days after I met Mo. There were no clear pictures but a fuzzy picture of a big guy who put himself at 1.90m and 88kg. A bit of a bear but what was intriguing was he also had XXL on his profile.

We started chatting and his name is Javid. Javid is Iranian and in town for a few months for work. He said he has a 9 inch cock but only too thick at the base, and he is a dominant Muslim guy looking for submissive bottom boys.

I was uhmm-ing and ahh-ing in my replies effectively hesitating to meet. Part of me thinks I should keep my hole for Mo until Javid said, “Meet me at my hotel. I expect to see you there. Be clean, and make sure you shave your ass before coming.”

Mo must have conditioned my fuck boy mentality so well that when I see an assertive instruction from a Muslim man, I can’t resist. I feel an overwhelming need to obey and please men so I went to wait for Javid in his hotel lobby.

Javid came round in the light blue shirt that he said he would be in. He saw me and looked me up and down. Javid is a bearish Arab top. His arms were very hairy and he has a slight belly but I could tell from his legs he is very strong. He has a strong cologne on and he is clean shaven, but obviously still has that manly Arab Muslim top air around him.

He snapped his fingers and said, “Come on, let’s go up.” He didn’t waste any time nor care if I had second thoughts. To him, I was there to serve and meant to serve. There was no doubt I wouldn’t follow him up to serve him.

I am certain a bell boy heard the snap and gave me the dirty look. If anyone saw us, there is no doubt who’s the man and who’s the pussy boy. I felt myself go red as I hurried behind Javid into the elevator.

Javid is not as muscular or handsome as Mo, but he carries the superior Muslim Alpha air differently. For one he is bigger than I am, and much hairier. He is more of a bear and looks not as menacing but more masculine and dad-like.

He stood behind me in the lift and leaned closed from behind, and I felt his hairy arm brush my smooth arm from behind when he reached for a quick squeeze and smack on the bottom. I jumped a bit and he laughed, not caring about the cameras in the lift or who might be watching.

We got off and he opened the room door. Before the door shut, he pushed my back against the wall and started kissing me deep. I heard the door click shut as he forced his wet tongue into me while grabbing my butt until it hurts. I can certainly say he loves grabbing a handful as he then reached for my chest and nipples and gripped it hard and punching my chest at the same time.


Why are Muslim guys so aggressive and rough? I thought to myself.

I open my mouth wide as he covered all of my mouth and for a bit I was breathing entirely out of his mouth, my hands holding on to his hairy forearms and moaning into his mouth as his grips hurt me. He pulled my tee shirt off me and started pinching my nipples and twisting them.

I bent over in pain and moaned out loud. “Hands behind your head,” he ordered, “and stand up straight.”

I obeyed and he twisted my nipples again and he laughed as he watch me squirm and moan and try stand up straight.

He pulled down on them enough for me to realise I have to get down to my knees and he snapped his fingers again telling me, “Take off my shoes and socks.”

I removed his shoes and smelled the sweaty manly feet rising from his socks. Javid lit a cigarette next and started smoking while I removed his socks. I looked up when I was done and my Muslim bull is standing over me smoking a cigarette.

“Take off my jeans now.“

I slowly unbuckled his belt and helped him step out of his jeans. Javid’s legs are covered with straight black hair all the way up to his boxers and he grabbed my head to press into his crotch while he continued smoking away.

“Smell my cock boy. Suck through my shorts.“

He pushed my face deep into his crotch which smelled like a mix of precum, sweat, and I saw cum or urine stains from the day I suppose. Where he let me up a bit, I was able to cover my mouth over the outline of his hardening cock as he exhaled his smoke in pleasure.

He didn’t say anything when I removed his shorts and in front of me is the longest semi hard cock I have ever seen. It was seven inches semi hard and still growing. It was not as thick as Mo, and maybe only slightly thicker than mine but the length was impressive.

Javid stubbed out his cigarette and then held my head to cock slap me. I felt a lot of meat on my face as it hardened and he pulled my hair towards his cock as I obediently opened up to suck.

“Suck it you bitch.”

Javid was just as verbal. I think the aggression is leading me to be addicted to Muslim cock. Or maybe Muslim tops are just more superior. I feel it is my right place to be on my knees in front of a Muslim man sucking his cock.

This cock is easier to suck as it is not as thick. The base however is very thick and thicker than Mo at all points. My lips were literally stretched around his pubes where the cock joined his body. I somehow found a way to swallow his cock at the hilt but I can’t breathe if so, and that made my throat sore although it appears to make Javid feel really good. Mo’s cock was too thick for me to do that.


“You are a born cocksucker…”

Javid removed his top and I saw an immense mountain on Muslim man above me when he let me come up far enough from his cock. I am really proud I took nearly all of his cock when I looked up at that hairy man mountain, with his cock in my mouth.

Javid held my ears and skullfucked me for ten minutes and I was feeling really sore. He ordered me to take off all my clothes when his phone rang.

He spoke in a foreign tongue which I don’t understand, but he stared at me and snapped his fingers onto the floor in front of him which I understood. I knelt in front of him and he got visibily irritated I didn’t suck him immediately and he rectified that by grabbing my hair towards his crotch.

I choked as he was too rough this time but he spoke on the phone as if it were nothing. He hung up, looked down and said, “You know your place don’t you?”

I nodded as half of his cock is still in my mouth, while I looked up. Javid lit another cigarette and laughed, “I never gave you permission to stop serving me, even if I’m on the phone, you continue smoking my cigar.”

I was getting uncomfortable on my knees and was happy to stand up when he asked me to. He made
me bend over the sofa and he said, “That’s how bitches get fucked. Like a dog. I don’t want to see your fucking face when I fuck you understand? I don’t care.“

My boy cock twitch as I heard that.

“Yes sir.”

I did what he said and he asked me to turn around to roll a condom down his cock. It felt it took forever to roll down nine inches, and even then it did not reach the base of his cock which is thick at the base. While his cock is not so thick and fat, it is still thicker than mine and very thick at the base. I thought it looked like a traffic cone is going into me.

He entered slightly and I was able to relax after having just been fucked for hours a few days ago.

“Someone’s a sloppy bitch I see.”

He went in, more, and more, and more.

Nine inches is quite a lot to take and when he bottomed out I moaned, and he pushed even harder until I felt his pubes against my pussy lips and I cried out for him to be gentle.

He grabbed my hair from behind and said, “There is no gentle for Muslim wives bitch!”

And he continued to press in while holding my hips up to receive the him all. I felt his cock reach places I didn’t know exist in me and I rolled my eyes upwards. At the same time, the thick base was stretching my pussy so much I think I cried out in a high shrill like a girl.

“Yes bitch, tell your Muslim husband how you feel.”

“Oh my god…“ I moaned.

“Your new god is inside you bitch. Tell me, how does your new god feel.”

I literally could not react. The top of his cock seems to have found my second inner hole and I was building towards an anal orgasm of another kind. I felt my hole involuntarily milk his cock as my mind went blank.

The base of his cock then woke me into reality as it caused sharp pangs on my ass lips as he grind against my ass knowing the thick base really wore his bitches out, and sends the tip deeper in.

He grinded harder just to make sure I focus and said, “Bitch, tell me, how does your new god feel.“

“So… much… cock…” was what I think I uttered.

“So… much… cock… fucking me….”

“There is just so much cock going in and out of me….”

“Yeah?” He laughed.

He pulled my head backwards and held me like I’m a horse or something where my back arched like a good trained bottom bitch.

Then Javid started fucking me in such long strokes, never failing to end with a good pause at the hilt to make sure he get a sharp moan or gasp from me each time my ass ring expands to accommodate that fuck cone of his. The strokes were long but he does have a very long cock.

“Fuck…. so… much… cock… There is just so much cock in me… fuck….”

I think I was nearly delirious or giddy from being fucked nine inches deep. Javid on the other hand appears to enjoy it so much he pressed me flat and started pumping so hard landing into me my anal ring would have exploded if he was just a bit more thicker at the base.

“Yeah? You like being my Muslim wife bitch?”

By now he was fucking me so fast and jerking my head so much all I could do was moan.

“Ahh.. Ahh.. Ahh..” in tandem to his fuck strokes.

I felt each stroke extraordinarily long as all those inches worked it’s way in and out each time. But it is not all that friction that wore me out.

I have no idea where the cock went. I felt it could be in my stomach and I felt a dull ache in my abdomen which I think is his tip pushing my second hole that people talk about.

I might have even screamed when Javid bottomed out and then grinded in a full circle around my ass. I wasn’t sure what I did but he pulled me back and said, “Oh no crawling away from my cock bitch.”

I must have tried escaping even though I was intent on serving and my mind was just repeatedly thinking, Oh my god… so much cock…

At this point in time, Javid gripped my neck in his elbow in response to the bitch who tried to crawl away. He leaned his whole body weight on me to hold me in my place. He raised his hip sufficiently for all his cock to come out completely and slammed back in with a roar. All I remember was crying out equally loud and helplessly as it all went white.

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