📘 The Servant (Part 1)

Apr 9, 2020

Hamed was an Egyptian man living in a city called Port Said in the North East of Egypt, married and had three young boys. He owned a truck and was working as a driver on it taking goods from Port Said to different cities around Egypt. I was 5 years old when Hamed met my mother, a Russian beautiful prostitute. My mother used to work in a brothel in Cairo when Hamed paid her for sex for the first time. He immediately fell in love with her and wanted her only for himself. She easily manipulated him into getting her a place us. For 5 years, he visited her regularly whenever he traveled to Cairo. Suddenly one day, she left and ran away after stealing a huge amount of money from Hamed. I have never seen her since then.

Hamed didn’t know what to do with me. I think he must have had some pity on me, so he decided to take me to his wife and told her that he found me on the side of the road. She agreed to let me live in their house so I can help her in the house. Hamed used to work a lot so he was only home for sleep. Their mother only used me as a servant in the house. I was not allowed to go to school so I can do all the chores in the house. A few years later, their mother died and I continued working at their home to take care of the house and serve Hamed and his sons by cooking their food and cleaning after them. I had no friends and I only left the house to go buy groceries, otherwise, I had nothing to do except clean, cook, do the laundry and occasionally watch TV.

The three boys treated me nothing more than a servant, they only spoke to me when they want me to do something. One day, Hamed told them that I was the son of a prostitute that he had an affair with. From that day, they only called me “Son of a bitch” and treated me worse than before.

I had just turned 18 and was getting lonely recently, as Hamed and his sons were rarely at home. Karim was 22 at that time, he was 6’2″ with black hair and a hairy muscular dark body. He had recently joined the army. He played boxing even after going to the army. Hamza was 20, he was 6’1″ with jet black hair and a smooth hard olive-skinned body. He takes after Hamed, very athletic and well built. He played wrestling and was the captain of the wrestling team for the city. He spent a lot of time at the gym building up his perfect body. Eslam was 19 and also had a great body even without playing any kind of sports. He was 5’9″ with dark brown hair, green eyes to die for and a light dark skinned body. He had recently started working in a garage as a mechanic with Hamed’s brother.

I was nothing like the three boys, I looked exactly like my mother. I am 5’7 with light brown hair and a pale complexion. I was also a lot weaker than the three boys. I wasn’t born with their natural frame that was meant to pack on muscle, and they knew that too. When one of them was around, it was all about him and everything had to go his way. He would let me know that too by hitting me around or pinning me down to show his dominance.

Lately, I started having feelings towards men. I liked looking at men’s bodies, and fantasize about touching their bodies. I recently found some straight porn videos in one of the three boys’ room while I was cleaning, and started watching them, I mainly noticed the men and what they did to the girls, and I only wished I can be in one of these girls places.

One night, I had the entire house to myself and I thought I could do whatever I wanted. Karim was in the army camp, Hamza had wrestling practice and would always go out with his friends afterward and Eslam was staying the night with their uncle and cousins. While Hamed was working an overnight shift and would not be back until the next day. In these circumstances, I would usually spend my free time walking around the house butt naked or watching a porn video from the ones I found. My favorite place to watch porn was in one of the three boys’ bedroom, as I had a small bedroom with no TV.

I was in an extra-horny frame of mind. I pulled one of the videos, popped it in the VCR, plopped down on the bed and started getting busy. I was really into it. I had the volume up as loud as I could but still not loud enough to cover my moaning which I would muffle sporadically with a pair of used boxers of one of the three boys from the laundry. I was smelling it and rubbing it all over my face, enjoying the smell which was making me hornier.

I allowed my fingers to run all along the inside, feeling every inch of the thin cotton and elastic band. I started rubbing my cock through my underwear, stroking up and down the rock-hard shaft and rubbing the knobby head in a circular motion with my palm. I looked closer at the boxers, hoping to find dried cum where the tip of the cock would rest snugly at the front of the boxers. I inhaled deeply, smelling the amazing scents of dried cum and piss in the used boxers.

This made me so horny, I didn’t care if anyone came in and found me sniffing the used boxers. I pulled my cock out of my underwear. I used some spit for lube and started stroking hard and fast. With my free hand, I smelled the ass end of the boxers. It smelled slightly ripe but pleasantly masculine, and it turned me on like crazy.

My cock was thrusting in and out of my fist, the foreskin sliding back and forth over the engorged head. I took in another whiff of the pouch in the front of the boxers and started imagining the cock that had been tucked in there.

Overcome by lust, I wrapped the sweat-stained boxers around my cock and imagined it was actually one of their cocks I was rubbing against my own, that the tickle of the fabric on my balls was actually the feeling of the balls bouncing against mine in time with my strokes. The friction of our cocks rubbing together is so intense, I felt my balls begin to churn. I pumped my cock into the boxers in my fist harder and faster, grunting and moaning.

I pulled the boxer briefs away from my cock and back up to my nose. I was fast approaching orgasm. I lubed my hand up with the precum that by now was flowing from my slit, and started stroking my cock head furiously as I pressed the boxers to my nose and inhaled the strong scent of sweaty cock, balls, and ass.

I started moaning uncontrollably as I felt my orgasm building in my balls. I felt it rush through my shaft and saw long, hot, sticky ropes of cum shoot from my cock as I continue thrusting jerkily into my hand, overwhelmed by the pleasure. Meanwhile, I was trying to extract every bit of manly scent from the discarded boxer briefs. Eventually, my cock became too sensitive to continue jerking it, and I tucked it back in my underwear.

After I came, I stopped the movie and went into the bathroom to wash myself off. Afterward, I decided to do some research on the internet trying to understand more about these feelings I have. I was not allowed to use the laptop in the living room, but I was curious to know more.

I was so desperate to satisfy my building curiosity that I was almost willing to risk getting caught. I was still trying to find a way to navigate around this little secret of mine.

I was fidgeting like crazy, my heart beating rapidly as I obsessed over my premeditated sin. I was already hard again. I made sure the blinds were closed, as well as the window. I just wanted to ‘explore’ a little bit. I was so tired of being made to feel like sex is something to be feared and ashamed of.

I hesitated for a moment…but I shook off my nervous jitters and typed in the letters ‘G-A-Y’…and then added porn on the end.

“WHOAH!!! Holy SHIT!!! Is that even a real number??? Is that a representation of Google’s search results or a friggin’ nuclear LAUNCH code??? Ummmm…maybe I should narrow my search down a little bit with some added details.” I thought.

I started to type in ‘cute boys’…but that didn’t help much. Then I decided I was just going to pick a site at random and see what I could find there. I scrolled down, down, down…Then I chose one!


I clicked on the button, and was immediately smothered in pics and videos and gif images of people banging each other like crazy! My heart got caught in my throat, and I felt a serious blush flood up into my cheeks as my senses were immediately overwhelmed by everything being thrown in my face all at once!

I lowered the laptop screen a little bit and looked around the room to make sure I was still alone. I looked over at the window again to make sure the shades and the curtains were pulled and nobody could see anything through the glass. Then I attempted to shut out some of the visual ‘noise’ on that smorgasbord of pornography and looked for something good to start with.

There were so many categories. I didn’t even know what half of them meant. “What is breeding?” I thought this was gay porn. Guys couldn’t get pregnant. And why would that be a sexy thing to watch, even if they could.

There was an awful lot of cursing in these video titles. “whoah” that guy was chained to the wall with a black leather mask on his face! “’Spanking’?” I’ve had my fair share of spankings growing up, and I was always turned on when Hamed spanked me.

“What is ‘fisting’?” I clicked on that one and saw a few of those. Ninety seconds later…

“GAHHHHH!!!! What the ever lovin’ FUCK was that???”

I just watched an entire FIST just enter another human being!

“How is that even possible? How is there a NAME for that kind of thing? Does it happen all the time?”

That was extremely erotic, my dick was hard as a rock.

I started to stroke myself a little. I didn’t want to cum too quick, but it ached not to touch myself. I almost gasped with anticipation. This was it! This was what I’ve been waiting for!

I focussed my thoughts on what it would be like to have a man actually working his fist into my backside; the sensation of a hairy arm pressing hot and expectant against my puckered entrance, and how it would feel to have to open my anus up, just like I do when I’m fingering myself, to allow it to slowly push its way into me.  I imagined having to bend forwards and open my legs wider to allow him to ease his arm up inside me, and having to push my arse back against him while he held me firm at the hips.

I yanked my shorts down around the tops of my thighs and thrust my free hand between my legs, intent on fingering myself as I masturbated to aid my imagination in applying the action on screen to myself.  Quickly finding my hot, slimy hole, I pushed the tip of my middle finger in through my constricted ring and found, to my surprise, that the passage inside was moist enough for me to finger myself without the need for spit.

I slipped a second finger into myself and, on finding my pleasure intensified, managed a third.  My arse took up a wet slurping sound as I pounded it with my three fingers together and I squatted lower and opened my legs wider to try and simulate as much as I could the extent to which another man would fuck me.

My hand fired up to full speed sweeping up and down the length of my straining erection. My balls, heavy and plump, were dancing between my legs, making alternating slapping sounds against my thighs and my hand with the rhythm of my masturbation.

I saw myself as the man bending over, looking up at my companion as he buggered me from behind.  I imagined the two of us grinning at each other; implicitly acknowledging how much we were both enjoying the crude, unrefined aroma of male sex.  My hand sped up faster between my legs, the rough thrusting of my fingers in and out of my slippery passage giving me the merest taste of the sensation I so strongly craved.


I took up the same rhythm as my right hand beating up and down my cock, enjoying the wet sounds of my bunched up fingers as they fucked me. I was stroking myself as fast as I could and fingering my arse with long rapid thrusts which were stretching my hole wider than it had ever been.

Without warning, white jets of semen erupted from my cock, the first thick splash of it hitting my chin, while my other hand was still deep inside my arse, three fingers sloppily slurping in and out of my spasming hole.

As my orgasm subsided it occurred to me that, if I were to climax when I was being fucked, my companion would feel the muscles of my bowels giving his cock a thorough work-over as he held it inside me.  It would be like my bum was wanking him off: he might actually start cumming himself from the sensation of feeling his organ gripped so firmly by my delicious rectal spasms.

When I’d fully spent myself and had squeezed the last beads of cum from my softening cock, I pulled my three fingers out from my arsehole and grabbed a box of tissues to clean myself off.

For the next hour or so, I scoured through video after video. I couldn’t believe that I went this long without ever having seen gay porn like this. I petted my exhausted member a few times, and then looked around to slip my underwear back on. My body was vibrating with this full body buzz.

I was literally grinning to myself. My penis had been rubbed a little raw, but I almost felt like I could float right off of this floor and hover for hours on end without gravity coming back to claim me until I needed to jack off again.

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