📘 The Servant (Part 2)

Apr 10, 2020

Just as soon as I turned off the laptop, I heard Karim’s car pull into the driveway. I could have come in my pants the second he walked through the door as he looked hotter than ever. He came for a small vacation from the army, he looked like he hadn’t showered for days and he was covered in sweat and dirt that I could smell even before he opened the door.

As soon as Karim got into the house, he shouted at me “Hey fuck-nut! I’m gonna take a shower and I’m hungry, so go make me something to eat. I have been eating shit food for a while so I need proper food. Make me some pasta and fry me some chicken too! Move you sone of a bitch!” He liked to call me a son of a bitch to remind me who my mother was.

“Ok, Ok’ I said.

He peeled the sweaty shirt off that was clinging to his tight body and threw it in my face.

I went to the kitchen, made the pasta and fried some chicken and then brought it up to his room. I was expecting him to be in the shower, but he was laying on his bed still in his army trousers and army boots. He took the food from me and then said “I am so fucking tired and hungry, take off my shoes and socks off. It is boiling in here”

It was extremely a hot summer day, that I was wearing only my boxers due to the heat. He started eating while I started taking his shoes off and then his socks which smelled sweaty and I couldn’t stop myself from sniffing them. Karim noticed and said, “What the fuck you are doing?”

“Nothing,” I said, trying to think quickly. “I was checking if they need to be put in the laundry”

“Of course, they do, stupid! Make sure they are washed, in addition to my army clothes before I leave tomorrow” he replied

“Sure, I will wash them right away. Will you take your trousers now?” I replied

“No not now,” he said “when I finish eating. Start rubbing my feet, they are killing me!”

I have never felt a man’s feet before, and I was getting excited about the idea of rubbing his feet. I touched his feet and started rubbing them, which made a shiver go through my spine and I was getting hard. Karim was enjoying me rubbing his feet, and I noticed he was getting hard too and he kept touching his cock. That turned me even more and Karim noticed that my cock was getting hard.

“You are getting hard, aren’t you?” He asked. I mumbled, not sure what to say. He continued “I have been around guys only in the army for the last month, and it was so very hard to jerk off, so I am so horny right now,” He said that and started massaging his cock from over his trouser. Then looked at me from top to bottom and said “Have you ever sucked a cock,” he asked seeming more curious.

“No!” I said surprised that he asked me this question.

“Have you thought about it?” he asked

“I don’t know,” I said, “Don’t think so”

He stood up and said “Well maybe we should find out! After all, that was your mother’s job, right?” he said laughing as he put his hand on my head and pushed me down onto my knees “Suck me off, you son of a bitch. I think you will like it”

As if I needed him to tell me twice. In a second, I had pulled his trousers and underwear down and his hard 8 inches’ cock was staring mean in my face. In another second, I had shoved it into my mouth. Karim immediately began to moan as my tongue circled around his cock head. “Holy shit you are good at this little bitch; you must have learned by watching your mother! I should have made you do this shit a long time ago”

Karim enjoying this just made me want to suck even harder. I took his cock out of my mouth and said: “You don’t know how much I have wanted this Karim.”

“Just keep sucking, you are good at it as I expected,” he said, “From now on you are going to be my own personal cock sucking bitch.”

With his cock still in my mouth, I smiled.

He grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face with his cock gagging me. It must have turned him on as I tried to back off to gasp for air because it made him start to fuck my face even harder as he grabbed a fistful of my hair.

He grabbed my ears, holding my head in place and wiggled his prick from side to side, which caused his pubic hair to tickle my nose. He then withdrew until only his portobello-shaped cockhead was in my mouth. He ran his rough hands through my hair and then slammed his prick back into my eager esophagus as he let out a low guttural moan.

Karim pumped his beefy prick in and out of my throat, bringing him ever closer to that sweet moment of orgasmic release when he would flood my gullet with his pungent cream and I would taste cum for the fist time in my life.

After about five minutes of relatively slow fucking, he picked up the pace and started to drive his cock in and out of my gripping throat. Karim was sighing loudly now and I knew I would soon receive a nice spermy reward.

All of a sudden I could feel his balls rise up against my chin as his entire body tense up as he pulled my face all the way onto his cock. He held me in place with his strong hands and I couldn’t even breathe.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK” he screamed out as floods of cum began to dump down my throat. He released me as I fell back gasping for air. He had his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face. “Holy shit that was fucking hot as hell,” he said as he pulled me off the floor “Come on! I’ll let you clean me up.”

I followed him into the shower and he let me wash him off. I was so excited and took my time lathering up his strong arms and chest. He held his arms up and I spend at least ten minutes cleaning out his rank pits with my mouth. I was so happy knowing that from now on I was going to be able to suck Karim off whenever I wanted to. I was on such a great high I didn’t think I would ever come down.

I was taking good care of Karim’s body especially his cock and he started touching my body, focusing on my ass. Then he gave me a couple of slaps on my ass.

“Damn!” he said, “looks like you got me all hard again. We are going to get dirty again.”

“I don’t mind washing your hot body for you again after I suck you off” I smiled.

“I was thinking of something else,” he said squeezing my ass.

“Oh!” I said kind of nervously” I don’t know if I am ready for that, it’s going to hurt”

“What?” he said sounding insulted

“I just want to wait a little while, that’s all,” I said

“Well that’s not up to you, is it?” he said with an evil sort of look on his face. “What part of being my bitch, don’t you fucking understand? When I tell you to do something you FUCKING DO IT YOU LITTLE SHIT! You are nothing but my servant!” he yelled out as he punched me in the gut knocking me down to the floor.

I was winded and watched Karim as he turned from what I thought was a loving guy to a cruel monster. “I fucking tried to be nice about it, but you have to go and fuck it all up. Well, you are going to learn to show your master some respect you little cunt” he said with fire in his eyes as he dragged me into his bedroom.

Karim had a tight grip on my hair and was dragging me along with him as he hurried into the bedroom. When we arrived at the bedroom, he threw me onto the ground. I had just severely pissed Karim off. I had denied him my ass. At 6’1” and covered in thick muscle from head to toe, Karim towered over my timid 5’8 frame. Years of boxing and time at the weight bench had turned Karim into an Adonis as he surpassed me in size. Of course, as his size grew, so did his ego and his temper.

Karim was naked as he towered over me. His chest was violently heaving in and out as he fumed with anger. His wet body was glistening making his large muscles seem to pop out even more than they did. “CUNT,” he screamed out in anger. “How fucking dare you deny me.” He, of course, was talking about me not wanting to give up my ass tonight.

“I didn’t say I never wanted to” I replied. “It’s just that I wanted to wait. I’m scared that’s all.” I had never taken a cock up the ass before, and with a monster cock like his, I knew I would be in for a rough time.

“Shut the fuck up,” He said. “I don’t want to hear one damn word from your faggot cock sucking mouth you little shit. Like I fucking asked you if you wanted this.” He said as he waved his large cock back and forth across my face. “I am not asking you, anything bitch. I am ordering you, you serve. It’s that fucking simple.” He grabbed my hair and jerked my head back. He had a cocky and evil look about his face. “Do you understand bitch?”

“Yes,” I let meekly let out.

“What” he inquired as he didn’t hear me.

“Yes, I serve you!” I said louder.

His hand hit my face with a loud smack. I didn’t know what to say. His other hand slapped my face, this time knocking me onto my side. “I could do this all day bitch, and that is just a drop in the bucket of how much I could hurt you. Now I am going to ask you again you slow as an idiot. Do you fucking understand me?”

“Yes Sir,” I said understanding his game.

“That’s fucking right,” he said. “Took you long enough, you dumb ass moron. You show me the respect that I deserve. Look at me,” he said as he turned to look at himself in his wall mirror. He fled one of his massive arms, while with his other he ran his hand across his tight washboard abs and up to his powerful chest. “I am fucking huge. You should be worshipping me like the muscle god I am.”

I knew that Karim was extremely cocky, but this took the cake. Karim without any warning, he flipped me over on my back with one strong arm. He was laughing cruelly. “I am holding you down with just one hand, holy crap you really are a weak faggot.” He lowered his mouth to my ear. “I am going to love this. How does it feel knowing that you are going to be fucked by this powerful body” He was teasing me, in more ways than one, I could feel him poking his cock around my asshole? “I hope it hurts faggot.” He said as he rose up and then shoved his cock all the way up into me.

I instinctively arched up with all the strength I had but he just pushed me back down with ease. I was screaming out at the top of my lungs. My ass was trying to push it out of me. Everything in my body was telling me to get that huge fucker out of me. “You want it out of you,” he said. “Beg me. I want to hear you fucking beg me to let you go.’

“Please take it easy on me, Karim,” I begged him. “Please take it out of me. Take it slowly on me, please” I had terror in my voice. “I can’t take it. It hurts so much.”

“Good bitch, I love to hear you begging me,” he said. “But the thing is I don’t care about how you feel. How could I love a thing? You are my servant, my property and mine to do with as I please. I told you I was going to fuck you and I am going to.” He said as he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. My ass was on fire. “Your ass is mine.”

With that, he began to fuck me without mercy. He started banging his cock in and out of my ass. He would pull all the way out and for a fraction of a second, I felt reprieve before he slammed it back into me. The man was a piston, he was relentless. He fucked me with the force of a machine, as if he was built to fuck. As if it was the purpose of his perfect being. I had read stories that other guys getting used to it during the first time they got fucked, but that wasn’t the case for me, maybe because he was so relentless, my ass was never able to adjust to the assault.

Karim was loving it. “Yes bitch scream for me I want to hear you scream you fucking wimp. You know you love my big cock in you. It’s what you deserve, a fuck. Hell, you exist to serve. You don’t fucking matter to me. I don’t fucking care about you or what you want. What I want is what matters, and I want my cock serviced any time I want to. Get used to this bitch because I am fucking loving this. Your ass is so tight and my cock feels so great.”

He was getting more violent with his words, and at the same time, he was getting rougher with his fuck. Not only was my ass on fire from his assault but the humiliation and degradation he was lashing out were unbearable. Maybe because I knew it was true. I had become his bitch. From this point on I belonged to him. I would serve one purpose, his needs. I knew that from now on, every day, I would be working his cock, whether it was with my ass or my mouth. What was weird though is that I wanted to. A part of me really enjoyed it. Even with all that he was doing to me, I wanted to be his. I wanted to belong to him. I wanted to serve him.

“This is so hot. I have never felt this good.” He said speeding up his fuck. “Get used to your new life bitch, you fucking cum sucking worm. You are NOTHING to me, FAGGOT, underneath me where you belong, SLUT with my cock up your ass. CUNT, nothing but a worthless piece of SHIT. Worship me, you pathetic piece of CRAP.” He emphasized the precise words to degrade me purposely.

“I am so close bitch, it’s coming, I bet you can’t wait. You are so lucky to have a piece of this beefy body, to be connected to perfection, and I am still getting bigger every day! You just wait, BITCH. OOOHH YOU FUCKING SLUT. YOU ARE SUCH A PUSSY YOU DON’T FUCKING DESERVE THIS. FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK” he said as he held his cock into me up to the hilt. I could feel his cum pumping into my bowels. “YES, YES, YES so fucking good. Take it, bitch, take it”

Then he fell onto me. I could feel his chest breathing heavily on my back. His heavily muscled body crushing me into the bed. His cock still hard and inside of me. “This is just the beginning. Just you wait this is only the beginning,” he said with a yawn in his voice.

He then went to his bed and fell asleep. I got up hardly walking, took his clothes and put them in the washer to be clean and by the morning. Then I went to my room and fell asleep exhausted of what had just happened.

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