๐Ÿ“˜ The Servant (Part 9)

Apr 17, 2020

The next day, I woke up on Hamed talking loudly on the phone. I was still in bed when he came to my room slightly limping after he had ended his conversation on the phone. He had the show box from the other day and a play sheet. โ€œGet up, take a shower then get ready here in your room, I will be back in 15 minutes.โ€ He said and left. So I ran out of bed, went to the bathroom, and took a good shower, then went back to my bedroom.

I unfolded the play sheet over the leather sofa on the side of the room. The play sheet was large enough that I was able to spread it onto the floor in front of the sofa also. Across from the couch was a solid wall of mirrors. I wanted to be ready for Hamed when he walked in. So I got all the lube ready, a fresh bottle of poppers and the vitamin jar we used for them and various sized dildos.

I loved how Hamed was tall, muscular and bulky, with a short cropped beard and mustache, salt & pepper hair and a buzzed cut on his chest and abdomen so that all the hair was of the same length on his torso. I would love to fall asleep on his chest every night just brushing my cheek on the short, trimmed, soft chest hair. I lubed up one of the toys: it was about the same length of Hamed’s cock, except maybe a bit thicker and it was a solid black rubber. It would get me all open and wide, ready for his attention.

I lubed up my clean boy cunt, spreading the J-Lube all over and inside the walls of my hungry hole. I fingered myself, spreading the lube, two fingers graduating to three, then four. I grabbed the dildo and let it sit erect on the seat of the vinyl covered couch. And then I grabbed a hit of the vitamin jar/poppers and did a slow, long hit and it felt good. I sat on the dildo, legs spread, lowering my hungry, open hole to the head. It went in without any hesitation. I slowly sat down, using my hands on the side of the couch to balance my weight onto the dildo.

I took a deep breath, exhaling very slowly as Hamed had taught me, and sat down completely on the black phallus. I looked like I was sporting an extra set of black, huge balls from the reflection on the wall of mirrors across from me as the black balls from the dildo were the only thing visible. I smiled at my reflection and I started to bob up and down on the thick toy while looking at the mirror, taking a long, extra hit of the poppers jar, enjoying the show I was giving to myself.

“BOY!!!! You couldnโ€™t wait for me, you fucking bitch” Hamed yelled at me, entering the living room.

“Daddy, I was just getting ready for you” I smiled, sinking my weight as I dropped on the massive toy between my legs.

“Now I know what you are talking about?” a voice growled, behind Hamed. Behind Hamed’s large frame, another body appeared, not as tall, not as husky but equally hot. He was about 5’11” in height, a little older than Hamed from what I could gather. He wore a neatly trimmed salt & pepper handlebar mustache that framed his very squared jawline. His head was shaved. He was probably close to 200lbs, but not overweight, just big and hefty. He wore a white t-shirt, tight against his chest showing off his nipples the size of a 50 cent coin. He wore faded jeans, tight against thick thighs with tall, black boots with the top of the laces undone.

“Hey Boy,” the man said, one hand squeezing his growing bulge, “say hello to Rizk, my brother, you donโ€™t remember him?” It was Rizk, one of Hamedโ€™s brothers. I hadn’t seen him in years, maybe since I was 15? I remember I was fascinated by him the last time I saw him. Rizk was five years older than Hamed, and he was hotter. He didn’t have a beard like Hamed, but he did have that thick, trimmed, handlebar mustache. Then it wasn’t sprouting any grey hairs. I think it went with his job, the whole look, the appearance, the aesthetic of being a cop. I had fond memories of him as a young boy. He would visit often when he lived in the same city. He had moved to another city a few hours away. So I saw him infrequently and with Hamedโ€™s trucking work, even less so over the next few years.

“WILL YOU LOOK AT YOU!” Rizk shouted. His voice was turning me on… “Boy have you GROWN!” He looked at me, up and down, and when his eyes rested in between my legs I could have sworn I saw the bulge in his crotch got larger.

He squeezed the increasing mound in his jeans with his left hand and rested it there, massaging the growing tool. With his free hand, he reached over to Hamed, grabbed him by the shoulder and leaned over to him, whispering into his ear, “Man, you have found one FINE bitch there!” I couldn’t help overhearing that. My dick was swelling, I could feel precum leaking out and I looked at my crotch, the threads of the red jock, a visible darker stain, growing slowly in size. Hamed just grinned silently, proud and smiling at me.

Taken by surprise, I couldn’t help but just sink onto the dildo in between my legs. My balls plopped against the larger, rubber black balls which were the only thing you could see as the rest of the toy was buried deep inside me.

“Rizk,” I tried to talk, “I’m…uh…so glad…to see you!” I was trying to keep my balance (and my cool!) and stand up at the same time. Somehow I managed to get up from the couch without slipping (the J lube was everywhere on the play sheet), got on my feet and approached Hamed and Rizk who were now standing in front of me. “Rizk, it’s so great to have you,” I said sincerely, with deep affection as I was excited to see him.

“Boy,” Hamed approached me, and leaned into me and with his left arm around my neck and shoulders, drew me closer to his body and planted a long, slow, kiss onto my lips. I could smell him and the sweat. He had a thin sheet of perspiration on his upper lip, which he licked with his tongue. He was really gentle at first, just smacking my lips with his, then driving his wet tongue on my upper lip, drawing over it with a coating of his warm saliva, then again on my lower lips, the tip of his tongue inserting into my mouth, sliding against my teeth, my tongue. With his other hand, he reached between my legs and grabbed the balls and base of the dildo. “Ahmm…” he tried to talk, between the tongue exchange, “you are doing a great job holding this up on your own.”

“Someone has been teaching this Boy properly, huh?” Rizk laughed. He didn’t seem startled at all by my appearance, a massive dildo up my ass or that his brother was making out with me wearing a tented jock strap. Hamed and I laughed with him and Rizk decided to take matters into his own hands. He knelt down on the floor, in front of my crotch and gently brushed Hamed’s hands away from the dildo, taking command of the base himself. “Boy – you really have grown!” he said with my young man’s dick pointing straight at him. Hamed leaned over behind me and grabbed the poppers and unscrewed the jar cap and placed it under my nose. “You know what to do,” he instructed. I took a hit on both nostrils, then Hamed did the same, then passed it onto Rizk.

“Y E A H !!!!” Rizk shouted, startling me. And then Rizk pulled the dildo slowly out of my ass, letting it almost all the way out. My ass was like a soft pillow, the rubber phallus just sliding gently down, creating waves of pleasure inside of my boy hole. And then before the head of the dildo was completely out, it was just stretching my asslips. Rizk would push it back it in, gently, gently…gently until it was all inside with the balls forming a twin to my own.

“Boy – you are making me proud!” he smiled up at me, his face near my swollen cock. With his free hand, he reached onto my pre-cum soaked jock, squeezed my dick several times to feel me, then pulled out my dick from the jock, precum leaking out of the tip, a drop falling on his chin. “It has been such a long time since my last visit. I should have dropped by more often,” he smiled. Then with his tongue, Rizk licked the underside of my balls from the bottom up, over and over, slowly, slowly, just lapping it up like a dog drinking water.

Meanwhile, he was dropping the dildo slowly towards the floor, letting gravity take effect. And then again, before it was completely out, he would slowly, gently force the thick rubber shaft up my Boy hole, just teasing the outer lips by stretching it with the thickest part of the dildo-the head-stretching it, moving the head of the dildo side to side, a little clockwise, then in just a bit, then out just a bit also. Then the head would disappear, followed by the greased-up shaft.

“Ohh … that feels so fucking good,” I exclaimed. My head was tilting back, my eyes shut, my mouth opening, my tongue hanging out. “Yeah, you like us playing with your boy cunt,” Hamed teased, “don’t you, huh?” Hamed squeezed my left nipples with one hand, pinching it tight and hard with his thumb and index fingers. And then with his tongue, he gently, slowly caressed the underside of my right nipple, running the tongue back and forth, side to side. The contrast of the wonderful pain on my left nipple and the intense softness on the right nipple was driving me crazy! To top this off, the dildo was now going in and out of my hole much faster as Rizk was starting to take command.

I held onto Hamed’s waist, one hand lowering onto his crotch, squeezing his hard bulge under the denim. Daddy grabbed the poppers again and offered me the first hit, then he did his, then to Rizk. Rizk pulled away from my balls now, sat on the floor and grabbed the dildo with both hands. Daddy held me tight, giving me some weight for balance. I spread my legs a little wider on the floor, still standing over the vinyl play sheet under us. Rizk pulled the dildo out faster now, again, never letting the head completely out of my boy cunt, then he would push it back in faster, all the way up to the base!

“Y E A H!!!!!” Rizk would look up at me quickly, big, proud smile on his face, then looked straight back at my ass as he pulled the toy down again. Back in, back out, back in, back out. My hole was feeling rich! Hamed was squeezing and caressing both nipples with his hands, alternating between pain and pleasure from one side to the next. My head was rolling side to side, looking at Hamed, looking down at Rizk on the floor, who was looking up at me yelling, “YEAH BOY! TAKE IT-YOU HOT BOY CUNT!!!!” Then Rizk pulled the dildo straight out, all the way out! And my hole was aching! Not from pain, but aching to have it back inside me! “Please, Rizk,” I whimpered…

 “What’s that BOY?” he asked, almost commanding…again, that voice of his. “Please, Rizk,” I looked down at him, my tongue hanging off to one side, “please put it back IN!” And with a grin on his face, Rizk did as I asked, pushing it in faster, the dildo just sliding in my boy cunt with ease, no restriction, no pain…just sliding in like silk on velvet. Rizk kept this up for several minutes, I was exhaling and inhaling rapidly, letting my ass contract and expand with every thrust. This was a lesson I remembered: breathe, breathe…Hamed would look between my legs and smile and then give me a quick kiss, attacking me with his wet, hot tongue, then pull away and look back at his brother was fucking me with the thick dildo.

Then suddenly, Rizk pulled the dildo all the way out and dropped it on the floor, all shiny with my ass juice and J lube mixed together. “Time for a break from this toy” Rizk said, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his left arm. “Sit your talented Boy ass on the couch,” Rizk commanded. Hamed left the room while I did sit with my legs spread, slowly jerking my dick, moans coming from me.

Rizk was still sitting on the play sheet on the floor and pulled off his tight t-shirt. He tossed it aside, across the room. I admired his hairy chest, just like Hamed’s but more greys mixed with the black. Unlike Hamed, Rizk didn’t trim his chest hair, so it was a nice coating of fur framing his chiseled pecs. He stood up, got closer to me, facing me and undid his leather belt and the top button of his jeans.

“Okay, Boy, take off my boots,” he kicked his left foot onto the couch, the tip of the boot just brushing against my boy hole. A drop of J lube from my asshole leaked on the boot tip, making it glisten in a spot. The top of the laces was already untied so it wasn’t a hard task, but his boots were tall so there were many threads to loosen. After a minute or so, I had one boot undone. He switched feet. “Now the other one.” I did as I was told. He placed the other foot in the same position, this time pushing the tip to my hole, teasing it, pushing against my hole, then pulling back, then with a little pressure, pushing against my asslips again. The tip was getting covered in my ass juice and J lube. He was boot teasing me! I looked up at Rizk silently, drinking him in, checking out his body, his mustache, his thick arms, his impressive bulge.

When I was done with the second boot, he leaned closer. “Okay Boy, time for a lesson. This is about Respect. This is about giving respect to your masters. You get me Boy!?” Again, that voice. “Yes SIR!” I barked back. Rizk leaned down slightly and with both arms, grabbed the underside of both of my thighs and lifted my legs and spread them wide on the couch so my feet were both on the seat, parallel to my ass. He stood up and thrust his crotch to my face. I knew what to do and slowly unbuttoned his jeans, then pulled them down.

Rizk stepped out of his jeans and then tossed that aside also, to the opposite side of the room. Not to my surprise, he was wearing a jock, except his was black leather with a thick red stripe running down vertically in the middle. The bulge was impressive, the way it stretched the leather and made a thick, black mound. He bent down suddenly and grabbed his boots and put them back on each foot. And then the left foot was kicked onto my crotch again, teasing my hole.

“Okay Boy – lace them up!” he commanded again, firmly. I did as I was told. While I was wrestling with the laces and threading them into endless sockets, Rizk was lubing up both hands with J lube. By the time he switched to the other foot, he was leaning down so our eyes were locked on each other. This time he kept the tip of the boot away from my Boy hole. I was trying to finish my task but having hot, handsome Rizk just staring at me inches away was making this very difficult. And then he suddenly had his left index finger on my asslips, just flicking it, teasing it, rubbing it slowly, sliding around the top of my boy cunt…

“Uhh….” I moaned, caught unaware, head rolling back, holding on to what was left of the boot strings. “Finish your task Boy!” Rizk shouted. I was snapped back into my senses and did as I was told while he continued to finger my hole, which was spreading slowly wider. He leaned over closer and kissed me gently, a little firmer than Hamed, but still soft and loving, contrasting to his firm commands. My legs spread wider. I was hungry. My hole was hungry.

“He tastes good, doesnโ€™t he?โ€ Hamed said. He was now undressed, but he also had boots on and was sporting his familiar, pissed-stained jock. I loved the musky smell of it, the dried piss stain and man-scent odor of Hamed’s big balls. Hamed had some drinks in one hand, and a new container of Crisco and poppers on the other. “Okay guys, let’s take a break.” “I thought we were taking a break!” I laughed. Rizk and Hamed yowled in laughter also.

Daddy gave us the drinks and sat down to my right; Rizk sat to my left. “Boy -here is another lesson: breaks can also be fun. They are for relaxing but also for getting your cunt open and hungry.” My legs were still raised from the floor, now flanking both of the hot older brothers on each side. “Just because it’s a break, doesn’t mean we can’t tease you,” Rizk added.

Hamed was drinking with one hand while his other hand was playing with my ass, just teasing it, getting the lube mixed with his fingers. Rizk looked over and saw what was going on and got in the action. I spread my legs wider as both Hamed and Rizk alternated between one finger, two fingers, Rizk, Hamed, one finger, Rizk, two fingers, Hamed, then both brothers putting one index finger inside of me, double-fingering me. I was in heaven!

I stretched over Hamed and placed my drink down on the side table and grabbed the poppers. I took a deep, slow hit, then passed it to Hamed, then to Rizk. I sank down lower on the couch, my lubed ass cheeks sliding on the play sheet so my ass was hanging just over the edge of the couch. I could feel the poppers taking effect and I spread my legs wider, grabbing my ankles and lifting my legs and ass in the air.

“Yes,” I exclaimed, spreading my legs wider, “I LOVE taking breaks!” Rizk and Hamed laughed with me and then they both placed their drinks down on the table. Then with both of them alternating with their greasy, thick fingers, one finger sliding in, another going around my asslips, slowly inserting a digit into my hungry boy cunt. I was in double heaven!

I relaxed, sank back against the play sheet-covered couch and closed my eyes. I visualized what was going on, another finger going in, while another set of fingers at the same time pinching my asslips, closing in on the finger that was going in, tightening my hole in a gentle way, loosening up on the pinching as the finger got inside, then pinching my asslips again as the finger pulled out. I couldn’t tell who was doing what, but I didn’t care. I just loved how it felt! Both Hamed and Rizk were making love with my hole.

Getting it all worked up, all hungry for both of them! I felt Hamed lean over to me and started kissing me, his tongue slowly diving into my mouth, it’s firmness playing against my tongue, pushing it aside, getting his saliva mixed with mine. While one hand was caressing my hole, his other hand started pinching my right nipple. Hard. Soft. Release. Pinch. Release. Hard. Soft.

Meanwhile, Rizk was rubbing my balls with his free hand, cupping the left testicle, then the right, tossing it in his hand, feeling it’s weight bounce on his palm. Sometimes Rizk would squeeze really hard! The intensity of it was alarming! But then he’d release the pressure and I’d feel his greasy, lubed palm sliding against my smooth balls. All the while, his other hand’s fingers were doing a dance around my asslips while Hamed was finger-fucking my cunt.

Then Rizk leaned over and started biting my left nipple! I was getting the full treatment! Rizk would grab my nipple with his upper and lower front teeth, just biting it gently, the teeth just grabbing at the nipple, while the tip of his tongue would flick at the edge of my tit. He did this fast and slow, tongue darting left to right and then the other way around. Hamed, at the same time, was running his index finger inside my hole, brushing against the top of my ass walls, teasing my prostate, pushing against it, pulling it, pushing in.

“Boy-I can feel your cunt getting all hungry in there,” Hamed whispered. “You feel THAT? His finger slid in, moving gently counterclockwise as it pushed further in. “That’s me loosening you up inside, teasing your hungry pussy…making it want MORE.”

“Oh yeah…Daddy, give it to me…”

Then both Hamed and Rizk pulled away from me. They both stared at my hole while still, alternating, while one would slide his finger in, another would be teasing or pulling out. Rizk got off the couch, sat on the play sheet spreading down onto the floor, and positioned himself in front of my spread legs. He reached over to his side for the can of Crisco Hamed brought over earlier. He took a few globs of the grease and spread a coating evenly from one hand to the other, from his fingertips past his wrists. “PUSH IT OUT, BOY!” he yelled, startling me. Hamed grabbed both of my nipples and squeezed while I took a deep breath and exhaled. “Oh Y E A H – that is one hungry boy cunt we got here!”, Rizk smiled.

“That’s cuz he got proper training…” Hamed leaned over and thrust his tongue in my mouth. Then he pulled out and gave me a whiff of the poppers. And Rizk inserted two fingers from his left hand, pulling the left edge wall of my hungry hole. Then he did the same with his right hand, pulling my ass apart even further.

I could feel the stretch, a little pinch at first. I inhaled a deep breath and took a slow exhale. And then the poppers kicked in and I could feel my body sink a few inches on the couch towards Rizk and his penetrating digits. “Yeah, that’s it,” Rizk said, “ease into it.” I lay there, completely relaxed. Hamed held up my legs, spreading me wider to allow his brother more access. Rizk proceeded to play with my hole, teasing it, stretching it, making it more relaxed, making it learn his fingers, his size, the volume of his hands, his style of playing…making it hungry. We played like this for a while and I lost track of time at that point.

Using a two-handed technique, he kept alternating in pattern, rhythm, stroke, and pressure. He would jab at the hole with two fingers from one hand and push in slowly as far inside as it could go. Then he’d twirl the fingers inside, rubbing against the inner walls gently, left to right, right to left, around clockwise and counterclockwise. Then he’d slowly pull out and repeat with the other hand. Rizk would place both hands together, palm to palm in prayer mode, then insert the eight combined fingers into my hole, just pass the first ring. He would attempt this slowly, teaching my hole to accept the wider mass, one slow millimeter at a time.

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