📘 The Servant (Part 10)

Apr 18, 2020 | 4 comments

We were in no rush so all this attention on my ass was more than welcome. Hamed kept feeding me poppers, encouraging me, coaching me, instructing me to inhale/exhale at particular points, choreographing my breathing with his brother’s actions between my legs. The two had perfect rhythm. Rizk very, very slowly started moving the palms apart, creating pressure on my hole as he stretched my hole, slowly-so slowly-side to side.

“Uhh…Fuck! Rizk!” My head rolls back again. “That feels FUCKIN’ INCREDIBLE!!!” He looked up at me and smiled, the handlebar mustache edges rising with his grin. He puckered his lips and smacked them at me, throwing me a masculine air kiss. And then, with both hands still in the prayer mode in my ass, started to rock his hands side to side, spreading the palms apart at the same time gently. While he was doing this, he was also inserting the hands even further in my ass. With every motion in, he followed with the same action in reverse, pulling out – but just a bit. And then, he pushed back in, further. “Yeah, look at that!” Hamed said, impressed with his brother’s technique. The hands were doing a slow dance in my ass and I was in bliss.

“I think this Boy is ready,” Rizk announced. I could only moan in response, content. Rizk pulled out, reached over again for the Crisco, then grabbed the J Lube bottle and poured a generous coat on his left hand. His thumb and fingers danced around each other, smearing the Crisco and mixing it up with the J Lube. He extended his fingers out, curled his thumb tight against his palm and slowly started inserting it into my hungry, wide, open hole.

“Take some of this,” Hamed leaned, feeding me poppers. He took a hit himself and Rizk motioned silently to his brother with a nudge from his head, and Hamed leaned over and fed his brother. I sank lower against the couch, pushing the tips of his fingers into my Boy pussy. “Boy, you are really something…” Rizk pointed out, as he poured another generous coating of J Lube with his free hand. He was holding the bottle of lubricant high in the air; thin, clear, sticky streaks, trailing down to the space between my balls and ass…the globs of lube running down my ass, the path splitting up at the top of my ass, trailing around Rizk’s hand as it further coats his hand which was slowly sliding inside.

“More please!” I pleaded to Hamed who fed me another whiff. Between my legs, I was yearning, I was wanting I was opening. I was hungry. The hand was getting in further; it just passed the knuckles at that point. Rizk was sensing that he was getting to the near-widest point of his hand, so he took his time. He left his hand resting inside, still, feeling me out, patient, waiting for the signal when I am relaxed and stretched with his hand’s invasion. Then when he could feel the inner walls relax further, he pulled out just a bit, then slowly thrust the hand back in, past the point of its previous position, going further in. At this point, I felt so spread wide, so open that there was no hesitation, no resistance from my hole. It just wanted it. And in it went. “WHOA!!!” Rizk moans.

His hand was inside, I felt myself relax, feeling full, complete, loved. His hand seemed bigger than Hamed’s but just as comfortable inside. “Boy, you got me so fucking HARD!” Rizk announced. He poured more J Lube on his exposed wrist, then grabbed some Crisco with the free hand and smears it around, then coats my exterior asslips. “Yeah, make it SLOPPY!” my inner pig requested. Rizk laughed a little and Hamed squeezed my nipples. Rizk then started fucking my wide, hungry Boy hole with his arm, the arm moving in slowly at first and then gradually it picked up speed.

At that point Risk was rocking inside and out in my hole, going in further with every thrust, pulling out further with each reverse movement. We rocked like this for a while, he played with his pace, his rhythm, getting my ass to accept his style of playing, learning his moves, being a proper student. A whiff of poppers was exchanged all around. I breathed as I should. And then Rizk could sense my openness inside and slowly curled the tip of the four fingers, folding itself into the palm, creating a ball with his hand inside my ass. “Take a deep breath, Boy,” he instructed. I did as I was told and as I slowly exhaled, he pulled out – but only to the point right before the knuckles – the widest point. I could feel my ass stretch pulling itself out along with his hand, the asslips stuck and stretched to his hand.

Hamed leaned over, took a look at my asshole, then looked at me, smiling. “Boy, you have no idea how good that fucking cunt of yours looks right now!” And then the hand went back in again, a little further in, then out, a little further out, stretching, stretching. Then in again, thrusting deeper, then out again, stretching. Rizk played like this for several minutes and I just went for the ride, breathing, sinking into the turns and motions, eyes closed, visualizing what was going on between my legs, inside my hole. Then Rizk’s hand completely left my cavity, the stretch and contraction felt INCREDIBLE. “Oh yes,” I moaned, feeling temporarily empty, unfulfilled.

But in a second, the longing passed, as I exhaled and felt Rizk enter me further, deeper. At that point, I was so open that he was thrusting further inside, stretching…stretching me. On his left arm, the ring of Crisco grease rode further up his hairy arm. He was looking at his arm, gauging my ability, my graduation from one level to the next. He pulled out his hand completely, then thrust it back in. Slow at first, then gradually building pace. At that point, it was happening so fast that the sensation for me was one of emptiness and fulfillment, one second to the next.

Before I could gauge the sensation, it was in the opposite mode. Empty. Filled. Empty. Filled. Hamed had his hot dick pulled out of his jock and was jerking off slowly, enjoying the show. The punch fisting continued for several minutes until Rizk could sense my inner walls contract a bit. So he stopped, rested his hand inside, still balled up into a fist, kept it stationary for a minute or so. Hamed fed me another whiff. I quickly released and relaxed, and Rizk sensed the difference then started nudging the balled fist inside, rolling it in a circular pattern along with tiny thrusts back and forth, almost like kneading my inner walls. “Oh FUCK YEAH!” I shouted out to both of them. Rizk did this for several more minutes, now getting further inside me. He glanced at his arm, impressed.

“Ummm…” Rizk grinned at me. And then he stopped, left his arm deep inside my hole, still. “Take a deep, deep breath,” he instructed me, softly. I did as I was told and he slowly started to withdraw, one-half inch at a time. His arm glided out smoothly, no resistance or tightness on my part. And then I felt the widest part, he paused, most of his arm now outside my wide hole, left it there for a minute, again made a circular motion with his balled fist, thrusting in just ever so slightly, then with the hand in a reverse movement, pulled out.

“Time for another break,” Rizk announced. I looked up at Hamed and exhaled a big breath. Hamed got up, leaned over and grabbed the juice and passed it to Rizk and I. I gulped half the bottle in a few minutes, thirsty and drained. Rizk sat up from the floor and joined me on the couch, pulling me up, toward his chest as my head collapsed on the coating of salt and pepper hair that blankets his hard chest. I took a large whiff of his scent, licked his nipple a little. Rizk inserted two fingers in my ass and gave me a kiss.

“Oh man, I  L O V E  breaks!” I said as the fingers tickled my asslips. “How you doin’ Boy?” Rizk leaned into me, kissed me, then pulled back, checking me out. “I feel great,” I said slowly, twitching my ass a little as Rizk slowly pushed his two large fingers in and out of my spent hole. I was practically lying on his lap, legs spread open, relaxing. Rizk continued playing lightly with my hole, caressing it, teasing it, loving it, making it hungry.

He did this for a while, just slow, rhythmic patterns, changing his fingers from two at a time to just a single digit. “I love taking breaks,” I repeated again. Hamed was sitting on the floor now, facing me, smoking one of his cigars, taking the smoke slowly then bringing his mouth near my right nipple and exhaling the warm, pungent exhale of smoke against my tit as he bit it just ever so slightly.

“Y E A H,” Rizk moaned at both of us, his middle finger just brushing against the outside of my engorged pussy lips. I was moaning along with him as Hamed pushed away from my chest and took another slow drag off his cigar. We stayed like this for a while. I was not keeping count of time; I was too far gone just being in the moment. Hamed was stroking his dick through his piss-yellow stained jocks. Under my head, I could feel Rizk’s firm tool also. I was the only one not playing with my dick. I was too content just having my ass teased by Rizk.

“Your hole hungry for more action now?” Rizk asked with two fingers probing inside. “Uhh…” I moaned back in reply. “Yeah, please.” “OK BOY! Then get your hungry ass up!” Rizk barked, almost startling me. Hamed got up from the floor and lifted me, helping me up by grabbing my arms and pulling me off his brother. I stood up and stretched my arms over my head, took a deep breath and did a slow stretch, lifting my feet off the floor for a few seconds, resting on my toes. It felt good to stretch, to straighten out, to get ready for more action. I exhaled as I came down to the ground.

“Get on all fours” Rizk ordered and then stood up and was doing some insertion of his own. “Yeah, nice to see you in this position,” he offered, a finger slid in, felt its way inside my hungry, wide open hole. “Ok, I think I have an idea,” I heard Hamed behind us standing behind the couch, putting his cigar out on the ashtray, still stroking his dick. “Why don’t we all get back here-behind the couch?” Rizk and I looked back and stood up alongside Hamed. “Help me with this,” he looked at us, and we all grabbed the vinyl play sheet as Daddy motioned, sliding it away from the floor, pulling it toward us, and now covering most of the couch, draping over the backrest and over the back side.

“BOY!,” Hamed yelled at me, “stand over here.” I did as I was instructed and stood between Hamed on my left, Rizk on my right, all three of us facing the backside of the couch. Rizk was smearing his hands with Crisco, rubbing his fingers from one hand to the other, coating all his digits with grease. Hamed had the poppers and fed me, “Take a big hit. Yeah. And another, slower this time Boy!” I did as I was told as I felt Rizk insert one of his fingers up my hole.

“Ok, Boy – now lean forward onto the couch,” he pushed me from behind, gently and slowly, guiding me. I was draped over the backrest of the couch, my abdomen and chest sliding on the slick vinyl play sheet directly under me. As I slid down, my ass and legs were lifted off the ground so that my legs were now sticking up in the air with my ass just at the edge of the backside of the couch where someone’s head would have been if they were sitting in a normal position. I brought my arms forward then fold them over the edge of the seat of the couch and rested my head to one side on my folded arms. “How you feeling Boy?” Hamed inquired. “Ohh…” I moaned, feeling the poppers take effect as Rizk finger fucked me.

“I feel great,” I replied, eyes closed. Hamed reached over and gave me the bottle of poppers. “I want you to take control of that yourself, Boy. You hear me!?” My eyes opened and I saw the vitamin jar in front of my face. I grabbed it with my nearest hand. “Yes SIR!” I replied obediently. “Now you take hits whenever I tell you, make sure they are slow and long hits.” He reached behind his brother and grabbed some grease and coated both of his hands and forearms. Rizk was grabbing the J-lube bottle and smiled at Hamed.

Hamed grabbed my upper thighs and with a little bit of pressure, pulled my legs apart. “OK BOY!” he yelled at me, “take a HIT!” I did as instructed…long, slow, deep inhales from the poppers, my left nostril first, then the right.

Hamed had four fingers from his left hand caressing my left ass cheek, then he slid it toward my hungry hole and slowly cupped it in, transitioning in perfectly from cheek into my cunt. “Uhh…” I moaned back in return. I felt his right hand do the same with four fingers again until they are all inside. With his eight fingers in, he slowly and very gently grabbed at my hole from the left and from the right and spread my pussy apart. I could feel the stretch, but there was no pain, only this numbing pleasure. “Oh yeah, BOY!” Hamed was growling, a hint of pride in his voice, “spread it wide for DADDY!” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and visualized my hole, getting it bigger inside my head, bigger for Hamed.

“And don’t forget your master here!” Rizk shouted. And with that commanding voice behind me, I felt a new sensation of a thick liquid being poured into my deep hole. Rizk was holding the J-lube bottle about a foot over my ass, aiming for it up in the air, as he squeezed the plastic bottle, with one greased hand. A trail of thick, gooey, clear liquid was drooling from the nipple of the bottle and towards my hole.

“Yeah, fill up the boy’s fucking cunt!” Hamed encouraged his brother. Rizk continued to squeeze the bottle as more of the thick J-lube entered my ass, some of it missed its mark and smeared Hamed’s fingers, still holding my hole apart. The J-lube accumulated in my hole until it was filled and spilled out of my ass, dripping around my asscheeks and balls. Rizk put the bottle down and inserted his two thick fingers in the hole in between Hamed’s. As he pushed in, some of the lube is pushed out. Hamed removed his right hand as Rizk inserted another two fingers to replace it. Hamed pushed in, sliding over his brother’s knuckles. I felt it go deep, just a bit, but so smooth and silk-like. Then Hamed pulled out slightly then Rizk went in for his turn. “Oh fuck, that feels great,” I moaned back. They continue in unison, taking turns, one brother to the next.

“Another Boy!” Hamed yelled and I did as I was told, shaking the poppers bottle.

Rizk pulled out, Hamed went in, fingers aiming in entry, fist following. I moaned slowly with each insertion, from Hamed to Rizk. Hamed pushed in, traipsing in slowly, getting the tip of long finger probing deeper into my open, hungry hole. Then he pulled out, slowly and pausing to a creeping pace as the widest part of his hand stretched my hole. “Yeah, look at that Boy’s hole get bigger!” Rizk claims, excited. Then Hamed’s hand pulled out, and as I breathed a long exhale, Rizk was going in, repeating his brother’s steps, inching in deeper than Hamed. And then he pulled out, also pausing at the widest part of his hand, then going in just a half inch, then pulling out another half inch, stretching, stretching…stretching my hole even more. “Fuck Boy! Your hole is getting so fucking HUGE!” Hamed yelled, proudly. Daddy entered as Rizk pulled out.

This continued for several minutes. I was losing track of time. Time was inessential at that point with my eyes closed, my mind visualizing the brotherly assault, the sensation in my ass switching from Hamed to Rizk. The pace was building so at this point I didn’t even know which hand is going in, going out, going in.

“Take another long hit,” Hamed instructed. I did as I was told. Behind me I felt some grease slapping my asshole with a finger probing, smearing more inside. “Do some more,” Hamed added and I obeyed.

Hamed inserted his hand, fingers pointing in. My hole took his hand without complaint as it glided in easily. He paused once he is past his wrist, leaving his hand still. And then I felt a fullness as I sensed Hamed was rolling his fingers in his palm, making a fist inside my very open hole. Hamed pulled out, the knuckles of his fist facing up, pausing at the widest part of his hand before he pulled out, stretching my hole even more with the extra width of the fist. He pushed in slightly, I moaned, then he pulled out fast.

“Aghhh….” I was in ecstasy with the sensation of the stretch, the rapid pull-out, the vast emptiness that cried to be fed. And before I could complete my moan, Hamed’s hand – still balled into a fist – punched into my hole quickly. The sudden entry felt amazing, resetting the emptiness from a moment earlier. Hamed repeated the process, pulled out slightly, pushed in slightly again, then pulled out rapidly with the wide fist making my hole stretch even more open. And before my hole could contract, his fist entered again and repeated its dance. After the third retreated, I felt a wider entry. “My turn,” Rizk announced, in that commanding voice. I did another hit of the poppers in anticipation. I could sense the stretch is a little bit wider.

The poppers kicked in and I could feel my hole got even wider. He followed in Hamed’s steps, going in, pausing for a moment at the wide point, pushing in an inch and pulling out slowly then rapidly. Then back in again, his fist just pounding into my hungry hole. He did this several times, then Hamed took a turn for a single thrust, then Rizk repeated, then Hamed. The brothers shared my hole every other turn as my ass just took it, no protest, no complaint, just a wide, open, inviting hungry Boy hole. “Fucking HOT!” both Hamed and Rizk yelled out in unison.

They both piston fucked me for several minutes. As one fist went in and out, it was replaced with another. I could feel my hole stretch so wide at this point that there was nothing but simple ease in each fist’s entry. It was smooth and effortless with no restriction. I was moaning and rolling my head from side to side on the vinyl play sheet, licking my forearm folded in front of my head.

Hamed had his fist inside me. He paused. I felt his fingers unroll, folding out from the palm, extending itself out, the index and middle fingers first, then the two smaller fingers so now his hand is pointing into my hole. He paused again for a moment and then shifted his hand slowly from left to right, the knuckled teasing the top walls of my cunt, sliding along, a little pressure here, a little pressure there. I heard a little movement behind me between my legs as Rizk shifted position.

And I felt something else start to invade me. At first, I thought it was more of Rizk’s fingers, maybe his hand sliding alongside Hamed’s. And then I realized it was his thick cock. I immediately grabbed the poppers bottle and fed myself.

Rizk’s fat dick slowly started sliding alongside his brother’s stationary arm. The head squeezed into my hole, no restriction thereafter that punch fucking duo action from earlier. “YEAH BOY!” Rizk was all excited and impressed, “take that like the fucking PIG BOY that you are!” Hamed’s hands stayed still as more and more of his brother’s thick cock slide in slowly into my hole, inch by inch. “Oh yeah…” Hamed added in. He was just as impressed as his brother. After a moment, Rizk was fully inside, his thick bush at his crotch married Hamed’s wrist at the edge of my hole, creating one family unit. I felt a minor movement inside me and I realized that Hamed was turning his hand to its side, counterclockwise so his palm was facing his brother’s thick tool.

More movement, a feeling of enlargement inside me, not quite sure what was happening. And then I felt Rizk fucking me slowly while Daddy’s hand was stationary. “Oh brother – that feels so FUCKING INTENSE!!!” Rizk screamed. He continued to fuck me slowly, slowly, and I felt a slow shift inside me and then I realized Hamed was grabbing Rizk’s fat cock from inside me while he fucked not just my hole-but Hamed’s hand-who was jerking him off inside my cunt! “Yeah, just keep it there,” Rizk was instructing Hamed, “a little tighter, yeah, yeah…YEAH!!!” I took a deep breath and then contracted my ass muscles, tightening its hold on both Hamed and Rizk.

“Oh yeah Boy!” Hamed moaned, in encouragement. Rizk continued to fuck both my hole and Hamed’s hand, going faster, slower, then faster and faster. I stretched and contracted my ass as he plunged in. “Uhh…uh…” Rizk was groaning…And then he pushed in hard, just the edge of his crotch slapping against my ass as he pounded hard against me.

“OH FUCK YEAH!!!!” Rizk screamed, pumping his seed into me. He stayed motionless, while Daddy held his dick, both still inside my huge hole. I could hear Rizk’s breathing, from rapid to slow to normal. “Man, that was something else!” he chuckled. Rizk pulled out and a feeling of some emptiness was left but soon replaced with Hamed’s hand, turning inside me, no doubt smearing Rizk’s load all over my insides, coating my ass walls as he pulled out.

Slowly, slowly, giving me that delicious stretch. “Okay, time for another break Boy!” Hamed said as both Hamed and Rizk pulled me up from the couch, both strong men holding me on each side until I regained my composure and balance, my head still a little dizzy from the poppers and the pounding my ass had taken. Hamed grabbed me and planted a big wet kiss. Then Rizk pulled me over to him and did the same, brushing the handlebar mustache over my wet lips.

Both men were finger-fucking me at the same time with their index fingers as they took turns kissing me. I fucking loved breaks! Both Hamed and Rizk sat back on the couch. I sat on the floor between them, both fingering my hole, keeping it ready. Hamed and Rizk both light their cigars. Hamed motioned for me and I got his signal and sucked his dick. I continued to suck Daddy’s dick, his hand on the top of my head, stroking my close-cropped hair.

“Yeah…” Hamed moaned, “make your Daddy feel good!” I did as I was told, bobbing up and down, sucking, swallowing, savoring it was thickness inside my piggy mouth. After several minutes, Hamed erupted in my mouth and I took as much as I could, but some of it escaped, leaking out of the side of my mouth.

“You’ve taught this one well, ” Rizk said to Hamed, in between a drag from his cigar. “You were right, this will make me wait for what you owe me” They both smiled and laughed. I was licking off Hamed’s cum that was dripping from the side of my mouth.

“I can forget all the money you owe me, Hamed if you let me have this bitch for the next couple of weeks,” Rizk said. “My 4 sons, our older brother, Zaid, his 2 sons and I are working on building a new truck stop on a new highway that is under construction. Since we are in the middle of nowhere, we need some entertainment. This bitch can do that for us.”

“Are you serious? The whole amount. I am not sure when the truck will be fixed, and when I will be back working on the road, and I was worried about how am I going to pay you back.” Hamed replied then looked at me. “Boy, go clean up, and then go pack. You are leaving with Rizk”. “He won’t need much to wear. So don’t pack much” Rizk said and laughed.

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