📘 The Contract – Beginning Of The End

Oct 24, 2020 | 1 comment

Written by Ravi

Ravi is a 20 years old Indian boy living in Mumbai. That morning, just awakened, Ravi went straight to see the phone without drinking his usual cup of tea. his cock was hard. he had for some time been chatting with Master Khaled. Last night Ravi got off all over the floor in his room when his internet Master wrote: “We are very close now and I know you very well my fag boy. you will come to Me and I will take everything away from you and make you my slave. you do not have freedom anymore Ravi” When Ravi read those lines again; he instantly knew, that Master hit him deep in his heart, and he wanted to cum and spread his sperm all over the place. But unfortunately, he was not having that privilege since Master has ordered him not to cum. That’s why the boy was frustrated for the past 2 and a half months.

Since he was just a boy Ravi had admired Arabic guys. He remembered, when he was only 18, how he always use to fantasize about being a slave to Arabic Man. Now he is 20. his Arabic fetish was somehow linked to his submissive fantasies, which he had always tried to forget and suppress. he had discovered the gay chatrooms and that he could seek out men with BDSM interests all over the world. he began chatting with some Arab men. The internet had made it much simpler to make new contacts build on interest. Tumblr and Twitter was the best platform. he enjoyed chatting about his slave fantasies. In front of his PC, he could let go of his stress and feel submissive. Just do as his chat friends told him. He could send pictures and small movies, where he ate on the floor and did other submissive acts. Most of his chat friends had so far been perfectly happy just chatting; just as he was. It did not do any harm, and this activity did not disturb his life or his career. However, it was not satisfactory at all. he gradually realized he had lived a life of denial; and the more Ravi chatted about submission, the more he masturbated and wanted to do submission for real. he needed to live out some of his fantasies. On the other hand, he was always careful not to lose control. Ravi always backed out before a chat became too serious. he never uses to show the face to strangers.

Master Khaled seemed to crave much more commitment from him than his other chat friends. It was scary and exciting at the same time. It was always when he followed Master’s wishes and orders that the chats started to get exciting for Ravi. Master seemed to know that. He was extremely seductive and Ravi often spilled his cum on the floor during chats in the beginning. Yet Ravi knew that if he gave in, and lost control for real, he would be at the mercy of a stranger. he could lose everything. he wondered if this was what he wanted. he and Master Khaled had been chatting for more than 2 months now. Master had made it clear that he wanted a real slave, and it seemed like he knew, Ravi wanted to become one. He always found Arab masculinity attractive and sensual. Master Khaled was no exception with his lovely brown eyes and sharp Islamic features. His voice sounded delicate, and yet Ravi never doubted who was in charge, when he listened to it. he trusted Master Khaled somehow. he had been much more open with Him than with other guys. Ravi was not a novice when it came to BDSM. he had tried a little bit here and there. Everybody has these days, he thought. Somehow he wanted more, much more. Yet the thought of giving up control of his life, which excited him so much, was frightening as well as arousing. Chatting about his submissive tendencies had been a free lunch so far. However, the feelings those chats called to the surface in his mind were for real. The chats gave him some relief.

he switched on the chat. Luckily Master Khaled was online.–Why do you chat with me boy? Master wanted to know and Ravi got instantly horny.–It is because I like to serve you, Master, Ravi wrote. he started jerking off. At some point soon he would shoot his load on his leg and the floor if he was not careful, but somehow he managed not to cum. As he was very much loyal to Master’s orders. –Good Boy. Is it because you want to be my slave, Ravi?–Yes Master. And that answer was just right Ravi wanted to be a slave, he said to himself, but then again; he had his college, studies, friends, and family, how could he give up his life to become a slave of a complete stranger, he asked himself?–Ravi don’t be afraid of yourself, your greatest wish is to be naked at my feet and feel you are locked chains around your limbs and neck. Am I right Ravi?–Yes that is right Master, I would like to serve you for real, Ravi wrote, and his cock got even more stiff.

He discovered that the more he chatted about with Master, the more he wanted to become his slave. It seemed much more real than his boring job and dull life he had here.–Ravi you are born to serve Me. It is the true meaning of your life, and you know it. Why don’t you become a slave, when you have the opportunity with a good Superior Muslim Master like Me? I know you very well Ravi. Be true to yourself, and you will become my perfect slave. I will take care of you. You will never regret letting me become your boss in life, Master wrote on the screen. Ravi could not help but wonder how he could feel so close to Master Khaled in the spirit, and yet be so far away from him physically. he thought of all his meaningless chats with other masters, his boring job, his none event career, his boring daily life. he wanted so much to realize his sexual dream and find the true meaning of his life.–Ravi you have to admit it. You were born to become my slave. It is the truth is it not? Master asked directly. At this point, Ravi normally would wanking himself fast and find an excuse to terminate the chat. But this time, for some strange reason he continued.–Master I know it is my destiny to become your slave, but it is not an easy decision to make. How can I do that? I mean I am just 20 now, and I have my career, family, and friends. Master I have my final exams in the next 6 months. Then I will be a commerce graduate. Then I will seek a job in Saudi. So that I could find an excuse to leave India and also I will be able to earn for You. Again Ravi wondered. How he dared ask that question. Was he about to give up his good and comfortable life and submit to Master Khaled and live entire life as his slave, a life which he has always had been meant for?–Yes my slave I want You to complete your graduation? Then I will give You a job in My office. But what if you change your mind in these six months. -No, Master I admire You the most and I never go out of Your decisions. You know that Master. Ravi replied -I know You are trying best to please Me but for being my slave You have to pass the toughest exam of course which will be conducted by Me! Are You ready for that faggot?- Yes Master I am ready to do anything for You.

Ravi can’t stop himself from sending this message. – Ok then now read carefully, in these six months you have to prove that you are My faithful fucking faggot. First and foremost thing you will shave your whole body hairs except your forehead. Then you will buy a chastity device lock up your useless dicklet and send both the keys to Me. So that you will only get them when you will arrive at My place. Next thing you will daily send me two clear face pictures of you one naked and bowed in respect and another in Your daily outfit which will be decided by Me. Also, I want a detailed summary of your day each night. If you fail, Our Master-slave relationship will end up. And further you will never get any message from Me and you will probably lose your dream of being My slut. you will end up with a disgusting normal life. The choice is yours!… Now Ravi was scared. he asked – But Master it will be really difficult to be in chastity for the next 6 months. I didn’t cum for the past 2 and a half months and I am extremely horny. I am just oozing precum. For being more frustrated You ordered me to watch Islamic Superiority porn daily and jerk off without Cumming. Master, please permit me to have an orgasm before I lock my useless dick and send You the keys. Master was clever He was knowing that if Ravi masturbates he may change his decision of surrendering, but giving him a release before six months of chastity was also important. So he found the middle way. He said- Boy now you have to forget the real orgasm it’s only for Alpha Males like Me. fags like you don’t deserve that. you should only have milking. So now turn on video chat and have a ruined orgasm for me!… Ha Ha Ha.

Ravi was really deprived now. He was knowing that having a ruined orgasm will make him more horny and frustrated. He will crave more to cum. But he was helpless in front of Master’s orders. he turned on video chat. Removed his clothes saying nothing. Knelt naked and bowed his head in respect. And slowly started jerking off the dick. Very soon he wanted to cum and stopped himself. he repeated this process at least a dozen times. Each time he reached near to the point of no return and stop himself. Now he turned red with increased heartbeats. his whole body started sweating. he looked into Master’s kinky brown eyes and can’t stop himself to reach a point of no return. he removed his hand as quickly as possible and found thick cum drops coming out. Just 4 drops fell on the ground. Master started laughing cruelly at the boy’s situation. and said- Now You had a release my faggot now no need to touch that useless dick. Just lick it up quickly. Ravi was knowing that only 4 drops are not enough for the 2 and half months denial. he wanted to cum more but he said- Thanks Master for giving me release. And started licking cum drops from the floor. Master can’t stop laughing. He said- Now you know what to do my boy. I should get the keys within the next 7 days. Now I have to leave for the office. -Yes Sir! Have a good day Sir. The Master went offline. Ravi kept the phone aside. he was extremely frustrated. he just sat on the floor laying on the wall still naked, extremely exhausted with sweat all over the body.

his mind was filled with hundreds of questions. Should I accept my remaining life as a slave? What will happen to my family? What about my career? How could I shave my body hair? How my parents will react to shaving body hairs? How could I order a chastity device at home? Which device should I get? Will it harm my body? How I will be able to hide it from my parents? How I could hide it in gym clothes? How I will sit while peeing at public washrooms? What if I got caught? Will I be able to send my pics daily to Master??

Tears started flowing from his eyes. he was feeling totally helpless. he was aware that he is very near to the point of no return! It’s a really tough decision to cross the point or not… Suddenly someone knocked on the door…

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