📘 The Contract – Journey

Mar 4, 2021

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. Ravi stood up quickly. Wore his clothes fast, and opened the door. It was his mom, calling him for breakfast. Mom asked, ” Why you’re sweating so much? Is everything OK?” “Ya …mom! Everything ….is…Ok…you..go…ahead…. I’ll come…” he was totally scared. Mom returned back surprisingly. That day he was in total frustration. Even he can’t tell anyone about his problem. Finally, he decided to surrender his life to the person whom he loves the most. he then started searching for chastity devices. he liked one of them and finally bought it in full of dilemma. The parcel came in three days.

Fortunately, Ravi was there to collect it. He went to his room closed the door and opened the parcel. After seeing that chastity device, he became hornier. his cock became hard. he realized that now he is very close to point of no return. Now onwards his life is gonna totally changed. He went to his bathroom. And now it was the worst part i.e. shaving hairs. he never liked that, but he always had to shave his pubes and armpits for Master. Now it was time to shave all his body hairs. It took nearly an hour to trim and then shave his body, including hands, and torso. he then looked into the mirror, totally vulnerable and ashamed of himself. he never liked to do such girly things, it was really disgusting. Then he put the device on his cock, locked it up. It felt very tight. he took pictures of himself naked and bowed in respect. Then took one pic in his outfit and sent it to Master.

he was eagerly waiting for Master’s reply. Master came online after few hours. Obviously, He was very happy, as his fag done well. He said,” Very good faggot, I was expecting this only from you. Now You know what to do next!” “Yes Sir, soon I’ll send the keys.” Ravi replied. After a long chat both went offline. Then Ravi packed both the keys and parceled it to Master. It was possible for Ravi to jerk off before locking himself, no one was going to see it. But he was having true feelings about Master Khaled. he can’t cheat Him… Then time went so fast. Those were the most difficult 6 months. Somehow he managed to hide his chastity from people around. his shaved body created lots of questions for him. he passed his grad exam. And finally, the day arrived. he spent his total savings for this day. he finally left India to arrive at the Master’s place. Maybe he was never gonna come again.

he arrived at the airport, where the chauffeur was ready to collect him according to plan. In fact, this was another slave of Master. The chauffeur took him to the parking slot where there was no one. Told him to give away everything including his clothes Ravi had with him. Ravi gave him all his bags, wallet, and even his phone. it was really scary to give everything to a total stranger. Now he looked here and there if anyone was looking at him. Finally, he took out all his clothes and became totally naked in front of that stranger. his chastity device was making him more ashamed. The chauffeur looked at him from top to bottom and gave a little smile. Ravi was now totally scared. he was in a totally new city, new culture and new people. Now he was at the mercy of complete stranger. The chauffeur cuffed Ravi’s both hands behind the back. Then put blindfolds on his eyes. Opened the door and literally threw Ravi on the back seat. He then started driving the car. Ravi was scared and excited at the same time. he was continuously thinking about Master and his toned body. his cock was trying to become hard, but unable to do so because of tight chastity. It seemed to be a long journey.

Ravi was now totally excited to see his Master for the very first time. his dream was now going to be true. Finally, the car stopped. The chauffeur opened the door and pulled him out. he was taken somewhere, still blindfolds on. After coming inside the Master’s house, the chauffeur opened blindfolds. Ravi found himself at Master’s house. the place was very similar to where Master uses to video chat him. Then the chauffeur who was also the slave told Ravi that, “Master will come from office in the evening. By the time I am told to make you ready for your first meet. So let’s go for a bath” Ravi just nodded. Ravi asked the chauffeur that if he had seen him somewhere before? Chauffeur replied, “Ya you might have seen me on Master’s Tumblr. I am one of his proud slaves.” “Oh! is it?” Ravi said surprisingly. “I have also heard about Master’s another slave, where is he?” The chauffeur said,” We both are not 24/7 at Master’s place. You’re the first one to be so, now just move on to the bathroom I don’t have much time, I have to collect Master from his office”

Then he helped Ravi to take bath by rubbing soap and shampoo. It was a bit seducing but Ravi was not attracted by him. Not even by anybody else, his only love was Master Khaled. After that, he gave a jockstrap to Ravi. Ravi wore it without any questioning. he then lubed his ass. Now it was really scary. Ravi was a virgin. Even he had fucked himself in front of the cam for Master but he never experienced sex with anyone yet. Blindfolded and cuffed properly. He then kneeled Ravi and chained him to the nearest pole. The chain was too short that Ravi was unable to move out of a 1-meter radius. “Now wait here, I have to collect Master. We’ll be here in an hour. Be ready to welcome Master.” “Yes!..” Ravi replied. he then heard the sound of locking the door. Ravi was waiting there kneeled nearly for an hour. he could experience his fastened heartbeats. Again he heard the sound of the door. Of course, it was Master coming to him…

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