๐Ÿ“˜ The Contract – Meeting the Master

Mar 8, 2021 | 4 comments

Ravi was extremely scared now, for the very first time he was going to see his Master, his owner, his love. he just turned red. Body in full of sweat. Suddenly chauffeur opened the blindfolds. ravi’s eyes were full of tears, as he saw light after such a long time. As the tears fall away his blurred eyesight became clearer and he was able to see Master in front of him. he couldn’t believe that this is the moment for which he was craving for years. Master Khaled was standing in front of him. His extremely masculine features were making Ravi hornier. His body was looking wonderful in thawb.

Although He was very loving and caring His eyes were having anger all time which always scared Ravi. Ravi never saw Him smiling very much. Looking at Ravi Master said, “Welcome to your new life!” Not knowing what to say Ravi replied, “Thanks Master…” he was really afraid of looking into His eyes. Master ordered the chauffeur to release Ravi. Then he was given a bunch of papers. Master said loud and clear, “The very first thing to begin is to enter into a Master-slave contract. Read this carefully and sign over it” Ravi was ready to sign anywhere, there was no need to read anything. he was having full faith in Master. The person, who never demanded any gifts or money from him until now, was really genuine. he was knowing that Master Khaled is never going to cheat him. Still, he started reading the contract.


1) I undersigned, bind myself totally and completely, without limits to, slavery to the holder(s) of this Contract, hereinafter known as Master. (The singular form of the word Master is used throughout this Contract, though this word may apply to one or more persons delineated below.).
I certify that I am at least 18 years old, am not now physically or mentally impaired by the influence of drugs, including alcohol, or other reason where I do not know what I am doing, and I am legally and mentally competent to Contract in my own name.
I am signing this document of my own free will, without coercion or pressure of any kind. No one has made any promises, guarantees, warranties, or threats or offered inducements of any kind to force me to sign this Contract. With a full understanding of the meanings and implications of this Contract, I specifically desire and request the control delineated and the activities mentioned herein. I specifically desire and request Master to force me to comply, if necessary, using any means at Master’s disposal without limit.
This Contract is completely irrevocable on my (slave’s) part, it can only be canceled by the Owner of the slave, its Master Khaled. Once it is enslaved it can never leave slavery unless the Master allows its freedom. However, this Contract will make it perfectly clear that this will never happen for this slave. Once enslaved this slave will remain enslaved for a lifetime to Master Khaled or another Muslim Owner.

2) Master has the right to force performance in a court of law or equity or by use of physical means as outlined above. It may be unilaterally canceled by Master at any time, with or without reason, although if canceled by Master, the slave would be sold to another Owner not set free.
Master may choose to sell the slave to another Master if He wishes at any time, additionally, because the slave has expressed a desire to be a true slave in every sense, it is agreed by both parties, that this slave will remain enslaved for the remainder of its natural existence. This Contract states more about the slave being enslaved for life and selling of it.

3) Master Khaled has absolute, total, and complete control in every area over slaves. Signing this contract will be the last thing the slave will do of its own free will, and will hereafter be referred to as “987 034 786” (registered on slave registration). It agrees to obey Master completely, willingly to the best of its ability, at all times and in every way. It hereby totally submits to Master without limit and without reservation. It specifically requests and authorizes Master Khaled’s force to compel its obedience, with torture and beatings daily and any other method He so desires to use.
It specifically requests and authorizes Master to ignore anything it may say or do that might in any way be considered a refusal or retraction on its part. It will no longer be allowed to speak or think on its own. Signing this contract will be the last decision it ever makes. By way of illustrating Master’s control, but not in any way limiting it, it delineates the following subset of Masterโ€™s rights, privileges, prerogatives, and abilities.

4) The slave will be a hardcore slave meaning it will be used and abused with Absolutely No rights and No limits except what limits Master sets for it. It understands completely that it will be seen as Shit and treated like Shit at times.

5) The slave’s body, mind, and soul becomes property of its Master to do with as He wishes, within the limits set by Him in this Contract. The body it knows will no longer be its, it will be owned by Master. From its head, down to its toes, arms, legs, ass, to its cock and balls, its person is the complete property of Master. Master will use its body as He desires at any time.
The slave’s body will be owned as Master would own anything else, to use and abuse at His discretion. It will exist for nothing more than the purpose of existing for its Master, to serve, please and obey him always.

6) Master has the exclusive right to dictate body piercing, tattoos, scarifications, branding, or other body art modifications it will receive. Master agrees to have these modifications made by professionals trained in the specific areas concerned. slave’s opinions on style, type, size, placement, etc of any tattoos, brandings, piercing or other body art like everything mean nothing to Master.
Master shall have exclusive and unlimited authority on markings just like all other matters concerning slave.

7) Slave is forbidden to use the bathroom, except at a fixed time each morning when it will be required to sit on the toilet until it has completed daily defecation. The slave will Only make use of the bathroom when granted permission by the Master, under His supervision.

8) Master will provide the slave with sufficient periods of rest and sleep in order to remain in good health. Master agrees to allow slaves to consume a healthy and balanced nutritional diet. Master has the exclusive right to dictate the place, time, manner, and conditions of its eating, sleeping, and drinking. In addition, the Master has the right to choose what it eats or drinks.
Slave’s daily diet unless specified otherwise by Master will be only leftover scraps Master provides slave with, in addition to inferior foods suited for a slave. The slave will also drink piss from Master or anyone’s piss He wishes for it to drink. It will sleep in bondage in a cage or on a bondage table or bed at all times unless specified otherwise by Master. It understands completely there may be times when it is caged for days or even weeks straight at a time.
During these times, the Master will allow a sufficient amount of exercise, which may only be every few days. It is also aware there will be times it may not be allowed to eat for long periods of time, just so Master can enjoy watching it suffer.
However, the Master will always provide it with water even if the water has urine in it.

9) The slave will always keep itself in a clean, hygienic manner, using facilities and items provided by its Owners. The slave will keep itself within the standards and manner that is dictated by its Owners.

10) The slave will have No rights or No limits of any kind that are not designated by the Master. The slave will not play any part in deciding what is done and not done to it, and all limitations are set by the Master. As a slave, it understands it will have No rights and No limits of any kind that are not designated by the Master. It also understands that it will never have any say or right of any kind and it will exist as nothing more than a thing, an object, a slave owned by Master.
Below will be the following limitations set forth by Master on this unconditional Contract of its service and Master’s total control over it. Master is in complete control and it hereby authorizes and requests Master from this day on to completely own it and to treat it as it were His own body, and do anything painful, harmful, or helpful that He could legally do to Himself.

This was not even the half part of the contact, and Ravi was hard in his chastity. he was totally scared and worried about his future. he tried to look at Master who was continuously staring at him, making him more uncomfortable. he started reading further points of the contract…

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  2. White Slave for muslims

    Very hot. I wish it was me, that become slave for a muslim master like that. I got an instant hard on just from reading.

    • Leonard

      Als een slaafje voor een moslim meester ,behoor je natuurlijk besneden te worden .Mijn moslim meester heeft eigenhandig mijn voorhuid verwijderd .

  3. tendergay

    i can’t help my self reading the Contract over and over again … wishing i could be in Ravi’s place…..

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