📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 1)

Feb 16, 2020 | 7 comments

It was just going to be like any other meet I thought. He looked good on the picture and he wanted to meet up as we lived nearby. I never met a Muslim man before but was intrigued. Mo said he lives alone and can pick me up.

That he is muscular helps. Mo is about a good 85kg against my 70kg, although he was shorter than my 180cm at 175cm. As a bottom, I always prefer stronger tops.

In about 15mins, his black BMW was already waiting for me. I got in and held my breath.

Oh my god… he looked even better than on pictures.

His teeth are especially white, his face broad and angular, and his biceps were threatening to burst out from his polo-tee. He smelled good with a stubble from the entire day. His arm was large like his palms which he immediately placed on my lap, as though he was laying claim on my body, and squeezed.

He asked, “Am I all right? We good to go?”

I stuttered, “Yes,” and nodded, looking away.

His hand went round my head, rubbing my cheek, and he laughed, “You are cute, we are going to have such a great time.”

It was just before 10pm and I was thinking I might be back only after midnight. The drive was short, and we reached his place in 10min. He opened the door and let me enter first, and then he shut it and locked it.

I stood awkwardly as he came really close in front of me putting his arms around my waist. I was really horny and nervous at the same time, and I was glad he did not mind when I did the same to embrace his large built frame that he obviously put a lot of work into at the gym.

“Have you been with a Muslim man before?”

“Not really…”

“You said you want to on the chat, why?”

“Well…, I already said…”

“I want to hear it again. Look at me and tell me.”

I looked up as his palm is now behind my head grabbing my hair a little making sure I look at him. Not hard, but assertive.

He leaned in to kiss me and said while his tongue went in and out of my mouth, “Tell me, and I’ll give you more of this.”


“I think Muslim men are all really hot and masculine. I like the ruggedness, the manly nature, and I heard Muslim men are really horny and aggressive and fuck really hard.”

“But you haven’t had a Muslim dick before?“ He pushed his hard-on into my body and I gasped a little.

“No sir.”


His eyes gleaned. “We are going to have so much more fun than I imagined, Boy.“

He leaned in to kiss me again deep, and asked if I like the taste of him.

“Yes sir.”

“Open your mouth.”

I obeyed, and he promptly spat inside and without giving me a chance to react he came in to kiss again, with his fat tongue going in round and round, and it was so wet. I think he was making sure I swallowed all of his Muslim spit which I happily did because he tasted so good.

I was slightly terrified he took a dominant turn but it made me more horny… and submissive as well.

“Take off all your clothes.”

I stripped to my underwear and paused, but he flicked his finger at the underwear without telling me it should go. That went and he took off his top revealing a hairy and muscular body and an immense chest.

“You like that?”

“Yes sir.“

“Come suck my nipples.”

I went to suck his nipple as he groaned in pleasure. I played his other nipple while he pressed my head against his chest. He moved my head towards his hairy pits which has a musky ripe smell mixed with his cologne. It didn’t smell bad, just ripe… very ripe and I swear I could feel his pit sweat drying on my face when he let me up. His smell is all over my face and my five inch boner was rock hard.

He grinned and pushed my shoulders down. I got into my knees like I should as he took off his trousers. He pressed his bulge into my face through his underwear and I felt his incredibly fat hard on.

“Look up boy.“

I looked up at his handsome face as he said, “What do you want?”

“Can I suck you sir?“

“Say it like you mean it.”

“Please sir, may I suck your cock sir and serve you? Please use me.”

He took off his underwear and the fattest cock I’ve ever seen sprung forth.

Fuck it’s so big… I gasped as I struggle to hold it as my hand barely closed around the girth. The cock also has a slightly bigger circumcised head which flared from the already fat cock. It looks like 7 or 7.5 inches but far fatter than what I’ve seen.


“Don’t worry boy, you are not a small guy. I know you can take it all in.”

“But it’s so big…”

“Have you had a fat cock like this?”

“No sir.”

“Look up when you reply.”

“No sir,” I said looking up.

His fingers played with my lips, prying, and I let him because it feels right to open up for the man. I am on my knees in front looking up at as his fingers invaded my mouth.

“Open up boy.”

I obeyed and he smiled. He took his fingers out and replaced it with his magnificent cut cock head.

“Now suck.”

I struggle to fit his big fat cock in my mouth. The ridges of his cut head fit right inside my lips. My tongue licked a pearl of salty sweet precum from his piss slit and he moaned out loud.

“Look up boy, it’ll make it easier for you to take it all in.”

I watched him work about 3/4 of his cock in and I couldn’t take any more. Even his steely look could not persuade more cock into my mouth.

“Open up boy!” He commanded.

I can’t take any more cock in as his head rubbed against the back of my throat. I started to gag and pull off and he grabbed my head tight against his cock.

“Oh no you don’t you cocksucker. You take all my cock or I’ll teach you how to take it.”

My hands were pushing on his hips and abs and he swatted them away. I could only hold on to his thighs as he grabbed the back of my head and fucked right into my face.

“Let daddy drive,“ he growled.

I swore I coughed slightly and he used that second to shove all his cock in than let me gag or breathe. He held there for a bit while I felt his head snug in my throat, unable to breathe or gag as his circumcised head stoppered my gag reflex and my windpipe.

My hands still grabbed his thighs as I could see his pubes directly in eyes, and my nose.

His hands moved from behind my head to one above and one below my chin, somewhat holding my throat in a stranglehold as he skullfucked my face as I get used to his rhythm, breathing in when his cock went back far enough.

He started fucking my mouth harder as I helplessly and shamelessly held on to his strong legs for my life on my knees thinking my throat hurts.

Mo didn’t pull back completely out. He would pull back until my lips start to expand around the ridges of his cut cock before pumping it back in hard.

“You like it eh?” He asked, knowing full well I can’t answer but he must like it as he went harder each time he went back in.

I tried to muffle something but he was caught up in the heat of a Muslim bull. I started to relax when I realised I got tired resisting and he must have felt my body becoming a little bit limp than from the start.

He knew he has broken me in and I’m now resigned to letting him use me the way he want. It probably made him more comfortable knowing he’s pummelled my mouth into a relaxed pussy for his superior Muslim cock.

That was how it was, I was on my knees naked in front of this muscular hairy handsome Muslim bull, with my lips stretched around his cock and his hands holding my head like he holds any pussies steady. He continued to fuck my mouth in strong steady hard strokes.

“Take it boy, take it,” he growled.

I continued being the obedient submissive cocksucker until I realised I tasted cum from his cock.

Fuck did he just cum in my mouth? I was confused and I have never swallowed another man’s cum but I think he just shot directly into my guts as I definitely tasted cum when his cock pulled back enough for me to know that he probably cummed in my mouth.

I looked at Mo still dominating my mouth with his hard dick. In that look I knew he has cummed and he knew that I knew. He pulled back more but never leaving my mouth and I could feel residual spurts of his cum on my tongue just as his cut cock was plugging my lips from the inside. Now he knows I really know. A bit of cum leaked from the side my mouth as he shoved his cock back in.

“You look great boy, but you look even better with your lips around my cock.”

He was still fucking my face until he was satisfied I’ve eaten all of his Muslim seed before he pulled back enough to watch a strand of his Muslim juice linger from my lips.

His cock remained remarkably erect and hard while I knelt like a whore steadying my breath and he lifted my chin like a girl to look up, and all I saw was this scruffy big Muslim bull admiring his latest conquest.

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      Thanks. It was only the foreplay for Mo and the main event is about to happen. Will be happy to continue writing. Glad you like it and hope next chapter will be as good.

      • Brian

        Love it. I want it to be me being controlled and used. I wish there were more Muslim Masters here in Ireland.

  2. adi

    Nice fantasy story.
    I had such muslim men bottom. Manly hairy good body. They like to suck and being fucked in theiry hairy ass. Good muslims with family at home.

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    This is such a hot story , I want a Muslim bull too. I live in an area with a lot of Arab and Muslim me , I want to try for a Muslim bull now

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    Always make sure you drink all cum, otherwise your ass is not worthy for us to fuck. And be thankful, we choose to use you for our pleasure, you should feel honored and show. We might even use you again if you show us what a good bitch you are

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