๐Ÿ“˜ Before you ask (Part 4)

May 11, 2021 | 4 comments

A few days later, I was at the gym working out when I saw him arrive with his gym buddies. 

He came up to me and discreetly said:

Thanks for yesterday, it was really excellent!

A few weeks ago I had ordered some “lube pills” on the internet, which, when inserted into the ass, melt once deep inside. This gives the impression that the bottom has a naturally lubricated ass, like a vagina, and allows the top to not have to worry about this detail and focus only on his main mission: to empty his balls. Last night, I had tested these capsules for the first time and he apparently really enjoyed it. 

During the next hour, I saw several times that he was looking at me with his friends and that they were apparently talking about me. What could they be saying to each other? Did these friends know that he was fucking me regularly? I didn’t think he would talk about it, he was very discreet. But to see them like that made me feel uncomfortable.

This situation happened several times, and I had the impression that one of his friends, the one who came to train with him most often, was looking at me particularly often. 

Tonight at 9:00.

As usual, I had just received a message telling me I was going to get my dose of good Arabian cum tonight. I went to his house, and as usual, since the 100th dose of sperm he had given me, I got on my fours on his bed for him to impregnate me doggy style. I felt his cock enter me, some movement, and finally this indescribable heat that indicated that his cum was pouring into me. 

Wow, that was good! Can you come to the gym tomorrow around 5pm?

I was surprised by his question, but I said yes. I knew he had something on his mind, but I had no idea what. 

The next day I arrived at the gym at 5 pm and started my workout. I didn’t see him anywhere, so I figured he was probably a little late. 

He arrived 10 minutes later, accompanied by his buddy. He just said hi to me as he passed me by and they went off to train in their own area. 

He came back to me an hour later, his buddy was following him.

Are you done training? Come on, let’s shower together.

I was a little surprised by his proposal but I followed them. His buddy kept glaring at me and this made me quite uncomfortable. Since he hadn’t introduced himself I figured he must just be very shy and I wasn’t going to embarrass him. 

Now that I’m telling you about several people, I have to tell you the name of the guy who had been giving me his sperm for months: His name was Amir. 

Once in the locker room, Amir immediately undressed, I could see his body covered in sweat, he had trained hard. As usual, he didn’t have any body hair at all. I had already asked myself several times if he also shaved his forearms and legs, but I had not yet dared to ask him. 

His cock was soft, still beautiful, and I couldn’t help but remember that less than 24 hours ago he was deep inside me injecting a good load of cum. 

So, are you guys coming?

I realized that his buddy and I were still dressed. I started to undress and couldn’t help but notice that his buddy was staring at me. 

While I was naked, his buddy was in boxers. His underwear was forming a very large bulge there, and I couldn’t do anything but stare at him, waiting for him to remove his boxers. 

– “Ehm, What you do?” – he asked me.

– “Huh? I…. Nothing! By the way, what is your name?”

– “Ayoub.”

– “Okay, nice to meet you Ayoub, I’m going to take a shower, see you!”

The fact that Ayoub had caught me looking at his package made me extremely uncomfortable. From the sentence he had just said, I also understood that he apparently did not speak English very well, which could explain why he was so shy.

The showers were common, with about ten places. Two other guys were taking their showers in addition to Amir, who was soaping up when I arrived. 

Where is Ayoub?

– “He’s on his way.”

With a discreet wave, Amir made me understand that he wanted me to raise my arms, probably so that he could see if my armpits were clean-shaven. 

I started to rinse my hair in a, particularly exaggerated way, raising my arms as high as possible, so that he could see what he wanted. I didn’t want the other two guys to suspect anything, especially since one of them was in college with me…

Ayoub came in a minute later, one hand covering his genitals. I told myself that he was definitely shy. 

Ayoub took his shower with his back to me, I wanted so much to see what his dick looked like, but I didn’t want him to catch me looking at him again, so I didn’t insist too much.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fuckbook2-1024x475.png

For some reason Amir looked a little annoyed. 

Come on. Let’s go out.

I followed him. 

Back in the locker room, as we were toweling off, he said:

You find him hot, right?

– “Ayoub? 

Yeah, who else would you want me to talk about? 

– Well, Iโ€ฆ ยป


Ayoub had just joined us, his towel already wrapped around his waist. 

As he was about to put on his boxer shorts, Amir snatched his towel from him.

You’re as shy as a little boy, aren’t you ashamed?

Ayoub was totally naked in front of me, looking a bit panicked and very uncomfortable, while Amir laughed heartily. 

My eyes went straight to his dick, and oh my god. His cock was just huge. Way thick, but mostly almost longer than mine when erect, while he looked totally soft at that moment. His two big balls hung low, just the opposite of Amir’s. His cock was circumcised, and I noticed that his scar was less clear and more visible than Amir’s, though I couldn’t say why. His body was beautiful, muscular, and also without any hair, although I noticed that he was less well shaved than Amir.

He stayed naked in front of me for maybe 3 seconds, the time it took for him to grab his boxers and put them on, but the image of his cock was engraved forever. 

Once all three of us were dressed, Ayoub said goodbye and went out. 

Only Amir and I were left in the street.

Well, from the look on your face I can tell that you need a good dose of cum right now, right?

I was surprised that Amir was talking to me as directly as that, while we were in the middle of the street, with passers-by around. 

Before I could even answer he added:

Meet me at my place in 15 minutes.

I arrived at Amir’s house, and as usual, I got down on all fours on his bed. I had just had time to go back to the fitness center bathroom to put on a jockstrap and slip in a capsule of lubricant. Since Amir had been using my ass, I had made it a habit to always have a clean jockstrap in my bag, just in case.

As I waited, Amir came in speaking in Arabic on the phone. I felt him gently penetrate me, while he was still talking. 

30 seconds later he finally put down his phone. 

I’m sorry, it was important.

He moved in and out of my ass, grabbed my hips and let out a big sigh of relief as he filled me with his cum. 

Once he was done impregnating me he laid on top of me, his cum still inside me, and said: 

I saw how you were looking at Ayoub.

– What? What do you mean? “

Don’t worry, I don’t blame you, and I even did it on purpose!

I wanted to turn around, Amir’s cum came out of my ass, and we both found ourselves sitting face to face. 

– “What do you mean?” – I asked him.

Well, just now at the gym, I made sure you could see him naked because he’s been looking at you for a while.

– “Ok… and?” 

Well, as you can imagine, Ayoub doesn’t have sex very often because his girlfriend lives in his country, and like any good Muslim he hates masturbating. I don’t know how long it’s been since he’s been able to relieve himself, but I think it’s been well over a month, based on how irritable he’s been lately.

What Amir was saying sounded weird to me.

– “Wait, you’re offering to give my ass to Ayoub? You think I’m a whore or something?” 

No, not at all! I respect you completely and I’m just telling you that you would have the possibility to relieve him as you relieve me, then it’s up to you to tell me if you want it or not, but it would be my pleasure if you did, for sure! 

The proposal that had just been made to me was so unusual that I got dressed and went home without a word.

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