📘 Before you ask: Circumcision

May 14, 2021 | 1 comment

This time your favorite writer Ed has decided to go the extra step and explain his feelings on Muslim men’s circumcision and to put it in his own words: “How I understood why circumcision makes Muslims superior”. Please note that this is a side story, and not a part 5 of his story – he will be back with new parts of “Before you ask” very soon! Until then – enjoy this “interlude”.

Throughout my “relationship” with Amir, one event particularly marked me. 

One day, after he had just impregnated me and I was on my way home, Amir sent me a message. 

– Thank you, it was perfect, as usual. I hope you enjoyed it too. 

Since this was at least the 150th time he had given me his seed, I thought it was a little weird that he asked me if I liked it… Even though it wasn’t the first time he had written to me to thank me for giving him my ass. 

It hadn’t been a particularly good day for me and I wasn’t in a great mood. 

– “Well… it was okay. “I replied. 

– Just ok?! Tell me why it was not better than just ok? “

I told him what I was thinking at the time. As usual, I went to his apartment, undressed in the jockstrap I had worn before coming, and got down on all fours on his bed, ready to get my cum shot. He came out of the bathroom, rubbed his glans on my hole, gently penetrated me, and then, once deep, made a few movements before shooting all his juice into me. He waited a few seconds before slowly pulling out, and went back into the bathroom. I got dressed and went out. 

The whole thing had lasted maybe 5 minutes, including at most 1 min and 30 seconds of penetration. 

I was frustrated that I couldn’t feel his cock any longer than that, so I told him so. Unfortunately, my bad mood pushed me perhaps to be too direct and not to choose the right words.

– “So you think I can’t last longer than two minutes inside you? Okay… Get home safe, see you soon. ” Amir replied to me. 

As I read this message, I realized that I had certainly touched a sensitive point… But after all, it was perfectly true that apart from a couple of exceptions, he had never been inside me for more than two minutes!

Two days later I received a message from him: 

– “Tonight, 7pm”. 

I went to his place, as usual. He had just penetrated me and I was expecting to feel his cum gushing into me as usual, but instead, he pulled out slowly. 

– Is everything okay? “I asked him.

– “Yes, I’m fine, you can go home.” 

It was weird and frustrating not to get my cum shot.

The same scenario repeated itself 7-8 times for almost two weeks. 

I knew I must have offended him, but I had no idea how to approach the subject. 

– Come over tonight at 6pm, and don’t plan anything for the rest of your evening. Ring when you get to my door. “

The message Amir had just sent me made me wonder. What did he have planned that required me to block my evening? 

That evening I went to his house, rang his doorbell, he opened it and let me in. 

After offering me a drink, and while we were both sitting in his kitchen, he handed me a package and asked me to open it. 

I opened it and discovered a kind of device made of four leather handles, apparently made to hang on the wrists and ankles, which was connected by a chain. 

Seeing the illustration on the inner packaging, I understood that this thing was designed to lock the wearer in a doggy style position, forcing him to arch his back in order to give his ass in an optimal way to the top. 

I immediately got very horny, understanding that something unusual was about to happen. 

– Go to my room and tie up with this how you can, I will finish tying you up when I come” Amir said to me. 

Once in his room I undressed, and tied this thing to both my ankles. Once on his bed I got into doggy style and tied my right wrist. 

Amir walked in and tied my left wrist. 

I couldn’t move. Despite the ” cheap ” appearance of the thing that was holding me down, I realized that it was solid, and that I couldn’t get up until Amir untied me. 

I felt his cock slowly entering me. He stayed in my ass for a while, then slowly pulled out. 

What? That was it? Almost two weeks since I had received his cum for the last time and he was going to stop there again?

I felt him continue caressing his glans on my hole.

All of a sudden, “SLAM! ” he pushed his entire cock into me, all the way to the guard, in one go. Once he was all the way in he started to pull out, slowly this time. He withdrew completely, but as soon as his glans came out, “Slam! “, he went back in all at once, before coming out completely once again. Then “Slam! “again. 

I expected him to impregnate me at any moment, I really wanted to feel his cum filling me, I missed it so much! 

Instead he pulled out completely after penetrating me like this 5 or 6 times. 

– “Well, how many times do you think I can get it in you like that before I release my cum? ” Amir asked me. 

– Well… I don’t know? 15 times? 20 times? “I said.

– You’re funny. We’ll say 20 times, but to make it more fun let’s multiply it by 10, so 200 times. You’re going to count to 200. Every time you count wrong, we add 5. Every time you moan, we add 5. And if you cry, we add 50. I’m not going to stop until we get to the end. “

– “Well if you…” 

– SLAM!!!

Amir didn’t even give me time to finish my sentence when he penetrated me again. 

– Well? ” asked him. 

– One…”


– …two…”  


– “…three…”


– “…Thirty-three.. ” 

What had been great at first was starting to get a little painful. I could feel the edge of my puck becoming sensitive, but in another sense, I felt like my hole was relaxing completely, a bit like anesthetized. 


– “…Thirty-three…” 

– “Sorry? Well, no. Thirty-four” told me Amir. “So, count to 205.”




– … “One hundred and five”…

I could barely feel my ass, all I was doing was concentrating as hard as I could to count correctly. 

Amir had grabbed my hips with his hands and was holding me tightly, pulling me violently towards him with each penetration as if he wanted to pierce me with his dick. 

He pulled me particularly hard towards him, pushing his sex even a little deeper than the previous times. 

– “Ahhhhhhh” I moaned. 

– “Well, you’ll have to count up to 210 now” he said. 


-“…one hundred and forty-six…” 


– “…one hundred and forty-seven”…

I was elsewhere. I could feel Amir’s cock piercing me at regular intervals, then slowly coming out. I could feel my hole start to close and then be pierced again. 

Each time he withdrew, Amir would wait 4-5 seconds before penetrating me again, with a jerk.


“…one hundred and eighty-eight…” 


– … “one hundred and eighty-nine”…

Before coming to his house I had, as usual, inserted a pill of lube into my ass. I loved those pills. They melted inside me and released the lubricant, it was as if my ass was naturally ready to receive Armir’s cock. 

But I had to admit that I wasn’t lubricated enough to endure what was happening to me. I could feel more and more of my tormentor’s cock drilling into my ass. Luckily Amir had a lot of pre-sperm and it was lubricating me a bit continuously, otherwise I would have been screaming for help already, I thought. 


“…two hundred and twenty-four…” 


– … “two hundred and twenty-five”…

And then nothing…

Without even realizing it, I had just reached two hundred and twenty-five, which had cost me some involuntary groans.

It took me a few seconds to understand that it was going to stop there. I felt a hand pass gently over my face, like a caress. 

– Oh no… I’m sorry… but you’re going to have to count to 50 again,” Amir said. 

His hand had just passed over the tears that had rolled down my cheeks. I hadn’t cried my eyes out, far from it, but I had to admit that I had cried. Of fear, pain or happiness? I couldn’t even tell. Anyway I…





I gritted my teeth, I wanted it to stop, but more than anything, I didn’t want to disappoint him. 





Amir pulled back for the last time. I hadn’t groaned, I hadn’t counted wrong, and I hadn’t cried. I couldn’t tell how long I had been there. From the frequency of penetration multiplied by two hundred and seventy-five, I figured I had been tied up for less than half an hour, but it felt like hours. 

– I’ll let you rest for a while,” Amir said, untying my hands, and then he left his room.

I was lying on his bed, coming to my senses. I could feel my hole pulsing as if my heart was in it. 

Amir came back into the room and handed me a glass of water and sat down next to me. He was still naked. At the sight of his still slightly swollen sex, I realized that he still hadn’t ejaculated.

– Do you know what this is?” Amir asked me, showing me his sex. 

– “Uh, your dick”? 

– “No, don’t be silly, this, you know what it is?” he repeated, showing me more precisely the thin dark line that encircled his cock, 2-3 centimeters above his glans.

– “Yes, that’s the scar from your circumcision, right? “. 

– Exactly. When I was 8 years old my father took me to a doctor. Before I even realized what was really happening, the doctor put some kind of device on my penis. I felt a very strong pain that lasted only a few seconds and my skin came off. For the rest, I confess that I don’t remember it very well, my brain must have preferred to forget this episode of my life. ” 

– “Wow, that’s pretty scary, but why?”. 

– “It’s cultural and religious, you should know that, right? ” 

– “Yes, I do, but I thought you were doing it at birth.”

– “Some people do it at birth, but again, it depends on the culture and the parents. My dad wanted me to remember it. ” 

– “Okay, I see…”

– And when I was 14, my mother caught me touching myself. Of course she told my dad about it. I’ve never been yelled at as hard as that in my life I think, and I was punished. “. 

– “Just because you masturbated?” I asked. 

– “Yes, in our culture that’s something really bad. After that my father stopped me from seeing my friends for almost a month, but the hardest thing for me was that he made an appointment with another doctor. “

– “Huh? But why?” 

– “For this.”

Amir took his sex with his hand and turned it slowly, showing me with his finger the part under the glans. 

– You see? Normally there is the frenulum here. I don’t want to see your cock but I think you still have yours. ” 

– Yes, indeed I still have it,” I said. 

– Well, my frenulum was completely removed when I was 14. The procedure itself was not painful, unlike my first operation, I was anesthetized this time. But for the next 3-4 weeks, every time I got an erection, I almost cried with pain. And you know how often you get a hard-on as a teenager! “he laughed. 

I was touched that Amir would open up to me like that, it was the first time he had ever talked about himself.

– “Can I ask you why your father decided to do this to you? ” 

– “Well, it’s cultural… As you might know the frenulum is the most sensitive part of the penis. By removing it deeply you take away a huge part of the sensitivity of the cock. This way, the teenagers and then the men are less tempted to play too much with their cocks. “

As he was telling me this I noticed that his frenulum had not only been cut, but well and truly deeply excised, leaving a slight indentation under the inner side of his glans.

– “Sorry to ask, but why are you doing all this? What is the purpose?!? “

– “Well, it’s cultural, again! “Amir added. “In our culture a man has to keep his sperm, which is the source of life, power and strength. If he wastes it, he is weak, that’s why I never masturbate.” 

– Yes, but you still see me very often! “I added. 

– It’s true, and I give you my cum, injecting it deep into you. In this way my DNA enters you and becomes part of you. Just because you don’t have any eggs and you’re not going to give me a son doesn’t really change anything. Do you know how effectively the ass absorbs the substances that are introduced into it? ” 

– “Yes, I’ve heard of that. “I confirmed. 

– “Okay, good. Anyway, I wanted to teach you a lesson, but I really need to cum there, so get on all fours.”

Amir surprised me by saying that. I must admit that I was still in the wreckage after what had just happened to me. I put myself in doggy style and he penetrated me directly, gently this time, but deep inside. 

– “Do you feel it inside you right now?” 

– “Yes, I do!”

– “Do you want me to give you my cum? “

– Yes!

– “Well, here it is, take it! “

No sooner had he said these words than I felt his dick pulsating inside me. I felt my ass get hotter and hotter, he was really giving me a huge dose of cum. 

Pushing me on my hips he made me understand that he wanted me to lie on my stomach. Which I did. He lay inside me, his cock still in me. 

– “So, do you understand? “he asked me.

– “Yeah?” I didn’t really know what he meant.

– Well, my cock… When I masturbate it’s almost impossible to make me come. The same goes for sucking me. But when I fuck a good ass, I have total control over my ejaculations. If I want, I can empty myself in 30 seconds, but if I want, I can fuck for two hours without releasing a single drop of semen. 

– “Yes, I understand that, it’s pretty crazy! “I said. 

His cock had become totally soft again and had come out of my hole. However, Amir was still lying on top of me, in a moment of complicity that we had never had until now. 

– “Can I ask you something” I ventured to ask him. 

– “Yes of course, ask me! “he said, sitting down next to me.  

As I was about to get up and sit down on the bed facing him, he stopped me. 

– “Stop! I’m afraid I dilated you really well earlier, and I don’t want my cum to come out, so please lie on your stomach… And so what was your question? “

The situation was weird, he was sitting cross-legged next to me, and I was lying on my stomach with my head turned to the side, feeling his cum infusing my ass.

– “If you can control your ejaculations so well, why do you always fuck me in 1-2 minutes and not more?” I asked him.

– “Hahahaha, well that’s because I don’t fuck you! “he laughed.

– “What do you mean? ” 

– “Well when I see you it’s not to fuck, it’s just to free me from my cum”. 

The way he spoke puzzled me. To be “free” of his sperm? As if it were a poison that he had to get rid of at all costs? 

– “You know, Arab men often have a higher testosterone level than Europeans,” he added. “Because of that or because of that we produce more cum, have more body hair, but we also lose our hair more often,” he joked. “If I don’t empty myself regularly I find it hard to concentrate, I get nervous and aggressive, and that’s why our meetings are so valuable to me. “

I was really enjoying this conversation, I felt that a bond was being created between us, a bond that a few words managed to forge. A bond different from the one created by the 150+ doses of cum he had already given me.

– “Well, it’s maybe true that you produce a lot of cum, but hair-wise, you’re still fine! ” I said.

– “Well, again, thanks dad! “he laughed. 

– “What do you mean? “

– “Well, as always in our country, it’s cultural… A man has to keep his armpits and genitals cleanly shaven, for hygiene. From the beginning of my puberty my father didn’t let me off the hook, every time he saw me naked he reprimanded me if I wasn’t clean shaven, it gave me the habit of doing it very regularly.”

– “Wait, did your father see you naked a lot? I thought you were very modest in your culture! “

– “Between men and women, absolutely. But between men, no. We have the Hammams, and it’s not uncommon to see other men in his family naked in that context. ” 

– “Okay I get it, you’re teaching me a lot of stuff here! ” 

– “I see that! Just like my father taught me. Well, he was especially strict. ” 

– “What do you mean?” 

– “Well, when I was a teenager, I used to wear tank tops… So my father often saw my armpits, and I must admit that I often forgot to shave them off. So he quickly offered to pay for laser hair removal, and I accepted. But I regret it now. “

– “Why do you regret it?” 

– “Well, I don’t have anything left,” he said, raising his arms to me, pointing out that he was as smooth as a baby. “If I hadn’t done that laser I would still have had to shave. The result would have been the same, but it would have been more masculine. “He concludes. “My god this ass, I’ll give you a new dose of semen I think” he said while caressing my buttocks. 

I hadn’t noticed until then, but he was getting hard again. He laid on top of me and was quickly thrusting into me. 

– “So, how far do you count this time” he laughed.

– “Oh please no” I begged, suspecting he was joking. 

– “Do you want my Arabic cum deep inside you? ” 

– “Of course, you know I love it! “

– “Do you promise me you’ll go home with your ass clenched so you don’t leak on the way? “

– “Yes I promise! “

– “Do you promise me that you will go straight to bed, and sleep on your stomach so that my muslim DNA can inseminate you while you sleep? ” 

– “I promise! ” 

– “Well, then…” 

And his cock released another dose of his warm cum deep inside me. He waited until he was soft again, pulled out slowly and invited me to stand up. 

– ” Are you able to keep it inside you?”

– “Yes”.

– Okay, then get dressed and leave. I don’t feel like offering you to sleep here yet, sorry.

I got dressed and went home, squeezing my buttocks tightly so as not to lose a single drop of his precious semen. 

That night I slept on my stomach. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Everything here is so very true.
    I have had Muslim cock where the frenulum has been completely removed but never understood why this was sometimes done.
    It does explain though what I was once told by a Moroccan lad that fucked me in a very similar way to that described here that ‘A circumcised man gets his pleasure only from the ridge of his glans’ and that he could control himself and fuck indefinately until he was ready to come at which point he would increase the pleasure in the ridge of his glans by fucking me with almost imaginable force moving his cock rapidly backwards and forwards stretching my anal muscle and feeling the tightness of the muscle against the glans of his cock.
    Circumcised men do fuck different to uncut men and that is why!

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