📘 The Life of Transgressing (Part 4)

Jan 13, 2020 | 2 comments

A couple of days have passed and during this time I had received zero messages from Mohammad, zero interest, even zero looks. At work he behaved like a stranger. However, I knew something was going on since Hamza, the older Afghan guy, constantly tried to talk to me, in a totally different way than before. Much more friendly, and not so sexually assertive.

As Mohammad literally ignored me, I have decided to be stronger than I normally would be, so I didn’t write to him nor did I speak to him in person. But, since I knew that Hamza is like his bro BFF, I also knew that he is also probably well informed about almost everything that has been going on, aside from the 5 seconds fucking part. So I opened up a bit towards Hamza. I wanted to know what happened with Mohammad and why was he ignoring me. While at work, I started to joke around with Hamza, with an occasional touch here and there, laughing excessively, you know how it goes dear reader, the flirting process. It also became enjoyable for the fact that most of the time I did it in front of Mohammad, and he seemed to be more and more agitated by it every time that it happened. So, while ending my shift, I have asked Hamza to meet me tomorrow during the morning for a cup of coffee at a café where we could prepare him a bit for his driver’s exam. This exam was something he talked about during the last few days and found to be very difficult since he couldn’t write or read the German language really good, so he accepted and gave me a tiny smirk.

The next day I was getting ready to go to the café with Hamza when I received a message from Mohammad:

“Don’t meet up with him, he wants other stuff and not to learn for drivers exam.” – he wrote.
“Well, at least he talks to me. And it is not up to you to decide who I drink coffee with.” – I answered and packed my phone in the jacket.

As soon as I entered the café, I saw Mohammad sitting there. Hamza still wasn’t there.

“What are you doing here?!” – I asked him in a semi-rude way.
“I wanted to make sure he doesn’t flirt with you. You can sit somewhere else, but I will sit here so I am sure he doesn’t touch you.” – he said and continued staring at an imaginary dot on the wall or something.
“This is very unfair, you don’t speak to me but at the same time you don’t want me to speak with a man who needs my help for his drivers exam?!” – I asked him.
“He needs your help for his sexual needs, and not for the drivers exam. This is fake. He already has a driver’s license.” – he answered.

I was kinda excited about it. One man lied to get my attention, and another one wants to protect me from him. It all sounded like a romantic comedy, but I assure you it was not. These two were the weirdest guys I have ever met. The weirdness came from them behaving like Muslim heterosexual men all the time, I also knew they went to pray certain times a day, but are still competing for attention from a gay guy. It was very weird but also felt very good.
At some point Hamza walked in and smiled at me, but immediately frowned as he saw Mohammad sitting a couple of tables away. I have immediately invited Hamza to sit with me and asked him how he was doing. We ignored Mohammad completely for a few minutes, but then Hamza looked at him and told me that he had to confess to lying to me about his drivers exam. He said he didn’t have it and he just wanted a reason to talk to me, and as I have invited him to drinks he couldn’t say the truth anymore because then I would probably cancel.
“The truth is, Hamza, I have also invited you here for reasons other than your drivers exam. I wanted to ask you about your friend Mo, who is ignoring me for the past few days. I have a feeling you know the reasons for why he does it?” – I asked him, and Mohammad raised his head, looking at me directly in the eyes. I could see lightnings in his eyes. He wasn’t happy at all. But in the other side, Hamza laughed.
“I cannot explain how boys behave, but I can tell you that a real, mature man, always stands behind his words and doings.” – Hamza said, as Mohammad stood up instantly and was looking at us fuming mad. Hamza looked at him as he discreetly put his hand on my knee. I thought Mohammad will attack him or something.
“Don’t worry, he will not do anything… He is too scared to confront me, especially in public, and especially about haram things like this.” – Hamza told me and continued saying something in their language to Mohammad.


I could see Mohammad was on the verge of becoming physically aggressive, and whatever Hamza told him did not help at all. But he managed to collect his thoughts and calm down enough to leave the café. Thank god it was morning and the café was empty, because otherwise it would be a big fucking scene.

“This is what happens when a boy doesn’t acknowledge a man, and when he tries to disrespect the age difference…” – said Hamza as he still keeps his hand on my knee and continued – “I will have you in spite of him, and I will show you a difference between a boy and a man.”
“I am not sure if that is a good idea, Hamza, and I’m…”- I said but he interrupted me.
“I did not ask, I don’t ask, I take when I see I am desired.” – he said and moved his hand between my legs.
“This pussy is already pulsating from the need of an older experienced Muslim man.” – he continued as I was both speechless and aroused.
“I know what you like, I have seen the video.” – he said and took his hand off my legs as he heard the approaching steps of our waiter.
My body was feeling such tremors that it was borderline numb from it. I was exposed, I was busted, I was wanted and I was hunted. I was ready.
Hamza stood up from the table showing his big bulge to me, as he said he has to go now. He took his wallet out and paid for the drinks on his way out. Without a word of goodbye, Hamza left the café and left me lustful for more. I took my phone out of my jacket to check the time, but I already had a few text messages. One of them was from Mohammad: “I am waiting for you in the toilet of the underground garage. Come, I will wait for you here.”

It looked totally weird and out of place somehow, and thus hearing what I just heard from Hamza I instantly called him to check if they planned this together.
“I just got a message from Mohammad that he is waiting for me in the garage. Are the two of you doing this together on purpose? Just to mess with me?” – I asked as he started to laugh.
“No, we are not, but please, go see him, he needs to learn how to fuck and he needs practice. I am not jealous of boys like him. Gotta go.” – he said as he hung up on me.

I dialed Mohammad.
“Yes? Did he leave? Are you coming?” – he said in a lower voice.
“No, I am not. But you can come to my place in an hour if you want.” – I told him.
“Come here now. Suck me now.” – he said.
“I told you, come to my apartment in an hour.” – I persisted.
“Bitch, it is not a question. You will come here and suck my dick and swallow my cum now and I will still come to fuck you in an hour. This time I will fuck you until you beg me to stop.” – he said.

I had a feeling like I had to follow his orders, fulfill his wishes. I was still so horny from all what Hamza said, and from how tense this entire rendezvous in a café was. And the truth was, I kinda felt that he needs this to rebuild his own masculinity again, not just for me, but more importantly for him as well. Hamza has asserted his dominance as the alpha male, leader of the pack. Mohammad needed this. As I entered the toilet, I felt a hit in the face and I blacked out.

A few moments later I opened my eyes as I found myself sitting on a closed toilet seat and saw Mohammad standing across me with his pants pulled down and his throbbing dick in front of my face.
“You are never to speak to Hamza again. Did you understand me?” – he said as he slapped me again, this time a little less hard. I looked at him as my eyes started to tear up a bit from being slapped twice already. I shrugged. He opened my mouth with his hand and shoved his dick in my throat balls deep.
“You couldn’t answer because you had a dick in your mouth, right bitch? But when I take it out now I want to hear you say you will never speak to him again.” – he said.
“I discovered you and I fucking own you, not him.” – he continued as I started to gasp for air. I could feel his cum rushing and splashing all over my throat. His dick convulsed as it pumped his Muslim baby juice in me. I couldn’t breathe, his dick was so deep in my throat. I was already fighting it, fighting for air. He pulled his dick out and slapped me again, this time almost like he didn’t hate me so much.
“Say it.” – he ordered.
“I will never speak to him again.” – I answered and looked at him. His face was not so agonized as before. He put his hands on my face and wiped off the tears off it with his thumbs.
“I am sorry I did this to you. I just felt so betrayed.” – he said in almost a loving tone.
“I didn’t wish to hurt you, I thought you didn’t want me anymore.” – I said.
“I want you more than I wanted anyone ever.” – he said and gave me a hand to stand up. He opened the bathroom stall doors and got me a paper towel to clean myself up.
“See you in an hour.” – he said as he winked at me and left walked out of the public bathroom.
I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked horrible. Bruised cheek, broken lip and red eyes. I sighed at the sight of my face and felt the smell of his cum in my own breath. One hour to go.

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