📘 My First Muslim Man (Part 9)

Mar 26, 2020 | 2 comments

I could feel his virility splashing inside me and again felt really submissive by the thought of even having his babies if I were a proper Muslim wife.

He fucked his cum deep into me and as usual told me to clean myself up by make sure I keep his seed in me. He told me he’ll check if I’m still fully loaded later and if not he’ll fuck me so hard dry or just kick me out.

I was really cautious in the shower not to let any precious cum dribble out of me. In fact I wish to keep it inside. Adrian is now going to be always a part of me, and his Muslim seed forever running wild inside me. I wish I can get pregnant… just to serve my Muslim husband better by giving him some Muslim boys in his image…

I came out of the shower naked and dried myself. Adrian told me to sit on the floor and kicked my legs open. He told me to hold tight as he jabbed a finger into my ass which hurts and he pulled back out. I immediately felt something run down my pussy.

Adrian grinned. He told me to lick his finger clean which I did. He then told me to clean that spot of his Muslim seed off the floor and I lapped that up too. 

He laughed as he pulled me up and my nose rubbed against his as I could smell his breath and he asked, So you enjoy being my wife? How’s my wife feeling now?

I melted into his arms and I uttered, Submissive. 

I’m your Adrian. Please, take me. I’m always yours.

That night, and for the next few nights I slept beside my Muslim husband. Sometimes he demand I suck him before sleeping again, and once I felt him fucking me in my sleep with his cum deposited in my ass as lube.

I prayed with him, fasted, went to work and back home to be with my husband and he always fucked me hard after I cummed. I think it is a power play to condition my mind that my pleasure is nothing to him, and to me it is him that matters most.

Then his girlfriend came back… I returned to my place and he didn’t message me that night. I lay in my bed thinking of Adrian and stuck my finger into my ass hoping to get a taste of him to remind myself I’m a Muslim wife.

It is my first night after several without getting fucked and my body was feeling the withdrawal of Muslim seed in me.

My phone buzzed. It was Mo. The hot muscular Muslim guy who was my first Muslim man. My ass twitched and my cock got hard when I saw his message. Of all nights to contact me he had to text when I had to be alone and horny.

*Bitch, what are you doing? Miss my fat cock?*

I start to picture his fat beer can Muslim fuck tube that stretched me so much I instantly relaxed my anal ring in anticipation.

*Slut, you better reply in the next few minutes or I’ll show up at your door and fuck the shit out of you with your neighbours watching!*

That flustered me. I was thinking about being loyal to Adrian, and yet angry he’s with his girlfriend tonight. I’m afraid of Mo’s really rough fuck but it somewhat turns me on. I could almost smell his feet on my face while he fucked me from behind.

I imagined sucking and licking the sharp edges of the ridged cock head while rolling the condom down his fat cock.


My phone buzzed again. Mo is not kidding. He is getting aggressive and putting pressure on me as if he knew I am right beside my phone.

Buzzes *5* 

Buzzes *4*

Buzzes *3*

OMG he is counting down on me.

I grabbed my phone in a scramble to unlock and typed rapidly.

Buzzes *2*

*Yes sir!*

There was a rather long pause and his reply came in.

*haha I got you haven’t I boy?*

*Yes sir.*

*Be ready in 10.*

I wasn’t really given a choice. The Muslim Alpha top assumed I’m available to serve, and I will whether I want to or not. I don’t know what to reply. I knew this would happen but doesn’t mean I was ready to give myself up to him in 90 seconds.

Or maybe I was…

*Yes sir.*

I think that sealed my night. I was going to serve Mo. There is no running from Muslim men I thought. I know he’s my first Muslim fuck but since he took my ass, I can’t seem to escape from servicing Muslim Alphas.

I hurriedly douched myself and changed into some clean clothes before tearing down my apartment to see Mo turn in with his BMW and if I thought he was handsome and stunning before, he looked even more hot this time.

I got into his car and the same scene replayed. His smile, his teeth, his face. It was all coming back to me and he appeared really happy to see me.

He gave me a playful smack on my face and grabbed my hair to kiss me.

”How are you my boy?”

“Good sir,”

“Good! You ready for a good time? I’m so horny today. Had a few fucks since we met but they were lousy fucks. Loose or can’t take a big Muslim cock like a champ as you did.”

I blushed, actually feeling proud to be labelled a Muslim cock slut.

“Yes sir,” I said.

Mo drove off and I was glad he was in a good mood. He moved my hand onto his crotch while he slipped his hand under my shirt to pinch my nipple or slap down on my thigh while he drove.

When we reached his place, he wasted no time slamming my back against the wall after shutting the door. He leaned so close in, smiling, horny, and in control.

I don’t know why even though I was still in two minds about wondering what Adrian will think about me getting fucked by Mo, I tried to lean in to kiss Mo as he leaned in.


Mo stopped my head with his hand and told me, You get what I give boy. Get hungry only when you are sucking my cock.

And so I waited for him to take the lead as he teased me by coming in closer. Mo licked my lips as I opened my mouth. He didn’t kiss me yet but he then spat inside. 


I gulped.

Good boy. Open your mouth. Show me how badly you want me.

I opened my mouth, nearly panting like a dog in heat. 

Look at you, such a hungry and compliant boy.


I let out a slight yelp.


I promptly swallowed.

Mo breathed into my mouth and I gladly inhaled his Muslim breath. He stuck his tongue in and I sucked slightly on his tongue. Mo then gripped my head from behind to press me deep into his face.

Our tongues explored my mouth. I didn’t dare to stick it into his. I felt his stubble rub my face hard. The harder he pressed my face into his the harder my face rubbed on his stubble. I quite enjoyed the burn on my face as I tried to get more of this hot Muslim Alpha.

Mo kept his hand on my head while the other found my nipple and he twisted hard. I moaned into his mouth as my mouth opened wider and I felt Mo totally dominating my face as I squirmed against the wall with nowhere to run.

He made me strip which I did and I helped him remove his clothes and shoes down to his underwear where I saw the outline of his beer can Muslim cock snake to the right.

When I removed his socks and smelled the rope manly feet, he used one of his feet to lift my chin upwards and I found myself looking at his cock, then his face, then his legs in front of me. There is so much Muslim man in front of me it was intoxicating.

He whipped out his cock and used it to smack me across my face. The sheer heft of it made me gasp as I recalled how thick his cock felt in me. It is fat and the heat stood proud and cut from the shaft.

Mo brought my head to his cock and grabbed my chin and head as he skull fucked my face. It was all too fast and I choked and gagged. Mo withdrew and slapped my face.

“If I feel any more teeth you are going to be so dead,” And he went back in the same manner, hands under my chin and over my head fucking my face like a pussy as I struggled to keep my lips over my teeth as he punched his way into my throat and I constantly swallowed or held my breath to take his assault.

I soon learnt to partly swallow as he bottomed out and breathe when his cock no longer stoppers my airway. I could sense Mo took pleasure in feeling my throat up where it swelled with his tube snaking into me.

Mo fucked my head against a wall until my head was banging against the wall as I tried accommodating his assault on the back of my throat.

Mo gripped my head so hard I knew he was cumming. The salty baby making man milk flooded my mouth and it struck me how sweet his cum. He fucked my face after he cummed and not once did he soften.

He pulled out and I had to run my hand across my face wiping across some spit and cum from the gagging. That promptly earned me a smack on my head as he pulled me to his cock and he said, “You clean me good bitch before you touch yourself. And I want you to leave that cum on your face so you can smell me when I fuck your pussy.

My boy clit sprung hard upon hearing that. Mo didn’t seem to need to break and went straight from giving my face a good face fuck into drilling my ass out.

“Turn around and show me that ass boy.”

I did and he promptly lubed his cock up and shoved not one but two fingers up my ass. I yelled in pain and he laughed as he added another finger, and another . When I tried inching forward from the invasion, Mo used his other hand, now done lubing his cock to grab my waist.
I remembered how hard and thick Mo is. I turned around to see he has worn a condom in record speed and I could only beg, “Please slow…” when Mo plunged deep all in my ass and I felt my pussy must have ripped.
Mo knocked the air out of me and fucked a very loud moan out of my mouth on his first plunge. I collapsed onto my stomach but he went forward to lean onto me making it difficult for me to wiggle or escape his hard cock.
Mo gripped my head and sneered, “No running from my cock now bitch,” and he went on to fuck me with long hard regular strokes.
I’m pretty sure I’m bleeding a bit as my pussy felt so raw and sore from his fuck. Yet, in my mind all I can think of was his cock feels so much harder and thicker than the last time.
“You like being my good Muslim wife bitch?”
I froze as I remembered promising to submit and be only Adrian’s good Muslim wife. My silence was caught by Mo who pulled my head higher and asked, “What the fuck do you need to think about when I ask you a question?”
I scrambled and said, “Sir, your cock feels much harder and thicker than the last time. It was like it grew bigger…”
That set Mo on fire. He must have liked what he heard as he let go of my hair but pushed my head down against the floor instead while he slammed into me.
“Yeah bitch, take that big cock. You think I’ve grown bigger? I think you have become more sloppy bitch. Listen to the sounds your pussy makes,”
Mo pulled all the way out and I could hear a squelch and my hungry pussy slobbering just as loud as he plunges back in. He did that several times and I can’t help feeling like a slut. I mean what was I supposed to do but relax my ass or it will hurt so bad as Muslim men fuck so hard.
I was secretly feeling slutty and pleased. My moans probably reflected that. Mo must have felt I’m enjoying myself too much and he turned me over. His cock in my ass and him over me, I admire the Muslim bull over me and moaned as he rammed in and I think I even smiled.
Mo held my throat immediately in a choke and continued slamming while my arms flayed and tried to stop him from choking me. As his beercan cock slammed in and my body remained in place with his choke hold, Mo used his other hand to slap my face while he held my neck in place.
I was terrified, my arms hitting against his steely strong biceps but all I got was two, three, four, five slaps on my face. 
“Only the man here is suppose to be pleasured here bitch. You understand?”
He let go of my neck and I gasped for air. 
“Yes sir,” I gasped
“You worthless piece of shit trying to feel great from me fucking you? I show you what feels great… for me!”
Mo went back to grip my neck even harder as he slammed hard and fast like a jack hammer fucking me so strong and hard. His other hand slapped me repeatedly and I could only moan weakly with my airways nearly cut off.
My ass is burning and my neck is sore, as is my face and Mo continued slamming and shouted,”This feels great! For me!”
He roared as he cummed hard. I felt blood must be running down my ass. Mo breathed hard as he heaved and fucked a couple more strokes into me. 
Mo pulled out and I saw the condom broke, with the rubber ring at the middle of his fat cock. I reached down and felt my pussy and looked at my fingers. It was his cum with some tiny streaks of red…
My face felt really swollen by now. Mo took off the rubber ring and stood up, and then he told me to clean him off. I knelt and sucked him clean in silence. He then took my clothes and walked to the front door to open it. He threw it out of the front door saying, “ That’s to teach you a lesson you are here to serve me, not be pleasured by me.”
I stared at him not sure what to do, still on my knees after sucking him clean.
“Now get out!”
I scampered after my clothes, worried I’d be seen and put my clothes back on, conscious my ass is still leaking cum and bleeding. I was worried about taking a taxi and being seen the way I am and I sobbed a bit as I walked home.
When I looked into the mirror, I saw my face is definitely red and slightly bruised. My neck has some marks of being gripped and it will take a couple of days to go away. I sobbed for no reason again and jumped into the shower.
As I closed my eyes and sobbed, I remembered how rough Mo was. It was my fault thinking the pleasure is mutual, like my Muslim man was servicing me and my pussy. My hands washed my body and found my cock was hard, thinking about how rough the fuck was. 
My fingers found my ass raw and sore, and I felt more of Mo leaking out as I brought my fingers to my mouth to taste him.
I rubbed my useless infidel clit and moaned as I realised there is no more ways for me to seek pleasure except from being used by real Muslim men.
I got closed and moaned as my useless clit dribbled out as I gasp in pleasure, pleasure I only realised and relied on from being used by a real Muslim man. 

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  1. ahmet said nursoy

    I don’t want to be disrespectful. I have to say you did not sob for no reason and your cock is not useless. I don’t know how sincere you were making those statements, but you were not being sarcastic looking at the events you told.

    I would love to make love with you.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. JODY

    im a catholic it is natural for me to submit for sexual religous worship i follow the path

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