๐Ÿ“˜ The Servant (Part 4)

Apr 12, 2020

One day, I was in the kitchen finishing up the wings I was making for Hamza when the phone rang. “Bitch,” it was Hamza.”I’m on my way home. Eslam’s coming too; he’s going to stay the night. So make dinner for both of usโ€ Then he hung up. Eslam was always nicer to me as opposed to Hamza. he was usually the one to stop Hamza from picking on me or would defend me if Karim was picking on me. He was the only one I felt related to in this family.

I was a little disappointed in not being able to service Hamza but was happy that Eslam would be hanging out, I missed him, as he didnโ€™t come home for over 2 weeks. I was sitting in the living room when I heard the door open. I could smell their musky odors as they entered the house and was in a trance from the manly scent. They both came into the living room. Neither one was wearing a shirt. Their chest both covered in a gleam of sweat. Their muscles were bulging from what was probably an intense workout. Their pants soiled with mud and grass stains.

I stood up to greet Eslam with a hug “I just pulled some chicken wings out of the…” But I was interrupted as Hamza quickly approached me and brought me to my knees with a hard punch to my gut

“What the fuck are you doing? “He demanded. “Is this how you greet your masters?”

Bewildered I looked over at Eslam, he had an expressionless look on his face as he stared down on me. “I don’t know Hamza are you sure he is into this.” He asked.

“Please Hamza” I pleased, panicking.” Not in front of Eslam.”


I could feel Hamza’s hand imprint on the side of my face. “That’s please Sir,” he coolly reminded me. “Of course he likes it.” He said turning to Eslam “He is just a little shy in front of you; we’ll get him over that quickly.โ€ Then he looked back to me” Strip.” I just knelt there bewildered. “STRIP!” Hamza said with a slap to my face. I looked over at Eslam and saw that his dick starting to bulge up in his tight pants and quickly realized what was going to happen. In excitement, I tore off my clothes as fast as I could. Hamza noticed my eagerness.

โ€œHorny ass little fuck canโ€™t wait to gout our jock cocks in that slut mouth, can you? Why don’t you show this stud over here how you show respect to your superior.” And with that he grabbed the back of my head forced me up and shoved me towards Eslam. I fell on my knees “Crawl to him, slut!” Hamza commanded.

On all fours, I crawled towards the hunk, Eslam and knelt before him. At this point, his pants seemed they would rip from the obviously very hard cock now straining from relief in his pants. His chest was heaving as he breathed heavily obviously very turned on, but his eyes were uneasy. I couldn’t tell if he was going to run away, hit me, or rip off his pants and force feed me his cock. He seemed to be debating between the three. Hoping he was thinking with his cock I put out my hand and began rubbing his crotch.

“Slut,” he left out in a very soft sigh. “Holy crap Hamza, you were right” But then he took a step back as if he was running in the opposite direction. “I don’t know man, I don’t think I can do this, he is a boy!”

Hamza dropped his pants and walked towards me, his hard dick swaying in between his legs. “If you don’t want to then that’s on you man, but this feels so fucking good.” He said as he guided my head towards his mouth. Instinctively I began to nurse from it as a baby from a bottle. “But you don’t know what you are missing, what I have here is a real slut. His only purpose is to serve and make me happy, and he loves to do it. This feels good, and I am not the one on my knees with a cock in my mouth or up my ass. I am just getting off and this little fuck here will take as much as you can give him. He’s a slut; man. It is what he wants, to serve big muscled jocks like us. He’s drawn to our power. Ain’t that right faggot? Just like his bitch mother”, he said as he pulled his cock from my mouth and began to flex his biceps. “Tell my bro here how much you love worshipping my powerful body and this big cock.” He was waving his cock in my face beating it onto my face.

“Yes Sir,” I exclaimed staring up at this beautiful man posing above me. He was so large above me, so strong. All I needed at that moment was that large cock in my throat and would have done anything to get it there. His massive chest was straining as he flexed and I reached my hands up to massage his strong pecs. “Your body is so perfect, so strong. I will never be as great as you. That’s why I need you because I am incomplete imperfect. I am nothing compared to you. I need you. Please give me your cock. Please, Sir, I need it.”

“FUCKING FAGGOT” Eslam screamed. And I turned my head to see him literally rip off his pants and underwear. As he approached, he had the presence of a T-Rex coming at me large, powerful, and threatening and a look in his eyes as if he was going to devour me. Hamza smiled and pushed me towards him. “You want cock so bad faggot? Choke on this.” And without warning, Eslam shoved his dick into my mouth as he grabbed my head.

“Fuck yea man,’ Hamza exclaimed. “That’s the way to treat the slut. Don’t show him any mercy man.”

Eslam, with a smile on his face, was lost in lust as he roughly rammed his large 7-inch prick in an out of my mouth. “You wanna be treated like a faggot bitch, I’ll fucking treat you like the fucking pig slut. You are a whore. You want power how’s this for power.” Like Hamza, he flexed his biceps to show me his strength. He had been putting a lot of muscle from his manual work as a mechanic and seemed to be rivaling Hamza in size. His biceps were huge, cut and covered in veins. It drove me over the edge and I groaned as I concentrated on keeping my lips tight around his beautiful cock.

โ€œI want that ass, man. You said you’ve broken it in right man?โ€ He asked Hamza. But I quickly pulled off his cock turned over onto all fours and lifted my ass up into the air in anticipation of the welcomed invader.

“FUCKING SLUT” Eslam screamed and slapped my ass. “I guess that answers my question. I can’t believe with all the cock my bro says he is giving you that you are still such a slut for cock. Well don’t fucking worry I got plenty here. You’re not going to be able to sit for a fucking week you fucking slut” And as fast as he pulled my face onto his cock he dropped to his knees grabbed my hair as it were his own personal handlebars and shoved his cock up my eager ass to the hilt. I jumped in shock and he laughed.”Fucking slut,” Hamza let out softly in shock at what he just witnessed.

Eslam was unforgiving on my ass. It felt as if a machine was behind me ramming a thick metal pole up my ass. He was right when he said I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. His rhythm was perfect even though I knew he had never fucked a boy before. I was screaming in both pain and ecstasy. But then I saw the tight well-formed abs of Hamza standing in front of me. Eslam released his grip from my hair and moved his hand to my hips.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” Hamza yelled at me grabbing my freed head. โ€œDo you want the whole fucking neighborhood to hear?” And he shoved his cock into my mouth. I could have fainted on the spot right there from the excitement I was feeling. I now had two large muscle studs fucking me at both ends, double teaming me. Obviously, they weren’t really worried about the neighbors as their moans were louder than mine. However, they were deeper, animalistic, savage. From the strength of their fucks, I thought they were going to squish me like a bug into nothingness. The forces generated from the two powerful men were incredible.

I felt Hamza’s balls begin to rise up and his grip on my hair tighten when he suddenly pulled my face all the way onto him with the head of his cock deep down my throat. “Too fucking hot can’t hold on,” he said as he began dumping load after load of cum down my throat. He was screaming almost at the top of his lungs. Then he fell back breathing heavily.

I was shocked when all of a sudden with his cock still in me, Eslam flipped me over so that I was facing him. He then wrapped his massive strong arms around me and lifted me up so that he was standing. With me on his cock, he rammed me into the wall and continued his rough assault on my ass. I was so turned on by the strength he was using as he held me up. I wrapped my legs around him. There was a fire in his eyes. It was as if he was not in there anymore. He was a fuck machine and I was just a thing. But then he started yelling at me.

“Fucking faggot,” he yelled as he looked into my eyes with anger. โ€œThis is where sluts like you belong on a powerful man’s cock.” I began to rub his massive chest which just seemed to add to his fire.” Yeah! play with those powerful pecs worship them, worship me like I fucking deserve. You think this is rough bitch, I haven’t even begun. I’m gonna be here every day from now on and you are going to serve me and worship me like the little wimp you are, pussy boy. I deserve it. You know I do. I am perfect. You need me.โ€

His voice was getting deeper as he was getting closer. โ€œYou want a muscle stud to worship. Well, then fucking worship me. WORSHIP ME!!!!!!!” he screamed out as he pulled me down onto him and his cock exploded into me. He threw his head back “FUCKING WORSHIP ME YOU FUCKING PIG SLUT” He tightly held on to me until he was finished and then he roughly picked me up off of his cock and dropped me onto the floor. I fell to my knees out of energy. He was above me out of breath and violently staring down at me. Then he spat on my face. It surprised me. Eslam who usually treated me with kindness had suddenly seen me for what I really was and was treating me as if I was nothing more than a servant.

I had almost forgotten Hamza was there when he slapped Eslam on the back “Holy shit man that was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Now, do you see what a slut he is?”

“Hang on,” Eslam said taking his cock into his hands and aiming toward me. Hamza and I were both shocked when a strong flow of piss erupted from Eslam’s cock onto me. I jumped but he said, “Don’t fucking move toilet whore.” I froze as he moved his stream up to my stomach and chest and closed my eyes as it hit my face and soaked my hair. I don’t know why but I opened my mouth.

As I took his acrid piss in my mouth I knew this is where I belonged, being complexly dominated. Hamza had a shocked look on his face but Eslam’s was completely emotionless as if he were just using a urinal. But I suppose that was all I was to him. His stream slowed and I finished swallowing. Then he flicked the last few drops of his dick onto me. He looked over at Hamza who was now smiling and aiming his cock at me, and then he looked back at me soaking in his urine.” Now I can see it”. He looked at me not as a person but nothing more than a servant.

Hamza went to shower while Eslam sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.

Without even turning away from the tv, Eslam said “take my shoes off!” my dick stirred, and I ran to take his shoes off. He flexed his toes and wiggles them, in his dirty white socks.

“My feet are killing me. Rub them for me!” he said.

I knelt on the floor and started to rub his socked feet. I was hard as a rock.

“I know you want to dive down there and make love to my hot stinky feet, you little faggot” I just about came in my pants hearing him say that. My dick was star struck, my mind was stunned, and my ego just took a big blow. Waves of emotion washed over me, and I felt like I was high as a kite.

He pressed his foot up against my hard dick. โ€œI would love having a faggot under my feet. But being my foot fag isn’t gonna be a walk in the park faggot, you’ve got a lot of work to do to keep me happy” he said.

I continued rubbing his feet, they were only 3 inches away from my face. When he wiggled his toes, the big toes scraped against my nose, making me want to bust. He was turning me on like no other. Time seemed to stand still, as my thumbs started hurting from massaging nonstop for so long.

Just as I was lost in thought, his sole smacked into my face and he told me to “get the fuck up now, you did a good job. Go make me some food!โ€ Just before I moved, โ€œWait a second” he said, reaching down and grabbing his socks. “Open” he said as he grabbed me by the chin, holding my face in his hand. He shoved his socks in my mouth and smacked me gently in the face a couple times.

The socks were completely soaked with his sweat. The taste was so amazing! I closed my lips to start sucking his socks like my life depended on it.

“Is your mouth dry, bitch?” Eslam asked.

I nodded, and Eslam opened my mouth with his fingers, pushed his socks over to my cheeks giggling, and spit right on my tongue. I thought my cock was gonna explode!

“That should do ya, close your lips, bitch”. I did as he said, and I could taste his spit even with all the sweat off his socks. It tasted amazing and seemed to taste better every time he spit!

“Better than any gum you’ve ever had, huh foot boy?” I turned around and murmured “mmm-mmm mmmm” nodding my head yes.

He smiled and said “I think that my socks need to go through a pre-wash from now on. They get pretty gross; I don’t think the washer alone is cleaning them enough for me. So, you’re gonna start having your fag boy wash them in his mouth for a few hours before putting them in the machine, got it boy?”

He looked so amused and sexy; he knew he had me wrapped around his toe.

He said, “got it, bitch?!” in a dangerously impatient tone. I nodded my head yes very quickly. I could still breath through my nose, but other than that I couldn’t make a sound other than something muffled.

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