📘 The Servant (Part 6)

Apr 14, 2020

It had been a couple of days since Hamed and I had first gotten our first encounter. After our first fuck session, I was afraid that it would be a one-time thing or that Hamed would have freaked out. Luckily that was not the case. Hamed had turned me to become his slut whore. It was so easy for him just to turn me into his cock toy. I loved every second of it.

After Eslam ran out of the house, he hadn’t come home for the last couple of days. He also must have told Hamza, as he hadn’t been home since then either. They must have been scared of Hamed after knowing what they have been doing to me. But they didn’t know what happened between Hamed and me since then.

For the last couple of days. I was to strip and greet him at the door waiting for him on my knees and ready to serve him. Every time was still like the first time when I heard him pull up, I would tremble in sluttish excitement every time. Each time he would come in I would stare up at him in awe. He was so powerful and strong and I would know that I was about to be used hard.

Unfortunately, today would be one of the last times we would be able to engage in this because he was traveling again. I was kneeling in front of the front door. No clothes on and waiting for him to come home.

I had just heard his car door slam outside and was trembling again knowing that my powerful master was about to play out his desires with me. At the same time, I was sad knowing that we wouldn’t be able to take part in this for quite some time. I heard the insertion of a key and then my mouth watered in anticipation as the door handle began to twist. As the door began to open, my excitement turned to shock. The man standing on the other side of the door staring at my naked body was not Hamed at all. It was his brother.

Youssef was one of Hamed’s older brothers and Sherief’s father. At 49, their uncle was still a sight. He had similar looks to Hamed. He was 6’1 with jet black hair but with green eyes that pierced into my soul. Youssef had been a blacksmith for years and then became a mechanic a few years ago as it had more liquidity. Saying that he had a great physique was to put it lightly, not just from hard work but he also been a bodybuilder when he was younger. Since then, he still spent hours of practice a day which left him covered in muscles and almost lacking in fat.

Youssef knew he was very muscular, and he loved to show off his body and would always take the opportunity to show it off by walking around shirtless. He was one of the cockiest people I have ever met. He was perfect and he knew it and that made him even sexier. He had the sort of attitude when he walked into a room that made everyone bow down and worship his greatness.

Whenever I have been to Youssef’s home or garage, Youssef spent much of his time showing me I was weaker than him hitting me or humiliating me in front of everyone. Out of all Hamed’s brothers, he was the closest to him.

I had no idea what Youssef was thinking when he opened the door. I was naked and on my knees. He just stood there with a blank stare on his face for a few moments. My brain was telling me to run but the panic had me in shock and I could not move.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Youssef let out “and why the hell are you on the floor? Is this what you do when you are alone, pervert?”

I was scared and shaking but as a slutty bitch, I couldn’t stop myself from checking Youssef out. He was wearing one of the tightest tank tops I had ever seen and a pair of cargo shorts. As it seemed every time I saw him, he seemed to have gotten bigger. His chest filled out the tank top well. A little too well. It seemed as if it was going to rip under the pressure of the powerful chest it was covering. His arms and shoulder were huge and seemed that the size distanced them from the rest of his body. I felt a surge of panic as my cock began to stiffen and tried to take my eyes off his hard body. I knew if I stood up he would see.

“Fuck, you son of a bitch, I am here now if you are gonna play with your little weenie go to your fucking room” Youssef spat out.

I wanted to run off but Youssef yelling at me was turning me on even more.

“Why…why are you here?” I let out meekly.

“I came to see my brother, Hamed, you son of a bitch. Now I am not gonna talk to you until you are dressed.” Then he walked forward and kicked me back with his foot on my shoulder. “Now go!”

As I fell onto my back I knew he had seen my semi-hard cock. He just began to laugh. “Holy shit you were playing with yourself you little perv, well at least you’re finally growing up you little runt”

But instead of going soft like he thought I should have, I continued to harden. He noticed. “Holy shit,” he said quietly in disbelief as he watched my cock grow. “Holy shit” he let out louder this time as it began to register that my cock was growing because of him.

“What the fuck! are you boning up?” he yelled at me

“No, no” I let out beginning to crawl backward. But my eyes were still fixated on his powerful chest and he must have noticed. He looked down at his chest and then brought a hand up to it as if noticing it for the first time as a piece of meat. He then looked at each of his biceps at his side. Then back at me.

“Are you checking me out? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” he let out with anger now in his voice. That’s when I tried to jump up and run to my room. But, he wouldn’t have it.

“STAY THE FUCK WHERE YOU ARE!” His voice was powerful and filled the house, and I froze. ‘Are you a faggot or something?” he said to me with a sound of disgust in his voice. “Are you?” he said not giving me any time to process.

“Yes, I am.” I said, “but I swear I wasn’t checking you out.”

“Not checking me out” he exclaimed, “Do you think I am fucking blind. Look at me.” he said as all of his muscles seemed to flex straining his tank top. “Everyone looks at me. Do you think I can’t tell when someone is checking me out?”

He looked at me from top to bottom then continued, “So you are one nasty faggot, ha?”

There I was on the floor in front of this hunk, Youssef, waiting for him to beat the crap out of me. But then I noticed it. I saw the twitch in his pants. The front of his shorts began to slowly push forward. All of a sudden, the situation was becoming all too familiar and my excitement began to grow.

“You are right, I am a faggot,” I said not making contact with Youssef’s eyes. He just stared at me silently. His shorts were beginning to bulge and his breathing was getting heavier as his chest swelled in and out forcefully. He was definitely turned on.

“I am not a fag,” he said staring at me, but with serious contemplation in his voice.

“I know” I said “A big man like you could never be one. But I am, and you don’t have to do anything a fag would do. If your needs are being met it won’t make you a fag, you are just getting off.”

He just stood there for a few seconds still heavily breathing staring at me. Then it was as if he snapped back. “Are you seriously coming on to me? Holy shit you are a nasty faggot. You grew up to be a bitch like your mother”

I thought that maybe I had read him wrong. I slowly got up to walk away. Then all of a sudden he advanced towards me and threw a powerful punch into my stomach. I fell to the floor in pain gasping for air.

I looked up at him and he ripped, literally tore his tank top off.

He really had gotten bigger. His pecs were like rock hard mounds. They were huge and in between, it looked like the Grand Canyon. His abs looked unreal. The kind you only see on some Japanese animation. They were perfect not an ounce of fat. All eight pieces of muscle were distinct from each other. I was in pain but at the same time, I wanted to lick every inch.

“LOOK AT ME,” he screamed, “I SAID FUCKING LOOK AT ME” he screamed again as he grabbed me by the hair and forced me to look up at him. “THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE ISN’T IT. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK” he began to flex his muscles.

I felt so small next to him and yet was so turned on by it. “I think you are beautiful” I softly exclaimed reaching towards him as my voice was coming back.

SLAP! His open hand left a red mark on my face. “No, bitch you call me Sir or Master,” he exclaimed. “I am no dirty faggot either. If this is going to happen then it is all about me, understand.”

“Yes, Sir! I understand. I only want to make you feel good, I only want to serve you!” I said with lust in my voice.

“Good, then let’s do this bitch,” he said kicking off his sandals. “Off,” he said as he pointed to his shorts.

Shaking I nervously I began to clumsily undo his pants. They fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them. In only his boxers, I could tell how hard he was. He was just as excited about this as I was. I grabbed the elastic in his boxers and took a breath before I peeled them down. Like opening a present but so much better.

His cock popped up and hit me on the chin, and he let out a laugh. I dropped his boxers and he kicked them off. His cock was about eight inches. Not as big as Hamed but it seemed thicker. I could tell he would have no problem ripping me apart. I stared up at his beautiful body like he was some sort of God. He looked down at me in triumph like he was surveying his new property.

I looked waiting for his okay to dive onto his beautiful cock. He looked down at me as if unsure. Then he nodded and said, “Open!” He took a step forward and aimed his cock into my mouth. I immediately closed my mouth and began to use my tongue to circle his head. I knew if I was going to ever get to do this again, I was going to have to make a good impression. “Oh fuck” he yelled out. So I must have done.

“Where the fuck did you learn to do this bitch,” he said as I used my mouth to apply the perfect suction level.

I took his cock out of my mouth and asked, “do you like it?” I looked at him begging for his approval.

“Don’t stop!” he said forcing my head back onto his cock. “Shut the fuck up and suck my dick. Faggots suck, not talk”

And I did. Licking his cock all over while I explored his powerful body with my hands.

“You like that muscle don’t you, slut!” he said. I nodded making eye contact with him but never taking my mouth off of his cock. “Well, you better service me good if you don’t want me to beat the crap out of you with it. I probably will anyway. Holy shit look at you. Your weak pathetic body on your knees before me. With all my strength. You look so small next to me. Like a little slut. My slut”

“I am your slut Sir” I yelled backing off of his cock. “Take me, take all of me. You can even have my ass”

“Holy crap! do you hear how much of a faggot cunt you are; you are begging me to fuck your ass.” he said laughing “You really like that. You want my big tool in your ass. Tell me how much you want it? “

“Yes, yes please Sir, I want your cum in my ass I need it!”

He hocked a loogie and spit on my face. “I don’t give a fuck what you want or need you little shit. Luckily for you though I want to stick this big piece of meat in your slutty hole. You better hope there are enough spit and precum to lube my cock in nicely.” With that he pushed me with his strong muscular arms so that I fell on my back then he grabbed my legs and threw them over his broad shoulders. Without warning, he simply speared his mammoth cock into my ass.

I screamed out in pain. It was definitely thicker than Hamed’s and it was stretching out my ass. He laughed as he just began to assault my hole roughly, not letting me adjust to his girth. I accepted the pain, it was exaggerating. I laid there moaning in slutish lust as this huge muscular man was pistoning into my ass like some kind of animal. In his eyes, I saw no sign of love just pure animal lust. He pumped and pumped as my hands took in every ounce of his wonderful body. My asshole squeezing down on his cock milking it.

Neither of us realized where we were or what else was going on, just the fuck. The whole time he fucked me, he just unloaded insult after insult at me calling me his slut, a whore, a nasty cunt bitch who was getting what he deserved.

Then all of a sudden he threw his hands under me and I felt him lifting me off the ground as he began to lean back slightly still fucking me. I realized then how strong this stud was.

“Take it, you fucking bitch. You wanted it. You wanted me. Well, then this is all you are good for… YOU…. STUUUPIDD… CUUUUUMM…. SLUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!!!!”

Every muscle in his body tensed as he unloaded what seemed like gallons of cum in my bowels. I thought I was going to blow up from the inside. It felt as if his powerful hands were going to crush me Then he fell forward and over me. Covered in sweat his massive chest felt and smelled so good. I was licking at it with my tongue.

“So” I heard a voice from the doorway.

“Glad you convinced me into coming to see you,” Youssef said, still trying to catch his breath looking up at Hamed. “I could get used to this”

“You will! now let’s put this bitch to work. Our own little cumslut, this is gonna be one hell of a day” Hamed sneered as he began to shove his cock in my mouth…….

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