๐Ÿ“˜ The Life of Transgressing (Part 1)

Nov 25, 2019 | 1 comment

“What the fuck am I doing?” – I was feeling so nervous and yet so damn horny. As I walked next to the trash bins, I made a turn down the pathway. Scrolling this guy’s messages I was trying to make myself even more horny in order to just forget the weird nervousness and a sort-of fear. I went deeper into the park, getting off the path and into the darkest part that I could find. It wasn’t very hard to find it as the park is really just a semi-abandoned buffer between the town and the old coal power plant with a light source every 200 meters or so and after 22 o’clock the town basically closes in for the evening anyway.

The messages he sent me were so hot, he wanted for us to meet in the dark and wanted me to suck his dick. He was really specific about it, as he requested his dick to be sucked hard, his balls licked and he wanted to cum on my face. Since we lived in a small town, he wanted us to meet in a very dark place so we wouldn’t recognize each other if we ever stumbled upon each other on the street or something like that. He told me he had a girlfriend and from what I saw on the dick pics he sent me, he was a well endowed Muslim guy with a hard cock and sexy hairy legs. He insisted for me to come a bit earlier and wait for him there, and once he finishes I would leave immediately.

“No talk, no bullshit, just a blow and go.” – he said.
“Sure, no problem.” – I confirmed.

As I was waiting for him I was getting more and more aroused by the eroticism of the situation. A completely anonymous guy. That’s new to me.

“I’ll be in a white hoodie and sweatpants.” – he wrote.
“Cool, I’m already here, waiting for you.” – I replied.
“I’ll whistle to you and you whistle back so I know where to find you.” – he replied.

And just a minute or two after that I saw a silhouette of a shorter guy coming my way and I heard him whistling a couple of times so I responded. In just a matter of seconds, he was standing in front of me, and he said “Hey.” while lowering his pants. He was about 1.75 maybe, a jock type, and hairy. I couldn’t see his face, I just saw the pants coming down so I also went down on my knees and started to suck his dick. As I sucked it, I could hear him quietly moan and grunt. After a couple of minutes he pulled his dick out of my mouth and putting his hand on my head he lowered it to his balls. He didn’t have to say anything, I was already diving my nose deep in his balls, my tongue licking them and sucking them a bit. That made him really tense and he started to moan a bit louder, as his breaths got much deeper. He then suddenly grabbed my head with both of his hands and started to aggressively face fuck me. He pushed his dick in my mouth and started to thrust in and out, but still deep in my throat. I couldn’t breathe so I started to choke a bit and he just pushed it deeper inside and stalled until I was really gasping for air. He repeated this a few times with only one hand holding my head and other hand touching my lips and my face, feeling my tears of choking with his fingers. I believe he really enjoyed all of this.


Although I wanted to please him, the choking got really intense and I was starting to lose energy and my breath really quickly, so I focused on his balls again and jerked him off while eating his balls. At one point his balls got really stiff and he started to slap my face with his dick. He then took his dick in his hand and ordered me to suck his balls while he cums. As soon as I heard the word “cum”, I pulled even more energy into sucking his balls and he got extra aroused by it. At one point he just pulled my hair and positioned my head in front of his dick.

“I’m finishing, I’ll squirt on your face.” – he said.

A few moments later I could feel the drops of his warm cum landing on my face, I could smell that wonderful smell of cum and could soon thereafter feel and taste it on my lips as well. As he finished, he just took a few deep breaths while I stood up and looked for a tissue in my pocket.

“Don’t wipe it off.” – he mumbled.
“Ok.” – I replied while getting ready to leave.
“Thanks, bye.” – I said as I was already walking away.
“Bye.” – he answered while pulling his pants up.

I didn’t turn around to see where he went, I just walked along the pathway while the words “don’t wipe it off” were still echoing in my mind and while his cum was dripping down from my forehead, eyebrows and nose, just coming down to my lips, still smelling so damn hot. I knew I couldn’t walk into my apartment like this and risk my roommate to see me like this, and I really need to feel him fresh on my face while I cum, so I turned away to a dark corner where I finished myself off, feeling like a total slut, just enjoying the scent and the taste of his Muslim cum that already slowly started to dry on my face.

As I walked home I opened the Chat where we communicated and I saw his username was already deleted. He really wanted to stay anonymous, and this is the exact thing that made it all even hotter in my mind. While looking for my door keys, I took out a tissue to wipe the rest of the cum off before entering the apartment, but there was nothing to wipe off as it was all dry already. I entered the apartment and went straight into my room. I could still feel his now dried up cum on my skin as I lay in bed and thought how reckless and possibly dangerous all of this was. But the truth is, I guess you can’t really get raped if you already wish to get raped.

That night as I showered and got ready for bed, I heard my phone buzz for a moment. I opened the notification and it was a message on the ad site: “Hey it’s me from the woods, it was really nice but if you see me in the town please just ignore it, ok?”

“Oh, man, please don’t ruin this with your straight guy fears now.” – I’ve thought to myself as I pressed ignore on his message. Falling asleep was really easy that evening, I have finally felt like myself again. Too bad that my shitty job waited for me early the next day. Oh well, now at least I have something to think about while I’m bored at work.

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